Johnny Mathis - Corner Of The Sky Lyrics

Everything has its season
Everything has its time
Show me a reason
And I'll soon show you a rhyme

Cats sit on the window sill
Children sit in the show
Why do I feel I don't fit in
Anywhere I go

Rivers belong where they can ramble
Eagles belong where they can fly
I've got to be where my spirit can run free
Gotta find my corner, of the sky

Every man his daydreams
Every man has his goal
People like the way dreams have of
Sticking to the soul

Rain comes after thunder
Winter comes after fall
Sometimes I think I'm not after
Anything at all

So many men seem destined
To settle for something small
But I, I won't rest
'Til I know I have it all
So don't ask where I'm going
Just listen when I'm gone
Far away you'll hear me singing
Softly to the dawn

Oh, rivers belong where they can ramble,
Oh, eagles belong where they can fly
I've got to be where my spirit can run free, yeah
Gotta find my corner, ooh of the sky, yeah (of the sky, yeah)
Rivers belong where they can ramble
Oh, eagles belong where they can fly (high)
Oh, I've got to be where my spirit can run free
Gotta find my corner
Gotta find my corner, yes I do
Gotta find my corner
Gotta find my corner of the sky, sky
Gotta find my corner of the sky, sky

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Johnny Mathis Corner Of The Sky Comments
  1. Tim Currie

    Great classic! He has the best voice- I'm 48 now my parents were only nineteen when I was born and I grew up listening to Johnny Mathis records in my house from the time earliest times I can remember my mom and dad had like 12 his albums so this is a great song the phone

  2. Edgar Luz

    first time I've heard Mathis rendition of this song ...POWERFUL !!!!

  3. grooverunner

    "Me & Mrs. Jones" is available on cd as a European import, not great quality, but not terrible, either.  The Real Gone label is reissuing other 70's albums (some with bonus cuts), so who knows if this one might be next??

    Frank Denardo

    grooverunner Columbia legacy collection

  4. Connie Yelp

    Thanks all, I'm glad you like Johnny's interpretation of this song. I agree it should be on CD.

    Frank Denardo

    My dad has the album with this song and when he passed away. I inherited the collection.

    Nancy Schweiss

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. O'Fipps

    Thanks for your comment Tony. Ity made me listen to "Corner of the Sky & Me and Mrs Jones again. Two songs that both inspire me and bring back memories! I finally got a record player and the old LP still sounds great!

  6. Tony Barber

    I quite agree ,the very best of johnny on this album, there is a person on ebay UK selling this album on cd

  7. Tony Barber

    Just dont understand why this album never took off, it has some of the best songs of Johnnys music , his voice was at its best and the music arrangements are fantastic

  8. Mary Cousino

    the only other version I've ever found that was good was a live version by Gavin Creel

  9. thespeez spezio

    @fukimosabe That album, which consisted mainly of remakes from about that period, was one of his weaker efforts and not well received by the public. Then again, his career had pretty much been in a slump by the mid-1960s and would stay so until 1978 when he recorded "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" with Denice Williams. I'm pretty sure this album in all configurations has been out of print for over 25 years. Good luck in your search.

  10. eagle6227

    Very few people can do this song as beautifully as Johnny..I've searched for it many times on utube. I love this song! I love how he slows it just a bit and puts more feeling in it.....most sing it too fast or too slow t for my taste, even though it's a fast number...he doesn't chop off the words as much and makes it so much better. Beautiful song, fantastic singer...thanks for posting!!

    Anne Smith

    from the musical Pippin

  11. gemeyes2

    This needs to be released on a cd....great song from Johnny Mathis...Fantastic singer ever!

  12. jmsgirlger1

    Fabulous song...from the world's best singer. Thanks for posting.

  13. gemeyes2

    Great song from singer Johnny Mathis.. I love this song.. From the greatest singer this lifetime has ever known!

  14. O'Fipps

    Well thank you so much my friend. "Corner of the Sky " is one of my all time favorites
    and nobody does it better than JM. Actually I have the the 1973 album but alas no record player. I do believe Me and Mrs Jones is my favorite JM album and Me and Mrs Jones is my favorite JM song.. Got to buy me a album to CD convertor if I have any money left after the Holidays! Can't believe it's not available on CD? Seasons greetings and thanks from a huge Johnny Mathis Fan.

  15. frank d

    @fukimosabe My dad also has the "Me & Mrs. Jones Album released in 1973.

  16. rickw1100

    Yeah. Where can I get it????

  17. O'Fipps

    Loved this song and the album Me and Mrs Jones. Wish I could find it on CD?