Johnsson, Ana - Little Angel Lyrics

Hear it calling from afar
A gentle voice brings words unspoken

Little angel learned to fly
But she fell down, her wings were broken
Every day she dies insied
Can't close her eyes and shut it out
Little angel hear her cry
She's calling you, her heart is broken
Is it you? Is it you? You...

Never let the fire burn out
That spark of hope is all she's got

Little angel tried to fly
but she fell down, her wings are broken
Is it you?

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Johnsson, Ana Little Angel Comments
  1. Cemile Gülsüm DAĞLAR

    ıf she is alive please some body found her again :)

  2. Ana Johnsson Songs

    What's your favourite track from the album?

    Snur Yvs

    Ana Johnsson Songs Falling to Pieces

    Anders Nielsen

    You are my favorite track <3

  3. Ana Johnsson Songs

    Ana Johnsson Facebook fan-page:

  4. aRoughLanding

    The lyrics, the music, the voice, the melody, the artwork... everything is perfect in this album.
    Sometimes I think that Ana Johnsson pulled out such a perfect and genius album that's why she went all quiet after this. It is impossible to top this album.
    So I challenge Ana to try to make a better album than this one. Seriously. Nothing would make me more happy than to hear new music from Ana Johnsson.

  5. Önder Uysal

    Very nice. I like it.But i think it must been more guitar solos

  6. yuー