Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now Lyrics

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day

I think I can make it now, the pain has gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is that rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day

Look all around, there's nothing but blue sky
Look straight ahead, nothing but blue sky

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone're the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day
Gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day
Gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun-shining day

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Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly Now Comments
  1. D Petersen

    It's gonna be a briiiight bright sunshining day!

  2. JasonJason210

    The best version.

  3. marcus ivery

    The Public brought me here.

  4. Chayil Amon

    my old boyfriend Mike sang it almost 20 years ago, he deployed to war and never returned…..Always remembering him!

  5. Sagan Hill

    I miss the 70s. Except disco. Hated disco.

    Joseph F Danza

    I lived the 70's and Disco was just great....John Travolta.....?????

    Ramonda Ramirez

    Shit disco the bomb if u skated lol

    Inner Voice HVRP Team

    The Southern Fried Rock of the 70's was my childhood soundtrack.

  6. Andrea D

    We played this song at my grandmother's funeral.

    Tracy TLC

    would love to have this one and " Don't stop me now" from Queen at my funeral . :-)

  7. Anna Confer

    I want to thank you for singing this song I'm not sure how I come across it but I needed to hear this song ,It really brighten my whole out look on my life ,with all my Hollidays this year never been the same things change so fast year to year some times it don't seam to get better ,but when I heard you sing this song believe me sunny did shine through it just lifted my spirits ,so this only way to say thank you for the singing this song ,Love your smile to while singing .God bless you .

  8. Angela Hedges

    A very uplifting song

  9. Kimberly Strawter

    The Lord dropped this song in my spirit on January1,2020. I was 5 years old when this song was released. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to see this time.

    william watt

    I was 12 and sill sounds great

  10. certified street nigha


  11. Vivian Reed

    2020 Vision, such a beautiful and fitting song for the New Year 2020 and beyond.

    Clarence Davis

    Amen sister Reed my theme song for this year 2020 blessed you

  12. Paula Barreras

    Such a beautiful song to start the year off right. Peace love and happiness to all. Namaste.

  13. Destroy Bamboo

    A big hit of the 1970's and continues with great strength from the song's simplicity!

  14. Ofosuapea G.Edward

    My chaildhood day in the 70's that I fall in love with with this song

  15. Zantos Joe

    Peace and happiness to everyone this new year. 2020

    matias batata

    Thanks men!

  16. Blyss1000

    Anthem of “2020”

    Chris Murphy

    That's what I just posted on Facebook! haha


    “Great Minds” !! Junk!!! Happy 2020

    Vicki Fletcher

    that's why I came here...

  17. Alex Perales

    Look I don't care if pack tards eat taco swape as long as it not why? Immoral sins Prophetic Biblical times 😠

  18. Juanita Buron

    00:37 1/1/2020! 1/5/20 21:22

  19. Brandon Lockett

    See in 2020, my friends. The song of this year.

  20. Alex Perales

    Revelation 2:27 ☣️☢️⚖️📜 we the people are carbondated element is 5 Million years old you have learn the Bible and get decrement favor from as last long you honor it. Why? When you are going be the best it hard work right? So if you are good to people and the Community your bless you 10 fold its gold 🤣😂😂🌐

  21. Alex Perales

    New year will new beginning for the Humankind species > Mt 13:11

  22. Alex Perales

    2020 sunny day 🤗

  23. Jeanne Haessler

    Superb song I have always loved. Thank you so much for this!

  24. Bonkermann

    Happy New Year to all..

  25. سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

    Happy new year 2020
    Theme song for this year

  26. Mitchell Greene

    The greatest music of all time.

  27. dega723

    I see Thelma & Louise scene and burst out laughing

  28. Hugh Britt

    Great song very uplifting can remember when the song first came out was just a kid bought the 45

  29. Dillstruction YT

    0:06 0:13

  30. 6153calme

    Yes. A song worth listening to. No more dark clouds that will have you blink. Here is the rainbow I have been praying for. It the end of a rainbow, not only I'll find a pot of gold. Also I'll find sunshine to brighten up the day.

  31. Joseph F Danza

    Still being able to listen to this great song 12-25-2019...Thanks to Pres. Trump. Yes....Christmas Day...

  32. Julio Cesar

    Beautiful Masterpiece

  33. Alan mc naughton

    I was in a hotel in Carlisle called The Hilltop hotel he sung on stage in the disco and asked me if i wanted to be on stage with him so i did happy days

  34. Dean Kirby

    one of the best produced records i have yet to hear.

    adam aardvark

    I've always thought the same. Great arrangement too. Who was responsible?

    Lino Galveias

    @adam aardvark wiki says Johnny produced it too

  35. H L

    Yes.. it’s going be bright bright sun sunny ☀️ day..🌈☀️👩‍👧‍👦

  36. cornovii

    Perfect Brexmas song, love and peace to all :)

    George Fisher

    "brexmas"?? Urghh! Don't sully a great song with the divisive clusterf*ck of brexit.
    We can all be united and say this is a terrific song... shame that brexit has been anything but unifying.
    Still that's what you get after lying during a campaign, then pushing for the hardest brexit possible, from day 1.
    So unifying that, yep. Love and peace. LOL :D

    Rosida Andriyana

    George Fisher Happy Brexmas Lad!

  37. Joene Keller

    This song makes me feel good.
    Makes everything right with me and the world.

  38. Fubarfighter

    Perfect after cataract surgery.

  39. Charles w. Lindsey

    Love this song.

  40. Hana Sione

    Love this song♥️❤🕊

  41. Joseph Canada

    Make you think life and family

  42. michael taylor

    Love This Song

  43. Janet Wilhelm

    Sheer perfection. Like my mum.

  44. John Mckenzie

    This song is perfect for the holiday and weather

  45. Francine

    Thanks for this wonderful upload of lovely scenes

  46. Francine

    The original song so much better than covers 💕 I love this song reminds me of my beautiful life growing up i was ten years old upon it's release. ❤

    Angelica Luce

    BLESS YOU, Francine!

  47. TAC cisco

    I am playing this for the blind drunk sucking on a empty beer bottle ,grow up, enjoy your empty cup

  48. James Bomd


  49. manoel martins

    Esta musica faz parte das maravilhas do MUNDO !!

  50. Jean Welsh


    Tim Nevin

    Indeed - we must slay all Unicorns too

    Dar Steckelberg


  51. Aurélie G

    I live in Ireland, the country of the hundred rainbows a day. They fill me with joy and hope everyday, and these positive lyrics come up to my mind every now and then. :)

  52. Jorge Mario Rodas

    One of those great songs of the past with a very good message full of hope, it is a very good song to hear and enjoy. Things are not as black or as bad as we perceive them sometimes. if we have patience and reflect there is always a way out of whatever pit we might have fallen into.

  53. Jorge Mario Rodas

    "Lo puedo ver claramente ahora"una de esas grandes canciones de la década de los 70 del siglo pasado. Es una canción siginficativa y bien cantada. La letra bien pronunciada es fácil de entender. Una de mis favoritas de todos los tiempos.

  54. Pascal Oster

    Do anyone know this fascinating instruments? It's unbelievable nice.

  55. Christopher Haas

    Best version of best song ever. All modern artists with there negativety be DAMNED

  56. hmbl 01289

    I have always loved this song since a young girl. Now I am 60 still loving it!!!!

    Chris Langston

    That makes two of us my beautiful friend..

  57. Bev le Roux

    love it!!! 27/11/2019

  58. Jim Northland

    New Years day music 2020 hindsight year.

  59. Gail Parker

    I like rainbows and alpha bits 😊

    Adriana Pedrero

    Gail Parker what s Alpha bits Gail?Thanks :)

    Gail Parker

    It's cereal. Like lucky charms in the shapes of the letters of the alphabet. Not on the market started spelling dirty words hahahaha.

    Adriana Pedrero

    Gail Parker hahahaha :)

    Janet Wilhelm

    I love rainbows and cheerios.

  60. Clarence Erickson

    You will see even better in 2020🦄😎🦄👍👍🦄😎🦄✌❤💛💚👍👍💔

  61. Thomas Weadock

    Who is the singer?


    Johnny Nash !

    Dwight Dodd

    Johnny Nash,

  62. Mariafe Elcano

    May mata pla machine now,

  63. Mariafe Elcano

    May mata pla machine now,

  64. Mike Oak

    this song makes me want to reconsider living.

    Joseph F Danza

    In your case you may be better off dead?????

  65. Borosin Yas

    Narcissists abuse

  66. Bhu-Mandala Universe

    The original 1972 song, wonderful. Never heard it to July 1975 when I fell in Maya and went walk about for a month

  67. Aishiya1

    I remember listening to this on the radio as a child in the sixties. I have always loved it.

    Randy Piquette

    I think seventies....

  68. gayemarasaki

    Never heard of this song but stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. Played it over & over, and the more I listen the more I love.
    Someone made a comment about left-leaning liberals being the only ones who would hate it. What a mean-spirited comment - antithetical to the spirit of the song!
    My thanks to the artist for creating such a joyful and hope-filled song, and also to the person who uploaded this & put together the images!

  69. redfoxbennaton77

    When you finally innovate after 10 years of suffering.

  70. Jessica Parker

    Love this song. Laid up in the hospital and building hope and courage for better days coming up.

    David Forrest

    I prayed for you.

    Jessica Parker

    Thank you David.

    Rattus Norvegicus

    Get well soon Jessica. Worth searching out some good CBD oil :)

    Lee Robinson

    Wishing all the very best. Love, Hopes and Prayers for you. It'll all be ok x

  71. Calvin Hodge Lake

    For Music Publishing Administration, Including Licensing, Contact The Publisher By Email: [email protected]
    Music Submission At Email Above
    Love Groove Music Publishing Company BMI USA Global

    Camden Moors

    This song was published by Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. Boomer

    Calvin Hodge Lake

    @Camden Moors Didn't Johnny Nash retain part of the 100% publishing on this song and other songs, if he is the songwrtier?

  72. darrell mfume

    the whole song is awesome...but that bridge, is even more awesome.

  73. Davide Deblasio

    good song,,,,

    darrell mfume


  74. hugo BOSCO

    rasta rocket

  75. eugene endres

    One of my favorite childhood songs.


    Best heard on a Radio Shack AM kitchen radio. Same.

    Derek Langley

    Reminds me of Thelma and Louise for some reason

  76. Christian Liebstadt

    hou lala ,ma jeunesse cette merveilleuse chanson n' pas pris une ride ,je l'ai retrouvée graceà une pub à la télé houf que d'émotions les années 60,70,80,que du bonheur merci les amis ,c'est des chansons comme ça que les jeunes devraient s'impregniés ,cela les calmeraient ? et Patrick Swantze Dirty Dancing ,je ne suis plus sure de l''''orthographe ,veuillez m'en excuser ? .

  77. Mr doom

    I looked up Johnny Nash from new Vegas but some how I got here and im pretty pleased

  78. maria rivera

    i just got new glasses this song is me rn


    I'm shopping windshield wiper blades, some dude posted these lyrics as his 5-star review :)

    Rattus Norvegicus

    They suit you nicely Maria!
    I`m wearing my new pinhole eye correction glasses....only 99p incl p&p from China.

  79. Linda Wilkinson

    Funny I was just talking about you Andrew, yesterday and this song popped up on my feed. Your favorite song. I will always remember you saying come on Lovey sang it with me as you were dying I miss you, still after all these years and pray you are in Heaven singing with the angels. P.s. I never got another best friend...maybe it's time..........

    Rattus Norvegicus

    Go for it Linds, any decent friend would wish you continued happiness after they`ve moved on. We`re only on this planet for so long.

  80. arlene horton

    when I heard this song going to my last oncologist appt. I knew I was going to be alright!
    thank you!

    Camille Dery

    arlene horton what a wonderful post! So happy for you!

  81. Terrence Miller

    Why songs this great end so fast at 2:45 i will never know. I guess it's an Airplay thing on the Radio

    Linda Wilkinson

    back them 2:50 -3 minutes was an average record or as we call them 45's.

  82. John abbott

    Reminds me so much of my Father . Love & miss you Johnny

  83. Gregory Prouty

    I will say prayers for your Mom David.

  84. David Hutchinson

    I can remember this song being in my head as I stood over my Mother's grave in 1998. It was one of her favorites.

    Al Golightly


  85. James P

    Songs like this cannot fail to open the heart! This is a mini-masterpiece.

  86. Terry Offord

    Best version of this Hit,I still have the 45 and Cassette recordings, I play it often. Great Singer ,lovely melody. The Ray Conniff Singers did this too but I prefer the original Johnny Nash


    And Jimmy Cliff does it too but this one is the best.

  87. Am Ra

    I remember when I was a kid the chaperones us to play this on the ride for field trips.

  88. Laurie Avalos

    Brings back childhood memories ❤️ this song

  89. Vic Jones

    THE song of my childhood - ran close by Terry Jacks' seasons in the sun

    Mark Ankers

    You have an amazing taste in music.

  90. Br Alan Parham

    When we experience doubt, this is the song to sing when clarity returns!

  91. Philotus1018

    feeling after the worst typhoon in 60 years.

  92. Cletus2468

    If anyone can find a more upbeat song than this,please respond


    The sun'll come up tomorrow from Annie?



    Chris Langston

    There is none for me...


  93. Big Paulie

    I love it


    I love it

  94. Muriel McHie


    Martin Mullan

    Muriel McHie The earth is our home, whether with rain, or the shiney sun. Enjoy.