Johnny Mathis - Beyond The Sea Lyrics

Somewhere beyond the sea
somewhere waiting for me
my lover stands on golden sands
and watches the ships that go sailin'

Somewhere beyond the sea
she's there watching for me
If I could fly like birds on high
then straight to her arms
I'd go sailin'

It's far beyond the stars
it's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
my heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
we'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll feel beyond the sea
and never again I'll go sailin'

I know beyond a doubt
my heart will lead me there soon
We'll meet (I know we'll meet) beyond the shore
We'll kiss just like before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
and never again I'll go sailin'

no more sailin'
so long sailin'
bye bye sailin'...
move on out captain

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Johnny Mathis Beyond The Sea Comments
  1. Victoria Juergens-Renfro

    Security guards at his concert in Hawaii need training. l had a home in Vegas25 years and went to amoat every show in town. Neverr had any rude security like the one in Hawaii. Maybe the lady that went bananas in rhe show set him off.

    Victoria Juergens-Renfro

    Unprofessional security at a concert in Hawaii trying to throw his weight around. The fans paid for tickets, not you. The people who are supercool musicians are super great to fans, and have great security who know how to handle situations.

  2. Nancy Vega

    I love all of his songs

  3. Milk Maid

    My SL sent this to me, wonder if he really meant it?

  4. Aranjuez44

    So wondrous & beautiful! One of my favorite songs sung by my favorite singer! Thanks sooooo much for sharing this!!

  5. bsc nyc

    Choreo by Angela... What an ad:sooo.. Let me see.... Body well rested.... Wink! Wink! Wink! Ohmygad 🤐💋

  6. bsc nyc

    Angela's waiting for you with all her heart and soul..... Don't delay pls you might not see her alive... She doesn't know how to swim ..... Swimming in bed only is her talent. Thank you RMRY... 🐠🐟🛌🏊😎🤐

  7. Carroll Butler

    I have enjoyed listening to the music of Johnny Mathis most of my seventy six years. His music is so great and you can understand the words. I have seen him several times throughout my life and have enjoyed every minute of his songs, He is a true artist.

  8. Carroll Butler

    I have enjoyed listening to the music of Johnny Mathis most of my seventy six years. His music is so great and you can understand the words. I have seen him several times throughout my life and have enjoyed every minute of his songs, He is a true artist.

  9. bsc nyc

    I LOVE YOU so MUCH JM...!!??? Why is this STIOFED!??? 😂🤔🤔

  10. bsc nyc

    Thank you JM..... Just whT we did this morning.... Beyond the shore.... Happy we beyond the sea... Imaginary friend with me anywhere I go.... Love you Forever 💞💋

  11. bsc nyc

    Ads:stiofed :we take a dip then go home now. Bye! Miss you 💪💪💪💪💪💞👦👧

  12. bsc nyc

    Ads:special bond.... Mighty bond.. My lifetime pRtner🆗💯🍌🐵🙏..

  13. Joseph Imbesi

    Insanely SMOOTH and CONTROLLED

  14. Len Jeffrey

    Today beginning at 2PM eastern time is my monthly all-Johnny Mathis music program. Today is special because I'll be playing all Christmas music sung by the one and only Johnny Mathis! Don't miss it and let all your friends know about this. It will also be archived, as usual, after the live program. See you then. Len Jeffrey.

  15. rm57

    All I can say is aaaaahhhhhh!


    Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  17. Liz Doyle


  18. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you.

    bsc nyc

    I LOVE YOU i mean this song you're sharing now REad ME Read YOU.... Always a fav.. My JM... Thanks too🤩

    bsc nyc

    I LOVE YOU.... JM. My fav since.... Birth.. 💞💋🙏💑

    bsc nyc

    Thank you RMRY... Thanks JM. Lovely!!! 😍

    bsc nyc

    Thank you.. 🙄💪💯

    bsc nyc

    RMRY... Shall we!? Table's ready. 💋💞🐟🐠

  19. Boxcar Bubba

    Wow ! This video is so beautiful and peaceful . I love the song and the scenery is sensational

  20. Marcus Ribeiro

    Wonderful music with Johnny Mathis!

  21. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you. Come back often and hear more Johnny Mathis.

  22. Jean G

    I have only just found this, how beautifully he sings it and the video is perfect

  23. ReadMeReadYou

    And, thank you for stopping by.

  24. Lili Marlene

    Wonderful coordination of music and pictures.

  25. Mirian Viola

    John always take us beyond heaven!....

  26. ReadMeReadYou

    You are so sweet. Thank you. Have a new song going up tonight. I know you will like it. It's a classic Johnny song. Come by often. : )

  27. Boxcar Bubba

    Readmereadyou you have the best videos and music made available to the public and I appreciate your efforts to provide us with these treasures

  28. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you. Happy you enjoyed it.

  29. David Hofmann

    Great song and a great video. Thank you. This has been remastered ? Is it commercially available?

  30. Jack English


  31. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you. I'm happy you came by and enjoyed it all.

  32. Sylvia ml

    How perfect the photos are with one of my favorite songs and beautiful voice!

  33. Romi M. Panlilio

    I was deeply absorbed, watching the waves wash ashore, then whoaaaa . . . a beautiful mirage appears like a dream. Captivating . . . .

  34. felixbautista

    Great song to reminisce with... like his version more than Bobby Darin's... JM's is smoother and softer... so relaxing... clicked "liked" **********

  35. ReadMeReadYou

    You're welcome. Happy you enjoyed it all. Have a great week.

  36. happymez

    Those Beautiful images and that Wonderful voice!!! Great combination!! Very good job, Angela!!! Thank you for sharing!!! <3

  37. LaDene Votruba

    Beautiful song, beautiful singer, beautiful photos!

  38. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you for stopping by and, of course, I agree with you about JM.

  39. mimibella12

    As always a beautiful presentation of Johnny's music. Johnny (in my mind) makes every song he sings the only version! Thank you for this and all of your beautiful work.

  40. beweau

    Agree Lenore. That is a nice version too. Different, and more like Treners. A big surprise to me, because I never thought of Kline as a singer. I like Meg Ryan a lot! I think I've seen all her movies. All 'feel-good'-movies. 'La Mer' is also used in other movies. The cartoon 'Finding Nemo' is one. (Bobbie Williams).

  41. lenoremewton

    I also love Kevin Kline's talk/sing version in one of my favorite 'feel good' movies- "French Kiss'with Meg Ryan. This is such a fabulous video, Angela!

  42. ReadMeReadYou

    I'm so happy I decided to do this song. Not many people know he did it and I really like his version too. Thanks for the kind words and enjoy your weekend.

  43. beweau

    I grew up with Charles Treners 'La Mer' on the radio, and loved it even as a little child. When I heard Johnnys version the very first time, I was beyond thrilled.This is so beautiful. The video and the song.

  44. ReadMeReadYou

    You are welcome.

  45. Carlos Luso

    obrigado Angela maravilhoso!!

  46. ReadMeReadYou

    Hello Lidia from Brazil. Thanks for coming by again. Happy you enjoyed it all.

  47. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

  48. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you for stopping by and happy you enejoyed it all.

  49. ReadMeReadYou

    Hi, Rolando. I'm so glad you got to hear JM's version. It is really special. Thanks for coming by.

  50. mellowtouch429

    This is really beautiful. Didn't know JM has his own version of this song, I'm more aware of Bobby Darin's and Robbie William's. That of the other two are more upbeat. Barry Manilow's version, which I covered and posted in my other channel, is quite different too.
    Thank you Angela, for sharing this beautiful version.

  51. jmsgirlger1

    This is lovely, Angela...beautifully produced as always. Thank you! x

  52. Lidia Esteves

    Hi Angela! Miss you! Loved this video combining nature and Johnny. You and Johnny, as always, too! You're ten!...
    Kisses Lidia (Brazil)

  53. ReadMeReadYou

    You're welcome.

  54. pick4guy

    I only heard this by Bobby Darin, didn't know the Mathis Magic did this song, Thanks for sharing another GEM

  55. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank Lenore, for coming by and the kind words. I love trying to put a frame around JM.

  56. ReadMeReadYou

    Thank you. And yes, Johnny's singing always makes us remember romance. He is after all, the "Voice of Romance." : )

  57. lenoremewton

    this is beautiful, Angela. I so agree with your comment of how Johnny takes this song and makes it is own- with his gentle and warm expression. Lovely lovely video- and clearly such only dedication makes a challenging video look 'easy'- . Thank you for sharing this gem. :)

  58. Kerwin Douze

    This is beautiful, I love the video very much it makes me think of her. Johnny Mathis once again makes the romance happen