Johnston, Daniel - Despair Came Knocking Lyrics

Despair came knocking at my door
And I let her in for a while
She sat on the couch and began smoking
She said nothing

Suddenly I felt tired
I began to feel tired
And all of the sudden
The room seemed dingy and dirty

Despair came knocking
And I let her in for awhile

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Johnston, Daniel Despair Came Knocking Comments
  1. What Simple

    reminds me of ivan's conversation with the devil in brothers karamazov

  2. Exotic Randomness


  3. JediaAssassin

    This is my favorite song... sadly found him after his passing but you can feel the emotion through this convey of guitar and the way he explains things I suffer from mental illness myself .... rip my friend.

  4. James Polly

    rest in peace man... we'll miss you down here

  5. DogDamour

    Rest in peace, Daniel. I hope despair won't come knocking on your door anymore.

  6. Faust4712

    RIP Daniel...

  7. Castlevaniac

    Ffs I wanted Jakprogresso to do a song with him

    Joe M.

    Didn't expect a Jak fan here...or most places really.

  8. d. Walsh

    RIP Daniel

  9. Jonathan Vargas

    i miss the fan video made with Ren and Stimpy scene

    Javier Polo

    Was that on youtube?

    Jonathan Vargas

    @Javier Polo yep it was but not anymore

  10. A Banana 2

    You never need to awnser that door anymore

  11. abizai

    Miss you

  12. Bethany Slavik

    Rest easy Dan. I love you.

  13. Ollie Boy

    Rest in Paradise.

  14. k3ygen

    listened to this song more times than i can count rest easy daniel

  15. postshanna

    goodbye daniel. thanks for everything. RIP

  16. A Banana 2

    I let her in too danny


    i sampled this beautiful track if you would like to critique my art :) >>>>

  18. Danny Roqs

    I feel as if despair has come knocking at my door....and death has been in my mind lately.
    Sometimes, the pain in my life and reality’s dream to crush us can be too overwhelming for me to live with.
    So many mistakes, so many events, and so many regrets.

    I’m so alone.

  19. Chiraq Goon

    Yo can anyone make this into a piano form like how A$ap Rocky did.

    Joseph Kraemer

    Diy or die

  20. MrAndyPee

    looking through the comments crazy or a genius? …….. my opinion absolute Genuis clearly with severe elated depression! watch the devil and Daniel johsnton good watch!

  21. Jamiroquai's Hatstand

    This song makes me feel pleasantly strange.

  22. Zackary Edwards

    Charles haycock brought me here

    Angel Jaimes

    Zackary Edwards lets go tiny lil bowl crew

  23. Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

    Is that a Chinese instrument?


    its a guitar

  24. Askbill

    God was Depressed, did you know that?


    God has killed himself and left us behind

  25. Perkdawg

    despair came knocking
    at my door
    and I let her in
    for a while
    she sat on the couch
    and began smoking
    she said nothing
    suddenly i felt tired
    i began to feel tired
    and all of the sudden
    the room seemed dingy and dirty
    despair came knocking
    and i let her in
    for a while

  26. Frankie Featherstone

    Jesus Christ

  27. Kevin Sting

    I love that it goes to black after he says, "I began to feel tired"

  28. Cornelius Pildershmidt

    Asap Rocky brought me here!!!

    scotty h

    Cornelius Pildershmidt haha bro just came here from your comment :D but this song is truly amazing

    ben kee

    What's the connection?

    Wheel Code

    @ben kee Sorry it took long but its in A$AP Mob - Money Man / Put That On My Set.

    ben kee

    @Wheel Code No worries dude I dig it, thanks!

  29. IP Not Found

    i think i am going to kill myself

    IP Not Found

    did it change?
    it feels weird

    Alexander True

    look man i am so sorry you feel this way and i've been to the dark place that you find yourself in and no matter how hard it may seem you have to find the fight within you because only you know how much you have survived so please carry on

    ben kee

    If daniel pulled through then you should too

  30. mothbits

    This my jam fam


    mothbits this is my favourite comment

  31. Steve K.

    Very rarely do we get to hear such a raw, unadulterated, true listening experience of what it is like to suffer from a certain mental illness. As a person who also suffers from severe clinical depression and mild anxiety, this is almost exactly what it feels like inside my head sometimes. Thank you, Danny- your music has helped me SO much since high school! :-)

  32. Juno Callow

    scariest fucking song i've ever listened to. this is terrifying.


    imagine daniels despair

    Stacey Barlow

    I love you Daniel Johnston

  33. Stefan Sandoval

    Where can I find the A$AP remixed featured in the intro of "money man" by asap rocky music video

    Cornelius Pildershmidt

    what do you mean? you want that person talking over him?

  34. denisethepainter

    Dedicated to the memory of my dear friend & fellow Daniel fan, Andrew Justin Shepherd who committed suicide last June. RIP my friend. I love & miss you.

    Justin Vincent



    Now Daniel has passed away and you have Prince as your avi. Not many legends left now

  35. Ebinim90

    This might be the darkest song I've ever heard.

    Joshua Ostrander

    Ebinim90 it’s a pretty sad song but I don’t think it’s the darkest.

    Rodolfo Rivera

    Asap rocky- money man. Watch it

  36. Matt Peña

    Despair O beautiful despair how are you? I'm fine now that you let me in for awhile. I missed you Daniel I am not myself without you. Well despair maybe I am also not myself without you. Without you despair I forget how to be true, I will be true to you and let you in again for awhile. Thank you for your despair Daniel it makes me.

  37. Pixel1962

    Powerful track...

  38. I ON

    took me months to find this song again from a Reddit post, truly saddening song. Great Work

  39. starlite walker

    I consider this the perfect song.

  40. Tiffany Huling

    Hello,i am a singer songwriter and i just posted my first video here on youtube and have had very little veiws. It is titled Tinged Euphoria. Please look it up.I would love it if more people could see it and tell me what they think. Thank you!

    Retro Lake

    +Tiffany Huling only if you check out Debris of Titan ;D

    Tiffany Huling

    Okay, yeah I'll check it out!

  41. bjwwilcera

    Huh. A Jandek takeoff. That's something you don't see every day.

    Chris Ramirez

    bjwwilcera Jandek? How?


    you mean it's a jandek ripoff?

  42. laser beam

    One of DJ's most eerie songs, as far as I know.

  43. BrandonScott RobinsonMusic

    Daniel johnston is my hero and number one influence if anyone wants to come to my channel and here inspired songs please do though ill never compare to this genius

    Phil Paul

    Check my channel out Brandon, I started uploading some songs, let me know what you think.

    BrandonScott RobinsonMusic

    @Phil Paul hey man i clicked your profile it lead me to google plus and i cant seem to find how to get to your videos. i'd love to hear em. can you link me to a song?

  44. Cole Guerrero

    I want to listen to this on a loop.

  45. Edward Krolop

    I can't fap to this.

    knarr trey

    @Edward Krolop You're just not trying hard to enough. Finished twice before the vocals even came in.

    Félix R.

    +Edward Krolop HAVE A SAD CUM BB

    BigLizard Backyard

    Edward Krolop have you tried placing your fingers in your rectum? I find that helps. 😂

    Edward Krolop

    I'll give it a whirl XD

    Buggle Magnum

    Edward Krolop this is the worst meme of all time

  46. Jennifer De La Cruz

    I played this over and over and over last night, remembering a friend on his death anniversary.. despair sure did come knocking last night


    reading this gave me goose bumps

  47. FURAK


  48. jonathanyoungiii

    Depression really is different from sadness -- I think Johnston captures the mood perfectly here. So eery, empty, even creepy; I can unfortunately relate to this.

  49. San - Pler

    retro sound

    Claud the God

    retro? dude its just old

  50. Ball Zach

    You're crazy.

  51. Rudy Nester

    He wasnt depressed he was crazy

    mateo burbano

    I hope you have changed your mind in these four years


    Why not both?

  52. Noel Manley

    @MrGrevy Why'd that get you so mad?

  53. shiftymerchant

    I always listen to daniel when im sad it makes me feel way worse

  54. TheFreezy93

    If you don't know what having depression feels like, this is it.

  55. Witch Punx

    sounds like crucifucks..... really....

  56. krishna catz

    greatest man ever

  57. polaroidsky

    @proficee : Jim Carrey is bipolar, did you know that?

  58. CelestialWoodway

    I like his early organ music.

  59. Chris Zona


  60. philip kim

    utter genius

  61. Dynamic Hypnotic

    @proficee also Richard Dreyfuss, and probably many others :D

  62. Cassie Incarnate

    @TheEthanhausler Hey I forgot my account password so I cant reply on the old one but its from "Hi, How are you?"

  63. germanaviles1010

    is a good song

  64. sckrbt

    Thanks for the upload! YouTube is the best.

  65. Kelly MacLeod

    Definitely one of my favorites too. And "Dead Man's Twisted Heart."

  66. Correspondantベビスコ

    he could do a song with cocorosie, that with be craaaaaaaaaazy

  67. Spaxx1001

    he sounds like a 12 year old boy lol

  68. shiftymerchant

    I love Daniel's music, because much like myself this is someone who lives in darkness in shadows in caves other dementions, and most especially in a Fantasy getting some reallll emotions and thoughts brutally performed for us all to hear and it is truely and insperation to all of us walking around wearing masks because we are to afraid to be ourselves and express our real feelings and emotions.

  69. Proficee The Apostle

    @ChrisPC123 i know many bi polars that lead awesome sucessful lives so if your stressing dont worry just be yourself and you can do what you want to. Stephen fry is bi polar and look where he has got to

  70. lizardkingvoodookid

    love this song, thankz for postin

  71. ChrisPC123

    When I was diagnosed with bipolar a couple of weeks I was glad that he had it too. he makes me feel good about my self. Love this stuff

  72. IRH

    An unbelievably rare instance in which a depressive can express what it feels like to have depression. Heavy stuff.

    Only Daniel Johnston, man.

  73. Proficee The Apostle

    no worries, glad you like it

  74. Hugh Hopkins

    Last summer, my neighbor showed me a CD of Daniel Johnston's early recordings, and I distinctly remember sitting in his apartment listening to this song. THank you so much posting this song. I love it.