Johnny Winter - Memory Pain Lyrics

Serve me right to suffer
Serve me right to be alone
Hey to be alone

Lawd serve me right to suffer
Oh serve me right to be alone
Hey to be alone

Ya know I'm still livin' with a memory
Of the days that's passed and gone
The days that's passed and gone

Everytime I see a woman
Hey hey it make me think of mine

Ohhhhh everytime I see a woman
Oh it make me think of mine
Make me think of mine

But the way she treat me
Lawd I just can't keep from cryin'
Aw can't keep from cryin'

Serve me right to suffer

Serve me right to be alone

When I get home in the evenin'
Hey hey my woman would be gone
Yes she would be gone

Ohhhhh when I get home in the evenin'
Uhmmmmmm my old lady would be gone
Oh she would be gone

When I get up in the mornin'
Her lights would just be coming home
Just be coming home

Ohhhh serve me right to suffer
Hey hey serve me right to be alone
Serve me right to be alone

Mmmm serve me right to suffer
Oh oh serve me right to be alone
Yes to be alone cause I'm still livin' with a memory
Of the days that's passed and gone
The days that's passed and gone

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Johnny Winter Memory Pain Comments
  1. Elizabeth Carson

    Legend Fine beyond fine

  2. Whitenacho

    Still gives me chills!

  3. Aaron Baker

    great guitar player, one of the best.

  4. michel fontaine

    in my opinion ,this the best Winter studio cut i have heard ... also off the same album is highway 61 revisited .. comes in second .....

  5. Susy D

    Oh yes, since I first heard this at 17 this stayed in my much heartache

  6. Scott Allen

    Unbelhow Rad this song is from 1969!! I was 1

  7. stratovani

    Johnny Winter giving a Master Class in Texas-style electric blues. RIP.

  8. Tony Gillis

    Just shared this with a couple of the boys - stopped them dead in their tracks.

  9. Barry Daws

    First time I heard Johnny was this song was Autumn 1969, aint't stopped listening since seen him as well. And my neighbours don't hear the master for free

  10. mike brooks

    Try the album "Johnny Winter and Live".......Johnny at his badass best!

  11. tom johnston

    whooo the white man blues at its best and nastiest oh lawd i aint sufferin listening to this hot nasty sweetness

  12. Mike Ervin

    Man I loved him

  13. Ken Musillo

    Seen winter fillmore east circa 1968 late show unreal great memories chicago was also on the bill

  14. randall scott burress

    Suffering from can't rmember skit?*

  15. 88Gibson LesPaul

    I first heard this song when I was just turned 16, had my first car, a maroon '66 Chevy Impala, 327 4-barrel, 2 speed power-glide transmission. I drove just a "little bit" too fast while this song played!

  16. Bernt Bresemann

    Come on Johnny - so wild blues (R.I.P.)

  17. Steve Leonard

    I just have to think that Tommy Shannon was thinking when they cut this was"man,is this ever gonna be a classic"!

  18. Steve Leonard

    a friend of mine played this cut for me and also " combination of the two" by big brother and the next thing I knew I was scraping all my change together and by 8:55 I had enough,so I ran a mile to the mall and made it just in time to buy both albums


    great comment:)

  19. Carlolisa Dangelo

    he just makes that guitar know who's who

  20. patrick ryan

    I got this album for my 21 St, it just came out ,,, I still love it..

  21. randall scott burress

    i really stunk at junior colledge

  22. randall scott burress

    are you stupid i can hook two amps together neighbors said turn it up scotty

  23. randall scott burress

    cause i love it

  24. horsluva0758

    thumbs down????? are you kidding me!!!!

  25. matteighm

    I never saw Johnny. I saw Edgar back in late '72 - early '73 at the Warehouse in New Orleans. He was doing the 'Only Come Out at Night/Frankenstein' tour. Ronnie Montrose (RIP) was playing guitar. I was hoping that Johnny was backstage ready to make a 'guest' appearance. It never happened. Still a great concert.

  26. roland hightower

    I remember back in the 70's, Johnny was nominated as the lead guitarist for the Plaboy all-star band several years in a row. I love this guy and still listen to him at 65.

  27. One Individual

    I used to play this? why did I ever stop? Brain pain, going out, getting a bass, and relearning this, going to find an albino and staring a band.

  28. George Calvert

    Love this song now and did when I was 15 too and it came out... The guitar work expresses both powerful raw emotion but also stylish touches, virtuosity, mastery of the instrument and sophistication all over the place... Amazing... Anyone who's just starting out on the guitar and is interested in the blues/R+B/Rock genre, JW puts on a masters/doctorate level class every time you hear his recordings.. He and Rick Derringer were amazing in concert in 1971...!

  29. randall scott burress

    Every-body just kind of say something ? But do know what they mean >> gettin to know ME*

    randall scott burress


  30. randall scott burress

    I pee'd behind the tree and if no-body saw me cremated ? Then you might guess me never really gone?

  31. randall scott burress

    j.c. penny said? 'You ain't bringin that shit back up in here"..???*&^%$#@!()()(&^%$#@>>>

  32. Anthony Tripoli

    it's real hard to listen with all the buffering

  33. randall scott burress

    What brains i have left will make some good omelettes ???Got any cheese????????

  34. randall scott burress

    I DOUBTYOUR PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. randall scott burress


  36. Thomas Carpenter

    Gut bucket stuff

  37. BlaineMeister100

    song per song this is an awesome album by Johnny Winter!!!!

  38. Keith Moore

    Great Percy Mayfield song. Pat Travers did a righteous version. Johnny Winter? Whew... The best!!!!

    Diego Portillo

    John Lee Hookker wrote that

  39. Jerry Jewett

    The bass from Tommy Shannon added a lot to the JW sound from 1968-1970 or so, when Derringer/McCoys broke up that fine trio.

  40. paul calderone

    Thirteen thumbs down, well there's a dumbass born every minute,there's thirteen.

  41. Tyson Mayberry

    unfortunately my speakers only go to 10. bottle of single malt scotch, and a good roach and this almost makes up for your lady being gone.,

  42. Douglas Rogers

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo  ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    John Baker

    With ya Douglas.... Wooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!!! :)

  43. Bruce

    My older brother got this LP when it came out. I was about 9 years old and it blew my mind. He had seen Johnny invited onstage by Janis Joplin when she played Madison Square Garden in 1969 and he was mighty impressed. As a result, my own first concert was Johnny at Madison Square Garden in 1973 when i was 12 and that also blew my mind. I saw Johnny at least once a year after that for about 20 years, till I moved overseas. Last saw him in 2011 in Helsinki, when he had to be led out onto the stage to his stool, where he played the entire show. But he still played amazingly well, including the encore (Highway 61 revisited) at lightning speed. Almost 45 years since that show and he's still my fave all around guitarist for feeling and sound. This song exemplifies how great he was. He makes it sound effortless, but it digs SO so deep. The guitar cuts like a knife every time. I think he is up there with Hendrix and seeing total shams like Slash, The Edge, etc. rated higher than him by Rolling Stone et al. is a cruel joke. Johnny had the goods and he delivered, even when he had to be wheeled out on stage. His biography makes for devastating reading. The guy had a hard life growing up and with management throughout much of his career and really earned the right to play his down and dirty brand of the blues. RIP John Dawson Winter III!

    John Doyle

    Rolling stone is a shit rag and irrelevant when it comes to any kind of critique on music. More political than musical.

    Kenneth Miller

    @John Doyle your story is almost identical to mine. Older brother bought it when I was in jr. High. I loved it! He took me to my first concert in 72 and have seen him at least 10 times
    He even signed a photo. Highlight was w/ Muddy and James Cotton. Thanks for your post


    man.....right on. the edge? what? slash? what? oh wait, i get it . the bandwagon critic dicks. fuck em. bow down to johnny. i met him and hes great. is.......................


    Totally Agree!

    Jerome Goverman

    Agree, I saw him in a small venue - Unbelievable. I was so happy to hear that when he played the "Crossroads" festival in 2005, all the other guitarists were in awe, and paid rapt attention

  44. PlanetRockJesus

    Definitely my favorite Johnny Winter song ever. I have an old Pioneer turntable hooked up to my PA system in my basement man cave/music studio/office, and once in a while I just play this for some young people so they can hear some real music!

  45. Bruce Jagielski

    He's the best

  46. Sabine Schneider

    bought this album as soon as it came out. still love it at 61 years old. parents did NOT understand I had to leave home young~

    randall scott burress

    i had to go three days out of high school? i could not learn nothing???

  47. Joe Hemlock

    3! sides? the Best.

    Ken Q

    No more, no less

  48. DowntownDogMan

    Ten people dont like this? How is that possible? Fuck those guys...

    Robert Winglass

    Up to 14, now. Must be musically soul dead. This song burns!

  49. mju8;/.paggie arsenault,/ kmmm

    my song , my man i will rid my blues listenin to johnny till the day i gobye bye. serves me rite to suffer.

    Seminole Jackson

    When the guitar magazines would do a "How to Play the Blues" issue, I used to read it for a laugh. When they transcribed Johnny, I discovered how much he had influenced ME! His licks were and are literally the meat and potatoes on my plate every day! Seminole Jackson, MT Arms Duo, Atlanta

  50. James

    Smoking: Johnny Winter, thanks for being the best...

    Dan Burrow

    Best live guitarist I ever saw...............his hands were a blur............even in his old age performances

  51. Notta Victim

    Listen to this, Dallas, Mean Mistreater, I Love Everybody, the live stuff from the Fillmore etc and THEN tell me this ain't the best of the rock and roll and blues guitarists. Johnny was TOPS.


    Amen brother (or sister)

  52. Sonny Cannon

    This would EASILY take first place, on "BEST BLUES SONG EVER"!!!!

  53. Andreas Spur 2 Worker

    I´am a pure sound..

  54. Andreas Spur 2 Worker

    "Dynamic power session" . Great!

  55. Andreas Spur 2 Worker

    Yeah, there are "Balls" in this session.

    Robert Link

    Andreas Spur 2 Worker So much that they put this out as a 3 sided LP Double Album. Explanation on liner.

  56. kayjay Stony

    kick ass blues man ....yeah!

  57. BWGuitman1

    I bet it's been over forty years since I last heard this song--since someone relieved me of my copy of "Second Winter."  Freakin' Johnny Winter could rip some guitar.  Rock on, brother, wherever you are.


    Okay Effinay I hate to tell you... but Johnny didn't write R&R Hoochie Coo. Derringer did, I can't believe that he went from "Hang On Sloopy" to the Winter Band.

    Gregg Eby

    Wow johnbeau, all this time I thought he DID! Back in '76 I saw Climax Blues Band open the show, followed by Johnny, then Edgar Winter Group featuring Derringer. For an 'encore' they ALL came out together and played. One of the best shows I ever saw. Johnny was absolutely smokin' that night.

    randall scott burress

    THat's just wrong brother ? ..That theif can't live very long?




    Everyone know Derringer wrote R&R hoochie coo. Derringer loved Johnny I can tell you that.

  58. victor lisle

    Esta todo desglosado por que?

  59. Mark Berge

    Days past and gone.

  60. Mark Berge

    Great guitar, rip johnny!

  61. Mica F

    RIP Johnny Winter, an All Timer !
    Edgar Winter was in the Second Winter foursome also, talk about astonishing.
    I was fortunate to see this band play live around the time of the release of SW..

  62. David Laurencelle

    God bless ya  Johnny , Sadly  missed  ;(

    Steven Davenport

    David Mmmm

  63. Jem Hughes

    Legend, what a guitarist, what a singer...the man

  64. runner305

    I grew up listening to many of your songs, this one being my favorite.  RIP, Johnny!

  65. Kara Garza

    Rest In Peace Johnny Winter you will be missed, your music will live on forever!

  66. Ron Choma, Sr.

    7/16/14 - Rest in peace J.W. 1944 - 2014

  67. Gary Gray

    Thank you John Lee Hooker. JW is one the most underrated players ever.

  68. PlanetRockJesus

    I still have my three-sided LP!

    buddy kush

    Me too My favourite is Live And and Still Alive And Well


    Had mine since about '73.

    Bear Every

    Me too!

    Dave Black

    Me too. One of my favorites!

  69. mdpatsos

    The days that passed and wow....

  70. Robert Smith

    Hottest electric blues guitar, I have ever heard in my life.... for damn sure.

  71. carlo michi


  72. Jean-Claude Laurin

    Still one of his best recording. This blues could have been recorded yesterday. Wouldn't sound any better.

  73. lerxst990

    Yes I was wrong...I purchased both albums around the same time, MANY years ago, and played them to death.

  74. Jonny Jacobsen

    No, this is the first track on Second Winter: I know because it's engraved on my DNA. ;-)

  75. runner305

    Looks like one person who listened to this ought to get their head examined...

  76. Daniel Paxton

    Excellent! :)

  77. Franz Scheibe

    I remember when Johnny and his bro Edgar lived here in Port Washington NY in the 70s.....great guitar player...and his bro was good at keyboards percusiion and vocals.....some also told me that blue oyster cult also used to have a house here in Manhasset Isle don't know for sure.

  78. lerxst990

    Tommy Shannon was like 17 on this recording.

  79. lerxst990

    actually this was off the first album...

  80. Tim Cunnane

    Loved the Avedon cover.

  81. Marc .Cormier

    Yup...wore out 2 sets of that lp before I went cd. Doesn't get old.

  82. taildragger53

    Like a relentless machine gun...this was JW at his BEST ever.

  83. sküll düggery

    yeah, john explains in the notes that they wanted to put out exactly the amount of material they had recorded. they didn't want to leave any out or add anything else. pretty cool.

  84. Peter Holzer

    Still have my "3-sided" LP. Mr. Winter is THE texas blues man! I never get tired of this LP.

  85. TwoPointsUp

    Winter is never short on notes!

  86. 会沢朝光


  87. Sublime Music Channel

    You have no idea how many times I tried playing side 4 after getting Second Winter. It took a while to wrap my mind around the idea that there really WASN'T music there, even with no grooves. Hey, I was hard headed, what can I say?!

  88. Paul Urban

    tommy shannon is awesome on bass.and let's not forget uncle john turner on drums!

  89. Bob Porri

    This was one of my favorite Johnny WInter songs. Right up there with Illustrated Man. Such great playing and vocals.

  90. Terry Wall

    this is brilliant

  91. blueman55

    I met Johnny two days ago at LaGuardia Airport in N.Y. When i showed up early for the flight it was just me and him and the band waiting. We were on the same flight down to Houston for his gig here tomorrow. I got to chat with him and his band mates and got a picture autographed. He was very cool and sad to see him in a wheelchair.

  92. busky james

    This is the tune that hooked me!! Been a Johnny fan ever since and till the day i die!!!!

  93. phenix749

    i like it but for the voice i like more phil lynott he puts more soul he slow it down and sounds better

  94. 2Spooky4U

    NO, There never was a Fourth Side to this Great album.