Johnston, Daniel - Circus Man Lyrics

If I was a circus man
Then I'd be a circus man
Only you could understand
All my life ahead of me
That's the way it ought to be
Circus take me away
Yonder where I've been again
Then I'll be back again
Be a brand new day

See the girlie on TV
Wonder if she could see me
By the funny magazines of talk
It's a secret part of me, secret identity
Love to love my honey all night long
Take a walk around the block
See the future of the clock
No good in forgetting

If I was a circus man
Only you would understand
There's a story there to tell
See your brother burn in hell

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Johnston, Daniel Circus Man Comments
  1. Ponzy Mead

    The last line...

  2. Valerie Hade

    I stole this album just to keep as long as I can