Johnny Nash - Stir It Up Lyrics

Stir it up, little darling
Stir it up, oh yeah, yeah
Stir it up, little darling

It's been a long, long time
Since I had you on my mind
Now you are here, it's so very clear
There’s so much we could do, just me and you, come on

Stir it up, little darling
Stir it up, oh yeah, yeah
Stir it up, little darling

I'll push the wood, light the fire
Oh, I'll satisfy your heart's desire
I will stir it every, every minute
All you have to do, girl, is keep it in it

Stir it up, little darling
Stir it up, oh yeah
Stir it up, little darling

I said I'll push the wood, light the fire
Oh, I'll satisfy your heart's desire
Girl, I'll stir it every, every minute
All you have to do is keep it in it

Stir it up, little darling
Stir it up, little darling
Stir it up, little darling
Stir it up (yeah, yeah) little darling
I said stir it up, little darling
Baby, stir it up, yeah

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Johnny Nash Stir It Up Comments
  1. Dalecio Silva Souza

    Acho que só o solo que não tá igual

  2. Sigismund Jumbo

    Daz my main man Johnny Nash. Unbeatable. Keep stirring it up.

  3. Ngati Pana

    Me had one sister and 7 mom and dad were so loving to us all too.

    Graham Allen

    You're one of nine kids? It seems your mom and dad were quite loving to each other as well!!

  4. Ngati Pana

    Love your story Debra.......nice to hear parents love for there brood.

  5. Kevin Sweeney


  6. Alicia Pilotta

    Great song... Memories of walking the neighborhood with my friend Diane singing it.. R.I.P Diane..

  7. Esteban Albornoz

    little darling

  8. MrBlueSkyMrNight


  9. Susanne Papendieck


  10. Eddie Mautone

    Yep that's when all the great songs were done sixties

  11. Eddie Mautone

    O what a great singer and song

  12. Gilberto Souza


  13. vanessa4u4evr

    That VOICE!

  14. Barbara Glover

    I love this song so very much I was very young when this song came out

  15. Arlene Johnson

    Awww, this song takes me back to my childhood days. Love it so much!!!

  16. Enio Junior Aguirre

    Agora vi que não sei nada de reggae. Sempre cuirti esse som e não sabia que era Johnny.

  17. John Williams

    Another classic mr nash

  18. Alex Mercer

    I only found out about this cover because it was in the intro of the Wikipedia article on the song.

  19. Stephen Smethurst

    For u GAIL THORLEY MOTHER OF MY beautiful daughter DAD SMETH

  20. Cheryltwin2012

    No matter where I am or what I'm doing, as soon as this song comes on, everything stops while I close my eyes and think back to my childhood and me and my twin sister listening to this song on our transistor radios while we rode our bikes. Certain songs evoke certain images. I will never get tired of this song. Ever.

    Mark O

    Me too. Love this song and those memories.

  21. Sally Castro

    My first Crush...Always makes me smile. He will never know though.

    Life of Brian

    He’s still around. I think he owns a car wash in Texas.

  22. Mark Ponn

    Great rendition

  23. Irish Field

    Will stand time ever thank you

  24. Ashley Brown

    Love it😍😍

  25. Stephen Smethurst

    Reminds me of my youth married to you Gail Thorley, hope your ok babes, Steve x

  26. louise roman

    What ever happened to Johnny Nash?  My favorite of his is "I Can See Clearly Now," a perfect match of singer and song.  This guy's voice is so optimistic.

  27. my stuff

    i think a better version

  28. David Singh

    Benevertt sucks dick..

  29. David Singh

    Ben sucks on his mom tits still..

  30. Doreen Foki

    Love Johnny Nash full stop.

  31. Bill Armstrong

    Back when music was real.they had to really they use for the trash today.they have the nerve to call was fun and singers we're cool.not pimps and HO,S like today.all trash for cash.

    J Kindness

    #TaylorSwift can sing, though. In fact, she is the *G.O.A.T. !*

  32. Carlos Rosario

    Took me years to finally realize its stir it up! I enjoyed this song since i was a kid, thank you

  33. Howie Long

    Great vocal

  34. Blacksikin

    Still think Bob Marley's is better

    Errol Nicholson

    For Bob's version It didn't get far till Johnny Nash make it a number one hit!!!!

    Kiv kut

    @Errol Nicholson F U

    Errol Nicholson

    Kiv kut Everyone knows that The Wailers is the best and re-record it again. In the 1970's Bob Marley Gave Johnny Nash the song and when he recorded it and Johnny Nash went on Top Of The Pops It was a number one hit. Bob Marley wrote the song Stir It Up was dedicated to his wife Rita Marley. and F U DON'T MEAN NOTHING TO ME, CAUSE I'M A MUSICIAN TOO AND I'VE BEEN IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOR 40 YEARS!!!!

    Kiv kut

    @Errol Nicholson then why are you triggered

    Bill Bunch

    shut up dummy

  35. Patricia Allen

    great memories love from Rhode island💝

  36. Donald Strickland

    Marly was the man.

  37. Tony Canaris

    reminds hunting south of Mexicali mexico. high school years.

  38. MR BIG

    Songwriter : Bob Marley

  39. Linda Oliver

    WoW!! Quick response, thanks. I had no idea.

  40. Robert Mihai

    Original by Bob Marley 1973!

    Virginia Chapman

    I dont see how that could be. Hearing this on the X the summer of '72.Fraid you got your dates wrong

    Alan Damaceno

    Original Bob Marley 1967 rocksteady version


    @Virginia Chapman '67

  41. BenEverett1

    Why does the singer keep mispronouncing it "steer" it up?

    Christian LeBlanc

    @BenEverett1 Jamaican accent I expect.

    Bilah M

    +BenEverett1 to "steer"and to "stir" aren't the same...cheers

    Farrah Teague

    Johnny Nash is an American originally from Houston, Texas.

    Michael Angelus

    He mispronounces the word on purpose just to confuse you and make you ask why he does that.


    An American, but he did a lot of recording in Jamaica. Just blending it.

  42. Debra Jean

    *Johnny Nash- Always Puts Me in The BEST Of Mood's -
    Makes me so very Happy as Memories Of My Dad  Dancing
    in the kitchen for Us [where most of his dancing took place]
    I Can see You so Clearly Now, the Older I Get*Dad I Understand.
    Te Quiero Toda La Vida


    Debra Jean Tonight I searched for this song, I was reminiscing on memories of dancing on my dads feet at 4 years old in our living room to it. Then I came across your comment & sweetly smiled that 2 strangers could share such a similar fond memory.


    Nice memories, Debra and beautiful music

  43. Chris Mulwee

    Originally by Bob Marley in 1967. This cover version by Nash is WAY better.

    Asitaka Z


    the wolf81

    A copy is never better than original.

  44. Bobby Jo Cowpoke

    Boy these song were "king" love em!

  45. rio baillie

    loveeeeee thisss song good old reggge days .....  <3 <3 <3

  46. Kurt Neumann

    I finally now understand what he is singing....but the way he sings the word "STIR" sounds like "STEER"....

    sherry quilter

    Played this for my son the other day he said the same thing. LOL

  47. Debra Jean

    Awwwwwwww My Daddy Dancing in the Kitchen For Us!!!! Dad I Love You so Much Thank U for Being the Strongest Force in My Life U made Ur Daughters all 5 Of Us Strong Willed Loving and Caring Women...I will always Have My Memories Of You raising all 8 of Us By Urself ...AMAZING Feat Dad- This Johnny Nash Song &I can see Clearly Now Oh! and the one U always Sang 2 Me on My BD *Hold Me Tight Will always brin a SMILE to my Heart Thinking Of U. THANK U Daddy-
    "Siempre en mi Mente"
    Ur Oldest-

    Julie Miller

    Beautiful !!! I hope my children remember the songs I sang to them! Tupelo Honey, L.O.V.E., On the Bayou (Goodbye Joe, we gotta oh my oh)

  48. joey parisi

    This is baby making music

    Jalil Abd Sukur

    ....strictly for lawfully wedded couples i hope.😉

  49. FlingsPooAtTheZoo

    Wow! The siren (which should appear after "I'll push the wood" 2:07) which is present in the vinyl single is missing in this version!


    Push that wood, baby!

  50. John Hobson

    Everytime I hear this song, I want to go back to the islands! Such a different class of people.