Johnsson, Ana - Now It's Gone Lyrics

Anything but empty words
Give it to me where it hurts
Anything just tell me something true
Don`t take me for some dumb-a** flirt
See this girl she knows her worth
Whatever thing we never had is

I`m no longer blinded
By stories and lies
Clearly now I see
Right through your disguise

This is how I see it
It`s time to move on
You had a chance and blew it
And now it`s gone, now it`s gone
This time I really mean it
Alone I`ll be strong
How does it feel to lose this?
Now it`s gone, now it`s gone

I know I can`t go on this way
Too much time has gone to waste
I gave my all and ended up with you
For sure you will regret this day
I`m not the kind of girl you play
Sorry but there`s nothing you can do

Don`t try to fight it
I`m cutting all ties
You don`t have to like it
Again I will rise

This is how I see it
It`s time to move on
You had your chance and you blew it

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Johnsson, Ana Now It's Gone Comments
  1. ささむらとしお


  2. Mhaleesi_

    Her lyrics speak to me.

  3. ciindyy95

    I'm so glad to sing her song. I hope it's gonna be as beautiful as you hear here, but that's almost impossible!
    She sings so beautiful!<3

  4. flamingcrazes

    The picture's giving me a head ache ha ha. Could just be my eyes, but does anyone else see it blurring and then evening out, then blurring again...

  5. Amuoralzg

    She must make up so much stuff for her songs. I mean, it's not anyone could treat her like in the song? That's impossible!

  6. EffOff69

    @BrianaAndMarina: Um..stfu? Kthxbai~

  7. Charlotte Gabrielle

    she's really good

  8. JackSen

    Beautyful Song^^

  9. KidWanderer07

    wow, this song's simply, amazing!

  10. magicolour12

    I feel your pain TT^TT

  11. Andrea Baza Varas

    i prefer other songs like " we are"