Johnsson, Ana - Still Lyrics

Seven years since we first fell in love
Seven years since my heart came undone
Oh the memory still makes me warm
Cos I love you still

And I will learn to go on
I'll smile when I'm expected to
I know I will
Yeah, I will learn to move on
But I love you still

So they say that all wounds heal with time
Then how come time is not healing mine?
It's like you've locked yourself into my mind
And I love you still

How I wish I could go back
I'd never let us make the same mistakes again
How I wish I'd take you back
Cos I love you still

Been counting endless nights and days
You're hundred thousands miles away
But I feel you
I feel you
And what I feel will never change
All tomorrows for one yesterday
Cos I love you still
Yeah, I love you, love you still

I'm pretending to be strong
Fooling myself everyday saying I'm ok
When there's mothing left I will hold on
I will love you still
I will love you still

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Johnsson, Ana Still Comments
  1. Ania

    i need chords for this song... anyone? there is nothing online..

  2. Kevin Coem

    Loved this song years ago, and I love it so much even now that I still listen to it~

  3. 77lechat

    I Think im in love !!!

  4. C Riley

    She's finer than a new set of snow tires

  5. A1zoundz

    like a tribute to hendrix and frusciante... love this song !

  6. Soledad Chango

    beautiful (Y)

  7. eviecb13

    So beautiful....

  8. lizethcastellano77

    muy buena cancion triste pero muy buena

  9. daraofficial22

    great song !

  10. yunnanne

    @TeraUichi me too :)

  11. breetanner113

    @TeraUichi that's good

  12. TeraUichi

    @breetanner113 Well... I have my bad days, everyone does, right? But I have a pretty good life.

  13. breetanner113

    @TeraUichi Are you better now?

  14. M Berger

    thumbs up if u still here the song

  15. thankGodforDavidG

    her voice is amazing and tells the lyrics in the song so honestly, I like her !

  16. Hans de Graaff


  17. Paula

    15 users STILL can't find the like button.

  18. Hans de Graaff


  19. gudguy999

    @slslioneyes for me.i expect to get a heartbreak again from the 1 who did it going back to an ex no matter how tempting it is >.>

  20. Nintend0rk64

    Seven years? Oh geez. This doesn't give me much hope for getting over my ex.

  21. Alice

    She reminds me of Avril Lavigne, just a little.... but Ana's voice is smokier and coarser....

  22. kawaiikunrocks

    One of my favorite songs by her.
    Just beautiful.

  23. BrightYellowDarkness

    beautiful song!

  24. koskamr

    this song reminds me my girlfriend! :(

  25. koskamr

    totally agree with you!
    she is amazing!

  26. william grimes

    she a butiful woman and all of her songs' are butiful too

  27. Saelyth

    Been counting endless nights and days... ♫

  28. Anthony Head

    beautiful song.....i love ana

  29. TeraUichi

    I love all her music. I've been listening to her since I became depressed

  30. Bea

    this song is so beautiful and sad

  31. Gunnhild Persson

    she's aaaawsome : D

  32. Carlos Vargas

    all of her songs are awesome

  33. WaKy

    We all are gettinf older day by day ... don't act like you don't ... be human .

  34. Kakulukiam21


    Look at Madonna than you know what old is :D

    But both makes great Music ♥

  35. AvrilAshleeRose

    love it ♥

    it's so fittin' on my situation q.q

    ANA ROCKS!!!!!!!

  36. PottonNiki

    Király a zene, meg minden nagyon jó

  37. PottonNiki

    Hjóó a zene!! :D:D

  38. Angelica S

    hahahh when u say ana i think of the disease x)

  39. Girlracerboychaser

    love the song and the guitar

  40. Fool of a Took

    beautiful songg!

  41. mosquito09876

    beautiful song and nice photo

  42. Andra Podovei

    awsome song

  43. Kit.Frit

    I think she's 31.

  44. Honey0333

    LOVE IT , ana <33333333333333333