Johnny Mathis - Tomorrow Song Lyrics

The sun'll come out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun
Just thinking about tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow till there's none
When I'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely
I just stick out my chin and grin and say... Oh!
The sun'll come out tomorrow,
So you got to hang on till tomorrow, came what may!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You're always a day away...
I just stick out my chin and grin and say
The sun'll come out tomorrow
So you got to hang on till tomorrow, came what may!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You're always a day away...
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You're always a day away
Dah dah dah... Mmm...

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Johnny Mathis Tomorrow Song Comments
  1. bsc nyc

    Wow! Tomorrow ILOVE YOU.... Thank you JM. 😍🙄🤐😍

  2. bsc nyc

    Ad:don't tell me.... DARNA!!! I GET BACK MY WORDS... SORRY.. THANK YOU.... I BE HANDMAID FOREVER!!! 😬🙄🤐😝💋

  3. stainless0521

    he was so hot...

  4. mark warrington

    Just brillant from the greatest singer alive I wish you could get this song on download what a gem

  5. Chris Mulwee

    This should have used for the end credits of the original 1982 movie.

  6. Allison D

    Thank you so much for sharing this most uplifting song by the wonderful Johnny Mathis - makes my heart leap for joy each time I listen to it.

  7. ReadMeReadYou

    I love birds very much too. If you'd like to see my "vision" of heaven, watch my video, "The Wonderful World Of Make Believe." I wouldn't mind a photo with Johnny Mathis but that is not to be, unfortunately. Thank you again, for your kind comments.

  8. Boxcar Bubba

    I wonder if heaven will have the same scenery that I observe and love in this video. I love birds so I really appreciated that photo.johnny mathis and MS Readmereadyou would make a nice couple. Both of you make my days and nights a whole lot nicer than they should be

  9. ReadMeReadYou

    You're welcome and thank you for commenting.

  10. ReadMeReadYou

    Thanks for coming by and commenting. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Romi M. Panlilio

    Beautiful rendition of one of the most uplifting Broadway musical themes. Images of "tomorrow", seen from the eyes of a curly red-headed orphan girl. Great video !!

  12. mimibella12

    Wonderful Johnny! Thank you.

  13. ReadMeReadYou

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree. I only like this song by JM. : ) Have a great week!

  14. happymez

    Definitely!!! nobody sings this song like Johnny does!!! it's perfection!!! His voice is food for my spirit!!! Love this!!! Thank you for sharing, Angela!!

  15. ReadMeReadYou

    So sad and sorry for your loss. If JM can give you some comfort, I'm sure he'd be happy to be able to hlep you. His own mother died of cancer. God bless you and give your heart some peace.

  16. Chuck Ranker

    Angela, I lost my wife of 47 yrs. on July 26th to Ovarian Cancer. We listened to Johnny almost everyday and I continue the practice. One day at a time looking towards tommorrow is the way I am functioning right now.Thank you so much for this post.

  17. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your stopping by and happy you enjoyed it.

  18. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you. I think the "je ne sais quoi" is just love. ; )

  19. mellowtouch429

    Great song, soo beautiful video !!! JM always the best.
    Awesome job Angela. Thank you for sharing this.

  20. lenoremewton

    as always. special illustration of a Johnny's voice on this positive number. How can one not feel anything but upbeat listening to it! And your photos- add that other 'je ne sais quoi"- . Thank you for another great share.

  21. pick4guy

    Always, The best version

  22. ReadMeReadYou

    Thanks for coming by. Happy day to you too. : )

  23. Marilene Martins

    Very beautiful song and voice!
    Thank you to posting!
    Happy day to

  24. ReadMeReadYou

    Thanks......Happy you enjoyed it all.

  25. ReadMeReadYou

    You're weclome, Jane. I totally agree with you, of course. : )

  26. gemeyes2

    Your right one sings this song better than Johnny Mathis...The greatest singer ever in this lifetime..great video..thank you! Love this song! Jane in Ohio