Johnny Rain - Oakland Ting / 808 And Patron Lyrics

[Oakland Ting]

You tremble like you've seen a ghost
I feel it in your bones, they can have me
You're yelling like you've seen the G.O.A.T., yeah
Baby that's why all these niggas mad at me
'Cause I'm only with you when I'm in the O
But you always get it, you already know you will
Can you make it feel like the first time?

Cause it's been too long, for me
I remember being lost in Odessa
Baby tell me have you ever made love
Fantasies of being lost in your
Shorty tell me when you've had enough

You know exactly what I need
With a voice like water under the bridge
You know exactly what I want
So touch me again, again

Oh, They'll never catch you begging on nobody for love
She's got her own and much more, oh yeah
All you do is grind
All we do is grind
Baby I am yours
But I only hit it, when I'm in the oh
If you with it, I'm with it
I'm ready to show you still
I'ma make it feel like the first time
Keep it open for me

Cause it's been too long, for me
I remember being lost in Odessa
Baby tell me have you ever made love
Fantasies of being lost in your
Shorty tell me when you've had enough

[808 And Patron]

You should have stayed at home
You're kind of gone, take it from me
Oh you must love like trouble
'Cause my Girl's home
She knows you're tempting
I guess we can make exceptions for the night
You ready babe, you ready babe?

808 and Patron
Get me right in my zone
Girl don't leave me alone
Girl don't leave me alone
All these...
808's and Patron
Get me right in my zone
Get me right in my, get me right in my zone
Girl don't leave me alone, no

Here we go again
All on the low again
Overdosing the potion
Open it slow and then pour it in
Lost in the motion
Pardon my energy
Running in the explosion
Somewhere between lust among three and devotion
Bending your body over the dresser
You're begging me, I'm pretending this moment will go forever
I swear, throw it to me it's obvi' I'm on a level
And eat it out while I'm in, it'll probably make it wetter like
Quiero tocarte
En todas las partes, que quiero amarte
Fuck what you heard
Do what I say, I say
I'll say "You like that, don't you?
Bet you won't fight that, won't you?"
I make ya body go too high
Woosah, when I spread waters and dive your ocean

808 and Patron
Get me right in my zone
Girl don't leave me alone
Girl don't leave me alone
All these...
808's and Patron
Get me right in my zone
Get me right in my, get me right in my zone
Girl don't leave me alone, no

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Johnny Rain Oakland Ting / 808 And Patron Comments
  1. ororiseng molotsi

    Till today I’m still listening to this album and the ones before 😭😭😭😭

  2. karen ines

    its 1 am and i’m looking for new songs to listen to and i came across johnny rain and holy shit yooo his songs hit differnt 😭

  3. Cristian Mancillas

    Thank you Spotify

    Holy 💩

  4. stevOkanevil TM

    Forget about the weekend and drake
    You want two better artist than them, listen to Johnny rain and Jahkoy.

  5. Lerumo

    I've written countless lines of code to your music.

  6. bebemax95

    The OVOXO inspiration is strong in this song lol. The first part is Drake inspired. And the second part is The Weeknd inspired. The female voice and beat drop is very reminiscent off his song "Gone". Love it lol

  7. Poley 34

    Johnny isn't just in a different lane to others.. he's in a different county and country 😂

  8. gummybearchel

    Did he cover Ellie Goulding ?
    anyway he’s like woke drake had a baby with The Weeknd

  9. Helina Bolin

    if you listen to the weeknd from 2012 ...this song actually has some vibes from the trilogy era..and his vocals sound similar to The weeknd but it has a different twist to it, you guys shouldn't be mad when ppl compaire him to other singers its a compliment.

  10. Cody Vaillancourt

    johnny rain + phychedelics, dudes sound is sick

  11. Taylor Michelle

    make music like this again.........

  12. Hella Bandz

    My ears are on fire with this song

  13. Sunriser

    Oakland ting goes skrra

  14. Josephine Luhrs

    Johnny and the weeknd sound similar only because they share the same genre which is pb&rnb but if you have listened to both artists you'd find so much difference, Johnny is a bit more deep and magical while the weeknd is sassy. I love them both so much!

  15. Micheisha Wright

    Pure sex! This song is perfect for the mood 👌🏾

  16. Underated Juh

    I'm mad as hell that I found out about him so late

  17. joci garcia

    Yum love this song 💕sadly I don't like the person who showed me this song so I can't listen to it all the time 😭

  18. Mayrakiss

    I miss you . Have been a fan for 5 years now

  19. UnknownAnon

    yall ears must be hurt he dont sound like drake or the weeknd, yall be lieing to yourself lol

    Tiffany Pleasant

    UnknownAnon Right lol , he has his own unique sound

  20. monkeybonez22

    I think he sounds too much like The Weeknd. I bet that's his influence though. This song reminds me of gone by The Weeknd

  21. El Sucio Guapo

    mike towers dia de cobro

  22. p3achFUZZ69

    'Cause i'm only witchu when i'm in the -

  23. jayboyflyable

    I wrote this lol

  24. Deyinnarra Cruz

    been listening to this guy for YEARS already. & today I felt like I had to hear him & it feels like the first time all over again. lol. his vibe is still EVERYTHING

  25. Alayzia Wade

    Why am I just discovering this.


    @Alayzia Wade 😁


    Alayzia Wade ikrrrr!!!

    Rebecca Ianieri

    i'm saying the same thing!! blown away!

    Alex Mit

    welcome to OD!


    I feel sorry for you : ( I was lucky that a few years ago i found a video called new drake song, and it was LLWH. since then im hooked.

  26. Tala

    © Ellie Goulding

  27. Goldenxronnie

    Johnny Rain is fucking amazing. So underrated, I want him to blow up but then again I don't man


    I think we should be his record label. Plan setting up a patreon for him. And then crown him as the king.

    Gabe Gabe

    Goldenxronnie check out CdXx on SoundCloud

    Gabe Gabe

    bamfyfe check out CdXx on SoundCloud

    Mallalieupeee Ogletree IV V VI

    Goldenxronnie OMM!!!!! Listen to WIn Or Lose - MHALY MHAL by TraiiFitty94 #np on #SoundCloud Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code start STACKING OVER NIGHT:


    Goldenxronnie right seems like when they blow up the music goes in a different direction.

  28. Sheha

    More music like this? :) relatively new to Johnny

    Ayomide Modupe Johnson

    Check out Eli sostre and 6lack

  29. Dana Blaq Smith

    This Kat is NICE WIT IT!! This that LATE NIGHT, creep by your crib type ish *haha*

  30. Jordan Summers

    i am forever in love with 808 and patron 😍😩

  31. WetWhipsOnly_B

    Anybody know where this dude is from??

    aurora dawn

    BrandonWilliams510 California lol

  32. Daylla Souza

    can u post lyrics

  33. Kiki Yamotasu

    he's going Drake to The Weeknd like...❤

    Estevan C

    Kiki Yamotasu & its only one person. no features needed lol. Johnny is the mann

  34. Justin Neilsonn

    so beautiful..

  35. Jarvas Moultrie

    my shit

  36. Na Ni

    Bryson Tiller vibes??

    Summer Golden

    OvO VIBES*

    Estevan C

    Na Ni nah OD vibes.

  37. Artt l

    loveee it😍

  38. Unusual Delicacy


  39. Keke Wright

    He sampled this from Explosions by Ellie Goulding ✨

    Blue Nova

    +Keke Wright Even the flow, it's still dope!

  40. Khaleif Bell

    Johnny rain or party next door?


    Johnny, I dont get why people like PND. Most of their songs sound alike


    his songs i mean

  41. Rama Nader

    Ok is it just me or the beginning of the song is the same beginning of explosions by Ellie Goulding?..

    Diego Baptiste

    It sure sounds like it.

    Rama Nader

    +Diego Baptiste man this guy is a genius tbh 😍

  42. kurrupted flow

    he sound like the weekend kinda 😍😍

  43. Shay Holman

    Lovely 😏

  44. T McDonald

    Play this song while fucking your gf 😂 🔥🔥

  45. Drew


  46. Joe Mendoza

    i live in odessa tx i didnt see her lol

  47. Kabeer Virdee

    love the drums in the second bit....sound like the second bit of the weeknds song gone...both great songs

  48. Dulce Mbiza

    4:50 minutes on is just pure fire

  49. Midnight Marauder

    he got right in his zone.

  50. YBE ENT

    Lol here is drake writer. He dope af

  51. Kayla Belk

    *puts headphones on
    *listen to song for the first time
    *takes headphones off
    Welp..... I'm pregnant

  52. KingGilg4m3shGaming

    johnny rain is nothing like the weeknd, yes they both have a dark style of music but Johnny is more electronic while weeknd is more soul. The Weeknd has gone mainstream and light but johnny is keep the dark music fresh, keep going bro each album gets better. don't change.

    Estevan Chavez_TV

    Yup yup

    precise thegreat

    Johnny in no way whatsoever is dark . Alternative yes but not dark by any means . The Weeknd always holds down that type of dark side of RnB. And I like Johnny rain but sorry the weeknd by far does much more to me with his music then Johnny rain does . The weeknd is more deep .

    Estevan C

    precise thegreat weeknd sings about the same shit. i havent seen progress since trilogy& kiss land. after that he flew off to the bottom


    Yeah. Johnny Rain didn't sell out and go Pop

  53. Jasmine Garnett


  54. Dame

    Underrated song. Vocals go insane with this melody.

  55. nitalos

    this was worth the fucking wait this nigga makes magic everytime

  56. ilaiya williams

    How n where.can I download the album

  57. Preet Patel

    Is this drake?

  58. Run E

    im pretty sure this amount of bass is illegal

  59. Jarone Vance

    Johnny Rain vs The Weeknd?

    I'll have to go with Johnny Rain. I'm sorry...he's just better.

    Datt Mamon

    WAIT WHAT!? you all sound like you havent heard of house of balloons lmao get off the shit you're on and come down weeknd is miles ahead of every artist lyrically and vocally his production even propels him even higher. "He fell off' "sold his soul" is stupid he is getting creative and is developing the character he is taking on though his albums which is art within itself. Johnny is good not great but good. Its hard seeing past the weeknd his story telling and wicked entailing of love is some next level stuff. He was lyrically best in Kissland in my opinion very hard to conclude to i must say.

    aurora dawn

    Datt Mamon kissland is his weakest album though lmao. the weeknd peaked with trilogy, which was his debut into mainstream. ever since then he's been selling into what is popular i can't see how anyone could deny that. just comparing his mixtape days to what he does now it's wayy more pop and upbeat and unlike the moody and experimental shit that used to be his signature. vocally it's obvious that abel is better but overall music johnny is passing him up. abels recent album star boy sound like something any other rnb singer out there could have put out. nothing even inherently original. if i didn't know abels voice by heart i would have thought it was a bruno mars album. johnny at least is trying out sounds that people aren't used to. and when he does do pop i can expect that johnny won't stay stuck on that sound forever which is the weeknds biggest problem.

    Datt Mamon

    really? weak? Kissland is a gem. Adaptation, love in the sky, belong to the world, tears in the rain, wonderlust. Id say his most recent is his weakest not to say its bad at all, his ability to paint a story through word play and like i said before shed light on a dark side to love. Im all for the indie sound that johnny is going for but i feel like its sounds like trilogy. This song in particular its like "The party and after party/the zone" mixed together im all for weeknd changing the direction from the dark underground sound which im all for as logn as he does it to his best then im gonna enjoy it. I do rate johnny though love his voice


    idk the fuck yall comparing people. but lyrical johnny rain is def better and too real that a fact. voice and all that is those are just opinions


    Both of 'em are great. I listen them on different state of mind. (The Weeknd when i start drinking, Johnny Rain when i'm about to pass out, lol) :,D

  60. Shanhia Bennett

    If he was tryna take drake or the weeknds style then I've gotta say he mastered it because he's sick

  61. Guess what I'm a Toxic Person

    I'm bout to buy the project.

  62. Jay

    added to my baby making music playlist

    Christian Di Maggio

    honestly , this made my day <3 "baby making music playlist"


    aye fr hook me up with that playlist.


    How many babies you got now? lol

  63. Cody Stirman

    is he talkn bout odessa tx? i lived there tgats cool

  64. Mnd

    in love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Upso Vega

    What kind of bass is that? Like that R&B bassline

    Cris Ortiz

    An 808 sub bass

    Upso Vega

    Thanks man

  66. Mx-ThE-WeeB-LoRD 69

    U better be on itunes this time

    Mx-ThE-WeeB-LoRD 69

    What the heck I never posted this?!?!

  67. rhynotg

    Wats this album called?

    Cristian Ramirez

    The Album is called "11"

  68. beejuice

    Been here since the begging with this guy, gonna be here till the end

  69. Anthony Garriett

    Keep was suppose to be can my bad lmfao

  70. Anthony Garriett

    Man keep people stop comparing this man shit to the weekend like damn just listen to the damn music and me personally i like the weekend but this dude music on another level thats just me no disrespect world peace


    +Anthony Garriett *tells people to stop comparing* -> *compares them*

    Summer Golden


    Mallalieupeee Ogletree IV V VI

    Anthony Garriett OMM!!!!! Listen to WIn Or Lose - MHALY MHAL by TraiiFitty94 #np on #SoundCloud Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code start STACKING OVER NIGHT:

    i honestly spend too much time on this platform

    Summer Golden he kind of mix flow of drake with his (similar to the Weekend's) voice. i listen to Rain cause i like him a lot, but on this song he sounds exacly like Abel

    Lawrence Smith

    @i honestly spend too much time on this platform He written for Drake before, He writes and produces for a lot of people. He's on a whole other level with his artistry. He wrote the Transparency song for PND.

  71. William Lamb

    That Ellie sample crazy

  72. R-07

    Still can't figure out why your music is so good, and you ain't that famous.. Think you are one of the best artist of all time

  73. Etheric Dezigns

    No weekend, no Kendrick, no Drake. Those who can't define Rain's style just needs to label him. Therefore, they label him or compare him to who they THINKS he sound like. Humble yourselves, because he might have been their ghost writers in the past!.....hint hint


    Etheric Dezigns 🙏🙏


    johnny rain is johnny rain!!! stop fucking comparing!! he's been out for this long and he's been having this sound for this long?? y'all just ain't ready for this type of fucking sound.

  74. zariya15

    The second song sounds a little like the weeknd sample

    Estevan Chavez_TV

    Nahh nothing sounds like the weeknd here brahh! It's all OD sound here

    Justine ramadhan

    Yeah it dose

    Alvaro Lopez

    @Justine ramadhan sounds like the end of gone by the weeknd obvious come on now

  75. KillaF

    I've been waiting for music for a min from ya thank you was just telling somebody about the #DarkNeoSoul man johnny rain a few days ago keep up the good work

  76. None None

    That 3:30 tho! 👌

  77. Woot Woot

    This one right here !👌

  78. marain4354

    I think someone really like Ellie Goulding ;)

  79. Jalicia Taylor

    Love it

  80. Geni de Grado

    pfffff!!! Dope!!!!!

  81. Dionne McKenzie

    I like his music, but I worry that he doesn't sound original. He sounds like a mixture of every popular artist right now. Drake, Kendrick, Frank Ocean, and he had a little the Weeknd vibe in part of this... I'm looking for his style

    Natasha Antenor



    @Dionne McKenzie This is his style. I remember the first mixtape I heard, Lullaby of Machine back in 2013 I also thought it was Weeknd-like but after a few listens it stood out on its own. 


    @Natasha Antenor your first comment... Spot on. I went looking through all his new songs again just to find it and reply to you!!

    Natasha Antenor

    Aww. Glad you felt it.

    Ray Dilts

    @Charles Wright he sold lyrics to up and Comer drake when he was younger got robbed but he still the future

  82. chiradio tv

    not for for nothing but this one (both) might need a visual right here

  83. Jarone Vance

    Johnny Rain Best Songs On Each Album?

     P.U.S.S.Y & OakLand Ting/ 808 & Patron are the best songs on his channel...Trust me.

    Natasha Antenor

    Hands down... although Isis was fya

    Geni de Grado

    La Jolla, LLWH (extended version), Nightmares...

    Gabriel Villanueva

    Melas intrude ! Has to be my favorite

    Gabriel Villanueva

    Interlude* srry spell correct

    Estevan C

    Geni de Grado Yesss

  84. jesus ochoa

    When he says in Spanish "Quiero tocarte en todas las partes, quiero amarte" in English it means "I want touch you in all over, I want to love you"..

  85. Hatazalah BathYashashakar

    "fuck what you heard do what i say..
    bet you wont fight that, wont cha..
    ill make your body go too high.."

    goosebumps or Is it just Me?
    Missed Him, NEVER Lets Me Down! ^_^

  86. Alicia Kiah

    love this.

  87. Alex Mendes

    Thanks Rain for keepin it 100 nigga ! Thanks for this masterpiece ! Yo lyrics are simply amazing , you even rap hard in spanish hh , fucking addicted to yo music brah , #OD !!!

  88. Sir Mikel

    This is probably one of the best songs on the album. He was on his L.O.M. ish right here! This was very well produced and the vocal performance is on point as always. I hope Johnny Rain doesn't make the mistake he made after releasing his past albums and not coming out with music videos. Especially for songs like this. 

  89. ransom

    yep i played this snippet over and over on amazon when they were previewed a few days back...808's and patron reminds me of the second half of of my fav tracks ever


    I thought I was the only one 😂

  90. Kxybs

    what a song .. bless.

  91. Sergio Akia

    Album Support from Mexico! Johnny Rain OD

  92. K Jade

    im in love best song on the whole album