Johns, Daniel - Good Luck Lyrics

Don't know where I'm going
But I know what to do
I don't know where I've been
But probably where we're going to do
I don't know why I seem to find the truth
In lions and vines and distant lies
We've been runnin' for such a long time
Now I'm willin' to stop and accept it all
I've been alone too long in the past
So you could care a lot

We are born from a seed and we come into life
We make what we make of this thing called the night
And we lie to each other until we become fools
And I don't care what the deal is, I'll break the rules (sorry)

Don't know where I'm going
But I know what to do
I don't know where we've been
But probably where we're going to do
I don't know why we seem to find the truth
In lions and the fines and the distant lies
We've been runnin' for such a long time
Now I'm willin' to stop and accept it all
I've been alone too long in the past
So you could care a lot

Good luck we've found
The light beams 'til we all fall down
Good luck I'm gone
The night chokes 'til we come to town
Good luck we've found
The light beams 'til we all fall down
Good luck I'm gone
The night chokes 'til we come to town

(Good luck)

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Johns, Daniel Good Luck Comments
  1. Listen Up

    Awful we need screaming guitars

  2. thetruth6872

    What a fucking joke

  3. Felipe Luca

    Very good songs! Congrats Daniel!

  4. Nadsky_ 21

    Daniel Johns - Faithless


    Safe, I'll soar in time
    Shape my words to lie
    What would I change for?
    Why would the chains fall?
    What was I supposed to do?
    Stop it, I don't miss you
    But I don't want to get into
    Everything we've been through

    Faded, so faithless, I'm through
    Tainted, I'm wasted on you

    oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh....
    oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh....

    All I have is too much
    And I would trade my hands to touch
    Nothing's ever enough
    Now, I don't want to get into
    Everything we've been through
    If I could never reach you

    Faded, so faithless, I'm through
    Tainted, I'm wasted on you
    I could never reach you

    oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh....
    oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh.. oh.oh.oh....

    I'm losing my faith in ya
    I don't wanna know
    I'm calling
    Said no, I don't wanna be in love
    Cause I just wanna be safe here

    Faded, so faithless, I'm through
    Tainted, I'm wasted on you
    I could never reach you

    Faded, so faithless, i'm through
    Tainted, i'm wasted on you
    I could never reach you.

  5. Louis Tully

    "Wait, Daniel Johns wrote an r&b record...and it's rad?"

  6. Greice

    Distorted eyes when everything is clearly dying. CLEARLY.

  7. Bryan Washer

    A musician is free to follow their heart and inspiration. I can’t fault them for making the music that speaks to them. That being said, this album sounds (in my opinion) like third rate Justin Timberlake radio stuff, which itself sounds like third rate Prince/Michael Jackson with modern production. I wish Silverchair would get back together and make a killer rock record, but it seems those guys are all very far removed from that mentality anymore. That’s fine. [[Sidenote: People throw around words like ‘amazing’ and ‘genius’ far too often and the comments here reflect that.]]

  8. Eleni Be

    Has anybody come to the conclusion that Johns just makes the kind of music he really likes now? If so, well, you aren't obliged to like it, too.
    Just listen to other stuff you're more acquainted to. That's ok.
    Johns doesn't owe you anything as well as you don't owe him.
    I knew Silverchair and the dissociatives, but not the solo work of johns. After listening to this album and the newest ones, too, i must say, that it's a wonderfully trippy and quirky work of art in justin timberlake-disguise. In fact it's not generic and I'm glad he left grunge for more interesting grounds.
    Nothing wrong with being a silverchair fan in 2019. Nothing wrong with hanging on to evergreens. But others move on.

  9. Bryan M

    Anyone else see a penis on the back of his neck, and it's pissing down his back?

  10. UniQueLyEviL

    This is such a good ass album. You did a wonderful job, Daniel.
    Way too many people were critical of you because it was so different from Silverchair, they didn't even give it a fair listen. You have to trust a music angel like Daniel Johns. The genius is in his veins.

  11. TheYan TF

    This is just amazing!!

  12. Guilherme

    I'm really happy he seems way happier now than ever. He deserves it! As for the music, he can do a pop album, an opera, bossa nova, whatever. I dont care. But try to be diorama-inspired, please. This talk stuff is bullshit.

  13. Arianna Grace Patubo

    totally ass...

  14. syalala putri

    The best voice he produce is in diorama era... in this album he sings like a fuckboy

  15. Leanniette

    Dan's music is love to my ears <333

  16. zminor4ever

    I love this album!!!

  17. Carlos hernandez

    Amazing sound!!

  18. kudanrt

    Imagine if Kurt went this route?
    (If he were still alive?)
    OMG.. lol!!!


    I never thought of that. I just start laughing when I imagine it.

  19. Julian Grenon-Grekin

    Liste i dont mind him saying he wants to change because he gets bored he seems to go into the same pop direction. Sounds similar. I loved diorama from silverchair the most. Would have loved to see them venture into prog more but hey im a bitch

  20. WantonMyth

    Daniel is FREE

  21. Silver Revolution

    Daniel Come back and save rock n‘ roll for us, please...!!! 😭

  22. Diego

    Ben y Chris se deben estar partiendo el culo de risa.

  23. Paulino Carciente


  24. Shawn Girard

    I'm glad Daniel creates what makes him happy and what inspires him. Sad for me though, I'm a big Silverchair fan and mainly enjoy rock music. Happy for him though. I will never forget Silverchair and their excellence!

  25. catfan227


  26. mr a2nisdead

    Daniel Jhons IS SUCK !!
    please BAck To Silverchair

  27. I Dunno

    I love his solo work

  28. Luis Jorge Arnaud Photography

    i love it, but never will be the same, i will miss how he plays rock on live, that feeling!! :(


    I think Silverchair were better live than on the recordings. Not that the recordings weren't good.

  29. linksblueocarina

    I am a huge Silverchair and Daniel Johns fan , at first I disliked this record but the more I listened the more I appreciate and now love this record .. thank you so much Daniel

  30. CANNIBoy

    Call it what you want. This album will either speak to you, or it won’t. In that sense it’s art!

  31. catfan227

    I feel so good when I listen to the album

  32. Diggarci

    What the heck? Pearl Jam meet Justin Timberlake or what? This is far from I expected, Silverchair is gone and dead, I don't know what Daniel is trying to prove here, make a difference doesn't mean is gonna be good. Boring album.

  33. catfan227

    love this Album 💙

  34. catfan227

    so great. unbelievable

  35. Abbie G. Herdz

    ¡ ¡ S U B L I M E . . . ! !

  36. Patrick Spillane

    This reminds me of the time Jesus went to buy a sandwich at the cute little place next to the temple of the mount. Judas was working that day and he said to Jesus "The usual": His usual was ham and cheese with a little dash of mustard. Jesus looked at Judas, made a funny face and said "No, actually I think I'll have the avocado smash today", Judas shot Jesus a look that said "You just sold out preacher boy" and went to make his sandwich. As Jesus was walking down by the Garden of Gethsemane, admiring the daffodils in bloom, he took his sandwich out from under his tunic, unwrapped the palm leaf, took a bite and immediately spat it out. "I'm gonna crucify that dirty little prick Judas" he screamed, and the sparrows scattered from the trees. Sure, hadn't Judas only gone and given him ham and cheese anyway and covered it in mustard!

    hornets gospel

    Great sandwiches shit service

  37. Minatore Band

    absolutely love this so much, i just brought it ! How'd i miss this ?!

  38. Saulo Oliveira

    que bosta, sinceramente...

  39. silamf

    Faithless is an amazing song.

    Daniel Johns is and will always be my favorite artist. His life is a work of art.

    I wish him the best. Take care Dan.

  40. Joe Black

    Awesome Album by Daniel....very smooth and trippy

  41. Ventas Herramientas Profesionales

    Dissolve sounds like something that would fit in the silverchair catalogue. Maybe he took it from that lost album?

  42. Silvana

    Your talent... You are the man, Daniel Johns!

  43. Haki Karajcic

    Very diferent from Silverchair but very good album.. i would not compare it to anything ..that is his new style and that s fine...

  44. Dustin ordinario

    Yeah for sure he is talented.. multi talented musician for sure. Good singing but it don't mean the music is good. And for sure this ain't good. Frogstop was raw and true imo. Frogstomp was a classic. This on the other hand...

  45. Guilherme Pugas

    que onda diferente em?

  46. Dumb Stupid

    Trips me out that so many people are calling this "pop", and doing so in a mostly derogatory manner. I don't know where you live that pop music sounds like this, but it's certainly not anywhere near me. If pop music sounded like this in general it would be a vast improvement. This is some electronic future soul funk love jams.

  47. jotunmarty

    the artist formerly known as daniel johns - that being said i do like it

  48. Carl Kellner

    This is just aweful. I like many styles of music, including pop, but this is just the kind of disposable elevator music one is exposed to in supermarkets. The point isn't the change of musical style but the loss of quality. If his pop stuff didn't suck so much, many Silverchair fans wouldn't mind his creative evolution at all.

  49. Vape Naysh

    I gotta have to listen to this with an open mind, and forget that he's the same dude that made those silverchair albums...this is good pop music...yes, it's gay...yes it's cheesy, but it's ok...and no, he's not gonna go back to silverchair. What bedazzles me is that, he doesn't like fame, yet he makes this record for a broader contradictory.

  50. AlexandreTogeiro

    I absolutely LOVE these solo albums made by singers/songwriters of a well known band. They are so unique and weird in a good way - they're just bold and feels more artistic and personal than the bands efforts. I heartedly recommend the following albums: The Future Embrace by Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and My Favorite Headache by Geddy Lee (Rush).

    shiva vyapti

    I agree. Add Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon from The Beatles, Bernard Fanning from Powderfinger and so many more I can't think of right now


    Thanks for the reply! I will check out Stevie Nicks's and Bernard's solo efforts :) feel free to suggest more =D

  51. Matheus Doria De Araujo

    put some headphones and get high as fuck with this

  52. jeannebug1

    I want to like this...but try as I might, it's just not the type of music I like to listen to. I respect Daniel for whatever direction he chooses to go into. I just honestly hope that his next project is something that I can really get into...and love - like Diorama. He is such a talented man with amazing insight and incredible vocals. I will always be a fan.


    Second that! Really want to get into it but yeah I just can't. Not going to slate it though. Just discovered young modern b-sides and really like those at the moment and now going through neon ballroom and diorama again. Bens solo stuff isn't bad though! Worth a listen.

  53. Sonny

    I like tracks 1, 2, 4, 10, 13 & 14. I really like the originality of #14, but i dont like the "new york new york" chorus. I wish more of the album sounded like tracks 13 & 14.

  54. Ottavi's Repairs

    sounds like JT wrote this shite

  55. Joel Silva

    O Daniel Johns já que estava mudando muito a direção musical do Silverchair , fez o correto em fazer a carreira solo, e lançar o disco mais Pop, se fosse pra lançar no Silverchair, a decepção dos fãs ia ser grandioso!

  56. ms.lisa murphy

    AC/DC: A band that was formed by teenage Angus & Malcom young.

    Def Leppard: Also formed by teenagers-including a15 yr old drummer RIck Allen

    My Point-these are just 2 bands that have flourished-staying true their sound.

    I can't reconcile that this is the same head banging genius that Daniel was-his staggeringly underrated guitar playing payed back seat to flawless vocals.
    And lyrics that are sometimes painful,other times angry-as well as joyful. Always genuine.
    You don't have to look into a crystal ball to figure out metaphors or meaning. It's all clearly dispersed in every song. And if they do contain ambiguity-Daniel is more than gracious to explain his intentions.
    (this fact was frustratingly dealt with-like with Nirvana-anytime Kurt Cobain was asked about what a song of his meaning was,his apropos answer was "well,it means what you think it means"

    Xx xX

    ms.lisa murphy - Kurt cobain was an asshole 🤷🏽‍♀️

  57. xhead 72

    loved the dissociative stuff!  Diaroma was beast!  fav of all time..,,but this, this is gonna get some getting used to.  derailing for me..and well, probly him

  58. Vaudevylle

    This album is highly underrated!

  59. crunchypickles99

    Man I freaking LUV this! Thanks!

  60. Michelle Mae Simplicio

    God knows I love Daniel's music since Day 01. I love every song that is made inside his fffcking head. He is a genius.

  61. Bill Knott

    imagination. I remember thinking Diaroma was different now its in my top 10. I'm waiting to hear more Van Dyke and DJ.

    Xx xX

    Bill Knott same

  62. John Bon

    why is daniel living today? when the next album?

  63. crunchypickles99

    it doesn't mean shit but I miss his long hair

  64. back-to-the-fact

    If you take away Aerial Love and Going On 16, this is a very good album.

  65. NZ Home Business

    I was surprised with this at first but like anything else that Daniel has done I love it.

    Benjamin Devlin

    NZ Home Business including no one defeats us?

  66. Seth

    At first I didn't like the album Young Modern at all but it grew on me and now I actually love that album. I don't much care for this, but who knows? I may love it 5 years from now. Anybody who shits on Daniel Johns because they don't like this album since it isn't rock needs to take a step back and look at the big picture.

    Xx xX

    Seth - just worry about your own opinion.

  67. TheSquareVillage

    Wow! The first 9 minutes of this album totally got me. He has an amazing musical soul that is truly inspiring. I've been a total fan since 1996. Thank you Daniel Johns.

  68. halfhumanhalfzombie

    Where's the Heavy guitar riffs?

  69. Kyle Rhodes

    This ranks up there with Lovage for sex music

  70. Thaís Soli

    Like he said... "I just get really bored. If I'm not trying something new, I don't see the point in being an artist. So if it's offensive to some people so be it, I don't really give a shit."

    And I agree.

  71. NZ Home Business

    He is a genius ......simple as that.

  72. Anika Senst


  73. Aris Patubo

    DANIEL JOHNS....a fuckin gay hahaha...your music sucks

  74. Art Fluegge

    What is this gay shit!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Machine Drugs

    Sad to hear this :(

    I miss Silverchair <3

  76. Raphael Vinicius

    Very VERY GAY


    Doideira + decepção = receba deslike

  78. Raphael Costa

    back silverchair

    Renato xHC

    Tb gostaria que o Silverchair voltasse, e mais do que voltar, lançar um álbum novo, e surpreender os "fãs"...

  79. Tha_SilverBlack_16

    This is great.

  80. Helen Faria

    What happened to his voice?? I'm a huge Silverchair fan and I was expecting to listen to something related to his old band. Totally disappointed... He's just a shadow of what he used to be. :(

    Sara de Almeida

    He got tired of wearing 90's shirt only and even with Silverchair he had diferent ideas in mind, which is why he left the band. New times, new projects... Everybody needs it eventually. I miss Silverchair, but i'm glad he experimenting new stuff, though.

    Rebecca Nicholson

    It's called growth. You want to keep him limited to his 15 year old talents his whole life? The man is a musical genius! Don't keep him in a box

    Helen Faria

    I know every artist goes through changes. Daniel is such a talented man and of course he would eventually experiment with his music. But I just can't recognize him anymore. I can name several bands and artists who have grown along their path, but they've kept the essence of their work. But anyway, if he's happy that's the most important thing. But I'm no longer a fan. Not because he's changed completely, but because his new music doesn't interest me at all.

    Alfredo M. Rêgo Neto

    +Rebecca Nicholson you know what growth was? Diorama and The Dissociatives. To say that this album is a step back is not a matter of taste. It totally lacks creativity, unlike his other works. It's the same crappy mass produced pop thing millions of others already did. This is completely unremarkable, generic and ordinary.

  81. mlmcin lastname

    uhh, this first song is like sex on my ear..... =D

  82. Talia Price

    This is his best work!!!

    Xx xX

    Talia Price lol

  83. crislan luis


    Renato xHC

    Acho que a evolução no trabalho do Daniel Johns impede essa volta. Mas acredito que seria incrível uma tour para relembrar faixas desde o Frogstomp até o Young Modern, ou para surpreender geral, um álbum novo...

  84. Pinky Stomper


  85. J R

    Is it true?

  86. J R

    Is it true?

  87. Myself and I

    You keep on waiting for the chorus and then... nothing happens.


    Right, instead the whole thing is like one, big chorus and its awesome.

  88. Gabi2484

    I'm loving this! I've been a fan since Frogstomp and it's been cool to watch Daniel evolve. He's crazy talented! ❤❤❤

    Anika Senst

    think sooo... too

    Renato xHC


    Jan Kattner


  89. vaca sapatona

    admiro ele mesmo assim com esse tipo de música, acho que R&B,, mas morro ouvindo diorama freak show neomballroom e frong

  90. janda van

    Not my cup of tea, but good on you Dan!

  91. illadelph archives90s

    1st song would be HUGE on the radio... or v2.0

  92. Kenneth Tackett

    I love silverchair but this is pure shit

  93. xPassiflorax

    It's always a challenge. O_O Soo different music, each album.. (you love bands for *their* music, and then it's style jumps to and fro, is a giraffe, is lion, is frog, is a flower aso.) But it's really weird here, in the end you love the work. Let's see if it's the same with this one.

  94. Christina von Siebenbürgen

    @Daniel Johns

  95. The Elements

    I'm not crazy about this album, how ever I do like "Preach". I have seen Silverchair twice live, oddly enough, it was at the the same House of Blues. The first show was during the "Neon Ballroom" era. The second time we saw them was during the "Young Modern" era. Both shows were amazing. Like I said not crazy about this album but if Daniel puts anything out, I will buy it, He's truly a young modern day GENIUS. God bless him.

  96. soundboardtinkerer

    Firstly: WOW!!!
    The sparse electro music bed really allows for a clear vocal to come through - hearing that amazing Johns voice.
    Move aside . . . Listen up . . . Genius at work!

    Renato xHC


  97. breadordecide

    Asking rock fans to expand their horizons in music is like asking a rock to turn into an apple. They're stubborn and need to be more open minded.

    Kwyjibo O_o

    I supported Silverchair from Frogstomp through Diorama, and those two albums are vastly different. I can't support this generic pop. He sounds like a budget Justin Timberlake.

    Plant Based Kimbit

    @C Hertz this isn't out of left field, its really been since diorama or more the dissociates album. Which is awesome! Not rock but to me its tied or second to Frogstomp.

    Bryan M

    Or maybe, just maybe, this sounds like absolute shite!

    (I listen to everything from The Doors to Beastie Boys. From 2Pac to Damien Rice)


    This is one of the most asinine takes i've herad in a long time. Rock in itself is perhaps the broadest Genre with so many branches expanding to so many styles that you need to be Open Minded to appreciate it fully: Pop/Rock, Experimental Rock, Slowcore, Hard Rock, Art Rock, Industrial Rock, Alternative Rock, Post Rock, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Avant-Prog, Rock In Opposition, Noise Rock and so many more variations of it spanning from Medieval Ethos, to Classical Influences, To Jazz-like performances, to Crashing Crescendos to Quiet Inmediacy... No other genre offers that much flexibility. People that appreciate the entire branch of Rock tend to be the most open minded, at least musically.

    Joe Hendrix

    breadordecide both points of view are pretentious including yours