Johnny Paycheck - Sharon Rae Lyrics

Hey Sharon Rae you are my life
Wish I'd been half the man that you been a wife
Hey Sharon Rae you stood by me
Through dark times your love light shined and helped me see

So how do I pay back a bit of love like that
When the word thanks ain't never enough
How do I pay back a bit of love like that
After you've dedicated your whole life givin' me love

Hey Sharon Rae you gave us our boy child
Stood by me through these years I been runnin' wild
Hey Sharon Rae you should of left me long ago
Why you stood by me through all these years Lord I'll never know

So how do I pay back a bit of love like that...
So how do I pay back a bit of love like that...

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Johnny Paycheck Sharon Rae Comments
  1. meangreen69Nova

    Stay away from the cocaine train

  2. Matthew Freeborn

    He is so coked out

  3. zoolar zackl

    Well, he’s on the roll here it seems. But man, the talent of JP just shines light like thunder in a dark night.

  4. John B

    He was on that night. Great talent.

  5. Dr. Midnight

    I agree with these comments. Why is this all cut up??? I want to hear the full song! Both of these versions are so much more beautiful & poignant than the recorded ones...

  6. JAKEtheSNAKE// D

    Real outlaws and music men are hard to come by now in the world but at least we got theses videos to understand the legends

  7. fabulous life

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  8. WildPhotoShooter

    What a great voice and stylist. It's a pity talent comes with personal troubles a lot of the time.

  9. Nate Lund

    My ears aren't working, is he tuned to G? Beautiful sound on that little guitar.

    Nate Lund

    Open G tuning but pitched up to something close to A I think.

    John B

    I’ve been trying to figure out how he got that sound. Gives me chill bumps.

    michael duffy

    Such a great JP song and footage I tried it a while back as best I could make out with open D tuning capo 3rd fret that leaves open chord F, then Bb/Eb, Gm and C, by working around these chords I came up with the following in the link below and I put a little Johnny Paycheck video together with it. Hope that helps?

  10. coupelikeacaravan

    Whats the second song?

    Caleb Melo

    coupelikeacaravan “I’ll leave the bottle on the bar” by Merle Haggard

  11. druitt

    what a shame he was never properly recorded playing like this. beautiful guitar playing and singing. johnny sounds great in front of a band, but to me he never sounded better than this, just the man and his guitar. such a talent.

  12. Daniel Craig

    0:14 is about as badass as it gets

  13. mitch wrench

    line us all one up johnny

    Steven Raridon

    Hell ya!!!!!

  14. Jack Wolf

    Every time I watch this, I wish that there was a complete acoustic version of "Sharon Rae."

    Andy Dixon

    i'd let somebody straight pull out two of my fingernails to the quick to get the full acoustic version here - honestly think it's the best i've ever heard him sound

    zoolar zackl

    Is there more of JP in this movie? What’s the name of the movie? Can it be found?

    Not FBI

    Me too! Who ever made this documentary has the unedited song. We should find him and ask him to post it!!

  15. M Welch

    Chop us out one Johnny

    Blue Spectre

    M Welch That fella looks like he’s been chopping out freebase or meth or some shit 😂

  16. Joe Wright

    What doc is this from?????

    Mike Eastman

    Joe Wright an old Doc on Ronnie Hawkins. some late night footage on Ronnie's bus

    Joe Wright

    I just saw that in the description. Thanks


    do you have the rest of the film? amazing footage


    Man this song got me through some dark nights of the soul


    Man this song got me through some dark nights of the soul

    Jonas Mackenzie

    FATWONTON what’s the son called?

    Marcellus Wallace

    @Jonas Mackenzie sharon rae


    This man was pure talent. The country music performers of today don't hold a candle to the likes of Johnny Paycheck.

  20. Mikael Grund

    Where can I find that movie?