Johnston, Daniel - Catie Lyrics

She caught the caddy
Left me the mule to drive
She caught the caddy
Left me a mule to drive
Her hand, her hand was bloody
On a skimpy line

I saw the dog hanging on the swing set
I asked the girl
Where was your doggie at?
I walked on down to see my grandpa, yeah!

Well I've had a lot of horrors
And I've had a lot of fears
But the worst of horror
Is when there's nothing here
Oh yeah, I've been there
And there ain't nothing there, yeah
But now take good care, dear children
Be careful what you do

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Johnston, Daniel Catie Comments
  1. BAYSTARS2020

    0:03 叱って 蹴り 🎶

  2. Joel Howard

    Taj Mahal ?

  3. grand-père Peel

    1:50 Thanks me later