Johnny Reid - The Light In You Lyrics

I don't know you
You don't know me
We live different lives
Dream different things

But after the places, all the faces
All the wonders of the world I have seen
I believe, I believe

The light in you
Is the light in me
The longer I live
The deeper I believe
The closer we stand
The deeper we will be
The light in you
Is the light in me

There was a time
Thought I was alone
Now looking back
I was so wrong

I thought the world
Was full of strangers, full of dangers
Full of everything [?] see
But somewhere in the darkness where my heart is
Love threw a spark and set a fire to me
Now I see

The light in you
Is the light in me
The longer I live
The deeper I believe
The closer we stand
The brighter we will be
Oh the light in you
Is the light in me

The longer I live
The deeper I believe
That the light in you
The light in you
That the light in you
Is the light in me

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Johnny Reid The Light In You Comments
  1. Katherine Calzada

    Wow I seen this man he held my jand

  2. TruLy - 4 - Ever

    ~~~ AMEN !!!!!!!!!!
    ~~~ AMEN !!!!!!!!!!
    ~~~ AMEN !!!!!!!!!!

  3. karen pickering

    so so beautiful!!!♥♥♥

  4. min.a sinisin

    holy... he is so good...

  5. Nahid mohemed

    We meet always for reason

  6. Nahid mohemed

    Who they are is not important who you are is

  7. Marg Canada

    Absolutely great great song...... truth.......The light in You!!

  8. Diane Hayse

    Beautiful Song.

  9. earthairfirewater1

    This is the best. We need to hear more songs like this every day. Thank you.

  10. Joanne Noble

    Come see me Johnny lol love you..your music is beautiful

  11. Myrtel Lou

    Beautiful 💕

  12. Joanne Noble

    I love you and your music

  13. Joanne Noble

    Love you so much Johnny come back st John's soon xxx

  14. Bettper

    Beautiful Song, and Beautiful True Talented Artist!!

  15. GabrielPlayz _YT

    ...and I know it

  16. GabrielPlayz _YT

    Hey I’m in this somg

  17. Dawn Ford

    the light in you is the light in me

  18. றBJ

    Wonderful song... touch my heart.

  19. Karen Lindsay

    Very touching song🎤👍🏻

  20. Jacquelyn Langhein

    Beautiful runs deep...

  21. I love Elephants

    Omg I am going to this guy in 2 hours can not wait

  22. Linda Cornell

    Another beautiful song and video from my favorite singer. Well done! Love the words - love his heart!!

  23. Melanie Marshall

    I see the light in all of us! Thank you.. you always sing with passion, yet, I really feel it differently with this song.. I love LIGHT! We all have it.. Let is Shine people! Yes! Xo

  24. / Akuni \

    This song broke my heart~❤️
    Amazing song.. this made me cry 😭

  25. Violet Ibolja Ledingham

    Love your voice and songs Johnny!

  26. MAtt Geiger

    Trailer park boys only reason I'm here

    Nick Washburn

    MAtt Geiger nd homeless Alex lifson

  27. Dyan Disraeli


  28. Dolores Lebreton

    one more beautifull songs.....

  29. B A Moore

    Another awesome song...thank you Johnny Reid!

  30. Tulessa Slone

    I hope Johnny reads here. Hubby asked me this morning what was I dreaming about last night. When I asked him why, he said I was singing Fire It Up and giggling in my sleep last night. I dreamed I got to see Johnny in concert, and he pulled me up on stage with him to help him sing this. A wonderful dream to have when you're recovering from a triple bypass. <3 Love Johnny!

  31. Aryan Divyanshu

    Loved this.

  32. Robert Hunter

    Another most Amazing beautiful song, this man has the voice that sends goosebumps through e with every song he sings ! I thank god for having him to listen to

  33. Shelby Lou

    Love this man! He is just amazing.

  34. Kyle Spray & Sammi Li

    hells ya!!! ❤
    plus a huge shout out to Lee, amazing to see you in this video!
    hope all is well neighbor 😁

  35. Bailey MacQuarrie

    Awesome song man

  36. Gaynor Duncan

    Beautiful,love it!❤

  37. sharon stone

    love it!!! <3

  38. Sarah The Star

    He make great music/songs and he has the most beautiful voice and he songs always have a message

  39. Vandy Webb

    Love this song. Johnny is Lit. I saw him in Concert this summer. His concerts are awesome AF.

  40. Don LeBlanc

    Johnny Reid,
    This Song is Amazing,
    this is the kind of song I think will help make every person feel so very valued and IMPORTANT

    Great job !! Love it.

  41. Lyne B

    LOVE !!


    Oh my God😮😮 i just discover Johnny reid songs but i'm stunned to dont see no more views for his videos it's a awesome and great singer. Song's touch my heart, make me feel good and sad thank Johnny


    He's Amazing, it's still a pretty new vid, most of us have been viewing it on his facebook page, which has 160k views!


    i'll go on his facebook page . Thank from Senegal

    Margaret Gaskell

    I love his voice and songs yes great !!! he sings with emotion ..enjoy .

  43. laiereiner

    Thank You Johnny, very emotional , we love your Voice ans this Song, it's great

  44. Adeena Stevens

    Amazing as always. So happy to hear you again.

  45. lynn blanchard

    beautiful song .

  46. Shianne Hiebert


  47. Tayra Ducharme

    Love you

  48. Anthony Doucette

    Awesome !!!!!!

  49. Tulessa Slone

    Love him!

  50. Rute Martins

    WOW!!!  Superb!!

    Esther Latu

    Love him

  51. Dwayne Wladyka

    Great song. It is really awesome.

  52. kathleen bajda

    I love this song and the message with in it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. jordan moore

    You've done it again Mr. Reid another tear jerking song, love it.

    Nancy Marcotte

    A wonderful message delivered as only you Johnny can do.

  54. Christine Haigh

    Yes...I sure do love this song....

  55. Cindy Giesbrecht

    Beautiful song! Love the video!!

  56. SurprizedDaily

    gr8 lyrics

  57. davred11

    It's probably not for me to say... But I miss hearing your great voice through the song. Kicking Stones is the MARK to beat...

  58. Michelle Clawsey

    Love it.💓

  59. Smudgekitty

    oh my Johnny, thank you, can't wait for nov 3