Johnston, Daniel - Billions / Rock Lyrics

There were millions of people
And they all came to hear me play
Billions and billions of people
In the audience from all over the world
I was a thousand years old
Been playing rock and roll music all my life
People like to come hear me rock
Put on a show
That night was special
I was really feeling good
I told them all I loved them
And there's nothing like rock and roll bizness
Billions and billions of people
Well my baby loves to rock
My baby she's my best baby
Every bit a baby she's a baby she's my best baby
When I met my baby I was just 19
I thrilled to my life I couldn't believe her
She was so beautiful I saw her with my eyes
And I saw her and I wouldn't leave her
And I never forget her
My baby
My baby married an undertaker
What grief
My baby I always seen her
When I was walking down the street
In every house in every store
In every mirror she was there
Someday gonna get her
Someday gonna have her
Someday gonna get her
That's what I'm waiting for
I'm gonna get her
Gonna thrill to my life
I'm going to get her
Baby if you're listening
I love you still
Every time I saw ya
I ask ya to marry ya
I told you I had money
And nothing was funny
You said you were in love with somebody else
I knew you was lying
Ah you didn't like what I done
You didn't like what I done
You didn't like what I done
Had to have my fun
Baby, yeah
Told my baby I was gonna meet her soon
And I called her on the phone
She said she didn't know me
Didn't know who I was
I said I wasn't a phony no more
I said I never was
Tried to be an artist
Don't amount to much
Tried to draw a picture
Don't get touch
I want you and you want me
Gonna get together
And it's gonna be funny
I'm gonna rock the world with my power
I know you like sex
And I'm gonna give you the best
Gonna give it to ya every chance I can
Get ya in the morning
And get ya in the evening
Get ya in... take you to Japan
We'll have our own children
Have our own house
And we'll be rich
Cause honey I rock rock rock
Yeah yeah yeah

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Johnston, Daniel Billions / Rock Comments
  1. Wolf Márk

    Rest in Peace, buddy, <3

  2. Longwinded Cloudpony


  3. verodemode

    that cat hahahaa so intense and the cat appears, love it

  4. Nonya Biznass

    It is really too bad Daniel didn't make more songs like this.

  5. Piggy Knowles


  6. weston garr

    helter skelter motha fuckas

  7. FitoLion

    ok this is sick! he sounds similar to jack white! i love daniel johnston he is a genius!

    Sid Arthur

    i think he sounds like frank black, more so on other songs. really he sounds like danny johnston

  8. thetrolloflife

    This song shows great of a vocalist he is. He would be great in a band like AT THE DRIVE IN or something. I would love to hear an entire album with vocals like this from Daniel.

  9. Chas Alling

    i was happy to see this on here. of daniel's hidden gems.

  10. kyler McDonley

    wow! none out there who like punk musik can dislike this daniel shall gain respect for his diversity here from his classics