Johnny Winter - Medicine Man Lyrics

If the kind of love you need is something
That your man can't understand
Next time he goes out with the boys
Just call your medicine man

Hot or cold or in between
Do I have to draw a diagram
Some boys got it and some boys ain't
I am your medicine man

Hey, Lordy mama don't you suffer alone
Just call me as quick as you can
And I'll be over with the antidote baby
I'm your medicine man

No cheap prescription can clear your head
Of what your mind demands
No little white pills gonna cure your ills
Call your medicine man

Dr.Quincy's much too old
And your g.p.'s got cold hands
Kildare's through and Ben Casey too
Call your medicine man

Yeah, call the doctor!

Hey, Lordy mama don't you suffer alone
Just call me as quick as you can
And I'll be over with the antidote baby
I'm your medicine man

Dr.Quincy's much too old
And your g.p.'s got cold hands
Kildare's through and Ben Casey too
So call your medicine man

No cheap prescription can clear your head
Of what your mind demands
No little white pills gonna cure your ills
Call your medicine man

Yeah, call the doctor
I'm your medicine man...
Call me quick if you can...

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Johnny Winter Medicine Man Comments
  1. bellgab

    "some boys got it, some boys don't, I'm your medicine man"

  2. Jim Cook

    This sounds like it could be straight off a Skynyrd LP. I'm guessing they were fans.

  3. sergio urizar

    I saw him in Montreal , what a gift!!!

  4. francois lopez

    king winter !!!!!! thank you very much

  5. Sergio M. e Albuquerque

    Second only to JImi? Better? Does it matter at all? Winter is for the ages, and so is Hendrix.

  6. Maria Clemencia Gomez Salcedo

    Que buena cancion ..

  7. Hoserintraining Yup

    Saw him a few times, most recently at Centenary College. His stuff rings in my brain. Holy Smoke. Wow what a player....

  8. j Kajje

    The best

  9. Mike Godhard

    Can’t think of a musician I miss more than John Dawson Winter III. Loved it when he schooled Keef on how to wail JJF, pissed him off but they reconciled. Mick and Keef wrote silver train for JW . And again they were upstaged. Go go, go Johnny gogogo...Johnny Bee Goode

  10. Dan Bendblues


  11. Sergio M. e Albuquerque

    Blues King.

  12. Barry Daws

    Love Rory, Alvin, Jimi, Robin and Tony Mcphee from the Groundhogs many great musicians, but Johnny was head and shoulders above the rest. I am 66, been listening to him since I was was 17


    I second that at 67:)

  13. Dennis Elder

    He played some of the best slide guitar ever.

  14. Sergio Albuquerque

    I remember the winter of 1988. I found and lost my love that year, up on the hills, where is never hot.

  15. Sergio Albuquerque

    The real king. Neither Clapton nor Beck.. Winter was always the best, second only to Hendrix. This is a magical tune: one million guitars echoing throug the universe. Rest in Peace, white albino King of the blues.

    Barry Daws

    Loved Jimi, but Johnny came second to no one

  16. robogenus

    thank you for this post... I use to have this badass album ...miss JW rip

  17. Kuy Juk

    This man made a deal at a certain crossroads.....

  18. ferenc lipcsei



    He is The Blues man!

  20. Dawn Stary

    Dawn here from North Carolina! I saw Johnny Guitar Winters not long before he passed away. I have loved him since the first time I heard him! Roll till your old and rock til you drop. Rest in peace Johnny Guitar Slinger Winters love you!

    D.J. Nassar

    Darlin, Johnny Winter (not Winters) Lolllll, I Love Him Too. "John Dawson Winter 111" The Greatest Of Em All.


    Texas and Johnny winter' go together Antonio


    Johnny miss you you're the medicine man brought the soul out of San Antonio Texas Antonio

  23. roger s

    do i have to draw a diagram

  24. DH Thomas

    Johnny's guitar obeyed him. Mine talks back constantly.

    Hoserintraining Yup

    That is hilarious, dude.

  25. Franco Martini

    call the doctor! fucking awesome

  26. Vaughanaddict

    How do you dislike this?
    Must have been a few trolls that live under the same bridge and don't know kick as music when they hear it.
    God Speed JW

    Brian Alsbury

    the 17 dislikes are guys that Johnny probably banged their

  27. sparti augustin

    8 non likes ? must have been DJ`s ..... R.I.P.

  28. Vaughanaddict

    How do you dislike this???


    SMH... must be deaf???

  29. Vaughanaddict

    This is a bad ass piece of music
    made by an original bad ass
    RIP Johnny!!

    Frank Richards

    Vaughanaddict good a time as he ever did...$$$$$

    Dan Taylor

    Not originally by Johnny Winter though

  30. bluesical

    healin' my soul now...


    Amen my bro (or sis)



    Valerie Worboyes

    No one could hold candle him love yah john

    Hoserintraining Yup

    Check Rory Gallagher too. Best, R


    Derek Trucks much?

    Hoserintraining Yup

    Perhaps Rory too. Johnny was awesome.

  32. Moe Yonkin

    5 people downthumbed this.??!!??>>> You guys need a grenade in your fridge.


    don't hate... they're probably deaf

  33. Randy Cox

    Stay in my fingers & Voice Johnny.

  34. TheGeneration

    This isnt even a Jonny Winter song. Know the facts!

    michael daigle

    this is Johnny Winter.

  35. Thomas Carpenter

    The best !

  36. Tom Whisenhunt

    Great gobs of gritty goodness, this is where hot guitar players come to get entertained. Lawdy mama!

  37. Dani Hachicho

    some fools need meds

  38. Marco81blues

    Tried to play this many times lol, The riff is wack.


    @Alanna Cararo I'm just bad at it lol, I know he used D standard, plus hes playing slide guitar on that track aswell.

    Dillo Tank

    You need heavy strings.

    Andrew Whittaker

    Dillo Tank no, just get the distortion/gain right

    Dillo Tank

    If you are going to tune down to D, heavy strings are a good idea.

    jeff balagna

    That 6th string is dropped to a low C.
    I mean it's wagging like a dog's tail.
    I learned this song by watching a video of a cover in dropped D.
    I think I'll roll with that, although it won't be the same.

  39. Juan Sandiel

    I Don't Understand why I am not able to CLICK LIKE INFINITE times....MrJohnny Winter MASTER of MASTERS :D

  40. larry geetar

    Johnny's got the cure for what ails ya!

    Frank Richards

    larry geetar yes he does hero man...

  41. james madison

    3:23 "cum as quick as you can"… I heard that before.

  42. Michael Quinn

    "Yeah!! Call the doctor!!!"


    Johnny is the doctor. His music cures what ails you :)

  43. DowntownDogMan

    3 people are fucking morons for disliking this. RIP Johnny.

  44. Mob Addict

    Winter 4 ever <3

  45. Twangsome

    Great track.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the words & music credit should go to Robbie Fisher and Henley Douglas rather than Johnny.

    maltloaf legrande

    +Twangsome Correct. Rob is a brilliant songwriter. not sure exactly what Pete's contribution to this was but Winter's management ripped them off.

    Ron Smith

    Teddy Sladis ...

  46. Fools Gold Found

    this is gash. why is this linked to obscure velvet underground oddities?

  47. Monica Arcas

    la mejor muero por este tema!!!

  48. Dan Taylor

    Great song but the original is better imo.

    Alexandre Delagarde

    better no, different yes, you can't compare Winter and Broonzy.

    maltloaf legrande

    +Dan Taylor Are you sure yoy've heard the original. It feature's Robbie fisher on guitars, lead vocal and percussion and pete douglas on bass, backing vocals and percussion and is uncannily similar to Winter's version bar Rob's lower-piched vocal. The arrangement of this demo was lifted lock, stock and barrel with little original input from johnny Winter (with respect; he was a fine player and champion of Muddy Waters which commands respect on its own).

    Dan Taylor

    +maltloaf legrande I was in fact referring to Robbie Fishers original version.

    maltloaf legrande

    Dan taylor. I'm not at all sure why I didn't just assume you were referring to Rob's verson. It seems so obvious now. Must have been a late night or something. How did you come across it? do you know Rob?

    Dan Taylor

    +maltloaf legrande No prob. Yes Robbie is a freind of a freind.

  49. PierVargVikernes999


  50. Sylvaine Deschamps Garcia

    J'espère que vous consolez les étoiles Medicine Man...

  51. stan proctor

    Nobody could touch Johnny, and I mean NOBODY!


    totally agree Stan. RIP JDW III


    I ll third that gentlemen. My favorite hands down.

  52. stellasp

    Thank you, Johnny

  53. Critical Bill

    Johnny knocks every song about 800 ft out of the park on this album.  RIP Johnny and rest assured your legacy lives forever!

  54. Anton

    thanx for all, rest in peace man

  55. Charles Chandler


  56. Cristi Ciubotariu

    Road Trip to Kansas!!!!

  57. Paul Moorhouse

    great guitarist go johnny go go go RIP

    Paul Moorhouse


    Paul Moorhouse

    This is  tribute to johnny winter RIP 

  58. ENLIL60

    Go Johnny go.....go Johnny go......go Johnny go.....goooooo Johnny goooooooo.
    God bless you.
    Thanks for all that you've done.
    thanks,i thank God for having see you in Rome last May,i thank you for firming your lp "Seriouss business",thanks for having touched your hand and thaking some photos.

  59. Ronny Irlacher


  60. lukemanify

    The true king is gone and left us on this planet. Loved him for most of my humble life

    roger s

    do i have to draw a diagram. 😉


    I loved him too. God blessed him with awesome talent and unique style. RIP JDW III

    Gaby Van Sant

    @roger s Nope! No diagram. Not for me. I surrender, immidiatly!!!

  61. xmandlt

    Rest in Peace, Johnny. God keep you.

  62. Doc Snarf

    His music is medicine for a sick soul. In honor of Johnny I am playing only his music today in THE BAR


    good luck with that



  63. labtide

    RIP Johnny.

  64. Kevin Stewart

    been rockin to johnny winter since the 70s - cheers man

  65. Alfie

    abluse.. just one video, but that's enough ;-)

  66. Cory Zeiner

    Johnny is the best!!


    Damn straight he is

  67. Rafael Tirollo


  68. toomanybytes

    This doc still makes housecalls.

  69. John Rocco Battista

    Long Live The King!

  70. Michael Rollo

    some of the best slide ever played....Genius...Wizard.

    Hoserintraining Yup

    Agreed. Also check Rory Gallagher "Bull Frog Blues" Wow. Party on. Blues is AWESOME

    Barry Daws

    @Hoserintraining Yup I must admit Johnny was my favourite,but Rory wasn't far behind in my books

  71. ctyuang

    This shit has to be played with youtuberepeat.

  72. john tremble

    this cat cooks, strate up smoke, 800 bux a bag bend over blobama

  73. CHRIS Faulkner

    this dude once held the title "fastest guirtarist in the world" and deservingly so. He has a mellow, bluesy heart also as we all very well know. Guitar God often overlooked but not by me,

    Andrew Whittaker

    CHRIS Faulkner ygwie malmsteen is fastest but you can program a robot to do his schtick. a robot can't do this.


    As far as I"m concerned, he's the best blues guitarist ever. His style so unique, gritty, awesome, fast as hell.. love him so much.. RIP JDW III

  74. Melvin Brewster - PhD

    YO- CALL THE DR. ; )

  75. Hawkles666

    I like Johnny's blues stuff but nothing beats good hard Southern Rock.......this is the dog's bollocks !

  76. Wu Ming

    The best musician of White Blues, without doubt.
    His original songs are great, of course, but his reprises, here, it's a sort of god.
    So god.

  77. Виктория Наумова

    very interesting

  78. Youri Carma

    Badass music!

  79. Marco81blues

    This dude is Baaaad :)

  80. Ronaldo Buassali

    wtf....god of blues

  81. Joseph Azzopardi

    Wow, simply amazing. This tune is haunting me in a good way! He is the best!

  82. Foxglove963

    Steinberger? You mean Erlewine Laser.

  83. Steve Fritts

    This studio cut rates very high in my personal long list of great work by this incredible artist.

  84. 303y03

    I saw Johnny live in a small club just after this album came out (1990?)
    He was playing a Steinberger and the Firebird. What still impresses me was his ability to seamlessly trade between lead an rhythm. Must have played 3 hrs. straight.
    Had a girl waiting offstage who was pretty rough around the edges:) Great show!


    be blessed you got to see him. he was one of a kind.. the best. RIP JDW III

  85. ProgRockRulez2

    i have no words to describe the feeling that grown inside me when i hear this song

  86. Logan Morris

    @19blues64 how was that show?

  87. 0NonZens0

    Thank you! I was looking for this one quite a long time. Great!

  88. Alexander John

    It wasnt Johnny Winter who wrote this if ya check the orginal album. It was actually a friend of mine who got ripped off called, Robbie Fischer

  89. 19blues64

    he's playing here in spokane saturday the 16th, haven't seen him since 1980... can't wait!

  90. peonwarrior

    Yeah this album really rocks

  91. rpopova

    this is a guitar GOD- THIS IS THE BLUES MAN


    you got that right