Johnny Horton - North To Alaska Lyrics

Way up north to Alaska, way up north to Alaska
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on

Big Sam left Seattle in the year of '92
With George Pratt his partner and brother Billy too
They crossed the Yukon River and found a bonanza gold
Below that old white mountain, just a little southeast of Nome
Sam crossed the majestic mountains to the valleys far below
He talked to his team of huskies as he mushed on through the snow
With the Northern Lights a runnin' wild in the Land of the Midnight Sun
Yes, Sam McCord was a mighty man in the year of nineteen-one

Where the river is winding, big nuggets they're finding
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on
Way up north to Alaska, way up north to Alaska
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on

George turned to Sam with his gold in his hand
Said, "Sam you're a lookin' at a lonely, lonely man
I'd trade all the gold that's buried in this land
For one small band of golden place on sweet little Jenny's hand
'Cause a man needs a woman to love him all the time
Remember Sam a true love is so hard to find
I'd build for my Jenny a honeymoon home
Below that old white mountain just a little southeast of Nome"

Where the river is windin', big nuggets they're findin'
North to Alaska, we've gone north, the rush is on
North to Alaska, we've gone north, the rush is on
Way up north to Alaska, way up north to Alaska
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on

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Johnny Horton North To Alaska Comments
  1. John James McCartney

    here in england when we heard that song we were lifted through the roof. still play the original 45.

  2. clamburger72

    oregon and california actually have the cleanest rivers in the world. the smith river in california and the chetco river in oregon.they have zero run off into them ZERO but alaska is still the most wild

  3. Bill Baehr

    Real man's music.

  4. alaskanspartan89

    Alaska WINS!!!!!!! lol

  5. KampKarl


  6. Christopher O'Rourke

    If I didn't go in the Navy in 1972 after I graduated from high school, I would have moved up there to Alaska, and had that would have happened, I would be living & working up there in Alaska, which has the cleanest air and the best water quality in the entire United States.

  7. melvin pempsell

    If I were only younger, I would go.

  8. Denny Olver

    He had to love history

  9. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1867 {October 18th} the United States took formal possession of Alaska...
    The land was purchased from Russia for $7 million, which breaks down to about 2 cents an acre...
    Ninety-three years later on September 19th, 1960 Johnny Horton's "North to Alaska" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #4 and spent almost a half-year on the Top 100 {23 weeks}...
    Sadly Johnny Horton passed away on November 5th, 1960 at the young age of 35 {auto accident}...

  10. svarteper pus

    it`s still norway!!!

  11. Laura Beth

    This made me smile. My grandpa used to take me and my brother to school in the early mornings before my mom came home from work because she worked midnights, and my grandpa always listened to this and "The battle of New Orleans" and it just made me think about him and brought back some great memories, he passed away almost 3 years ago. Thanks for the Memories!

  12. Håvar Austli

    Alaska vs Norway

  13. StudentTorget

    Alaska vs Norway

  14. justin barb

    this song flippin rock johnny horton is the 1 of the best singers ive herd

  15. jray1298

    well im only 14 and this song is inpressed in my mind cuz my mom and dad listen to this stuff

  16. CashPresley32

    She would have made a great vice president though, or president if anything happened to John McCain.

  17. caliche007

    What a great singer.. Brings back memories

  18. dboc2000

    Wow!! What an amazing song!

  19. tazztower44

    what an amazing voice.i wished i could go back.


    ich liebe alaska ich will später dahin mit huskys

  21. Maya McNamara

    i know!!! :D

  22. Keto Marny

    Love this song and also love the John Wayne movie North to Alaska.

  23. The Cooking Nomad

    cool :)

  24. Dawsynnn

    Thishh is totally my myspace song (:

  25. Hondarider14250

    johnny horton good shit

  26. anenihan

    all those pictures of alaska makes me miss it. I can't wait till I get out of the Navy and get to move back there again.

    I love Johnny cause his songs remind me home. Nice video.

  27. acerb45666555

    * * * * *

  28. drpackinwood2

    Fantastic video. Fits the song perfectly.

  29. Arthur Neill

    Nice job. It is superb

  30. Halina Cathrein

    haha me too

  31. aperdm

    Great prospecting history!

  32. carrvy1

    Thanks mrtibbs6912 great song and
    Video. This song sure brings back a
    lot of memories.

  33. Brian54M

    I first heard this song in the movie of the same name, starring John Wayne several years before Sarah Palin was born. It is sung by Johnny Horton, who died before Sarah Palin was born.

  34. dragoncomunity

    to alaska!

  35. Brandon

    i wish Sarah Palin was still in the spotlight

  36. LorettaFay

    Great song, great lyrics, great singer, great video.
    Governor Sarah -- stay as unspoiled as that wonderful state of yours...I am glad that you will not become a Washington insider, which turns honest people into dishonest sleaze-bags! Congrats on becoming a grandparent!

  37. eddieg749

    this is a very awsome video good job

  38. Alaska Jamaica


  39. Mister Backster

    north to alaska! its gettin bawmy out there!

  40. John Crawford

    The "singing fisherman" as he was called died too young. He was a wonderful storyteller and historian. You did a fine job with the video.

  41. mike Last

    One of the last best songs around and Alaska is truly the last best deals our gov't ever made!!

  42. bammohammo

    I'm Aussie and heaps of us know and belt this out over a beer!

  43. Gumbob1967

    Superb, just superb!!!!!!!!

  44. Mamaafrika

    one of the best songs ever, im from sweden I love alaska

  45. Atillio Infante

    This video captures the true essence of Alaska, the gold rush and the people who made it happen. Supreme!

  46. roygbiv330

    0:22-0:40 how long did it take for them to walk across the mountains? awesome.

  47. katieeS2

    alright. i cannot keep this song out of my head. xD i loveee iiittttt!

  48. verbusen

    I kind of wondered about life there, maybe southern Canada like Toronto for me someday but I don't think Alaska. You never know though! I sailed once in the Navy there, loved seeing the cute puffin birds! Looked and felt like a really cold foggy depressing place when I was there otherwise, but that can bring out some cool crazy behavior so I bet I may like it there on land! Hey thanks for the video post!

  49. Richvideo123

    idk wut it is but this song is just awsome

  50. devilflyers

    nice video

  51. Jared Akers

    One of John Wayne's funniest and best films ever!!!!

  52. Big Bad John 365

    dedicated to gordon wright of orem ut.
    a purple heart who served in vietnam and a great friend that tought me many valuable life lessons.
    R.I.P. GOWIE.

  53. keystone117

    I liked your post about the gang signs, it cracked me up. I liked their pimp-daddy fur coats!

  54. kragger1985

    woah at 1.40 their throwing up gang signs

  55. Bill_Cramer

    Thank God this is where Sarah Palin will be going back to!

  56. frittenfred

    My mum regularly went crazy when we heard this song on the radio in the early eighties: It often was on 'Evergreens a Go-Go'; a famous radio oldie show in Berlin those days, which HAD to be on during sunday morning breakfast. So now, another bunch of years later, this track has become a sweet little memory from my as well as from my mum's young years - kind of funny that...
    Anyway, Peter, thanks a lot towards Down Under for the really beautiful pictures you added to this nice melody!

  57. Gary Rowe

    the skit from sln was in fact taken from john mccain when he introducted her to the public after he named her to the ticket

  58. stormwatcher59

    Stop calling Sarah a pig!
    You are pissing off the pigs.

  59. Wahoochi Moomba

    pallin upsets the baby murderer crowd.....tsk tsk.....they will have an eternity to get over it in the underground volcano they are going to.

  60. Pamela Plimpton

    Luv this video and this song is awesome! Lots of great memories with my dad! :)

  61. stormwatcher59

    This is a very well done video. The scenery and old pics are beautiful and I love the song. ...then, politics came to mind and I started reading the comments.
    ...I'm an environmentalist [aka treehugger] -
    It baffles me as to how anyone who cares about the planet can support Sarah.

  62. GIZZMO102

    i love this song and the movie. and that movie has john wayne in it!

  63. martilewis44356

    Sarah Palin is a liar. I want us to sing this song to her on election day.

    North to Alaska, Sarah Palin!

  64. Gary Rowe

    That's your opinion.

  65. spencer murphy

    Palin obviously is an itelligent women, shes the governer of alaska, and has a prominent position on a number of high end enterprises, and she has the qualifications for VP of the USA, just because she makes a statement that was obviously exagurated doesnt mean shes an idiot, because obviously shes not.

  66. Gary Rowe

    I know that.....Tell that to the idiot who is running for vice president.... that is her foriegn policy experience.I can see Russia fro my porch.

  67. spencer murphy

    Seeing how russia is about 300 miles off the coast of alaska, i doubt that

  68. ayisza

    Super... :) Pozdrawiam serdecznie.. :)

  69. crowkilldead

    I'm already in alaska waiting. Dollar signs in my eyes.

  70. sds3306

    People in New Mexico all ready have there name's on lists to go to Alaska for the next oil and gas boom

  71. Gary Rowe

    You are so right about the rich running the country. John only has 7 houses,but none are white.

  72. Gary Rowe

    I can see Russia from my porch!

  73. rottedfruit

    ....Sarah and me BOTH members of the NRA....

  74. Copperheadroad1

    I would rather not ,talk politcs too but maybe we could use a man like jhonny in the white house. we all know were tiired of the rich running the country.

  75. Fritz Witt

    Great Blend of Vintage photographs,with the modern ones,my Great Grandfather was in Alaska at the time.Thank You Rich M.

  76. Sherry Walker

    How about we just listen to the music and talk politics somewhere else.

  77. Phil Cross

    Great video with a great song. Thanks for sharing. Well Done.

  78. Nerfball6

    What .. you don't believe the people that fight freezing cold weather and the harshest of conditions to bring us the much needed oil that we ALL depend on, is as noble a pursuit as someone looking to make themselves rich with Gold? Get real.

  79. SecretiaTV

    Hi, it's me, Secretia Collins here from SecretiaTV... I have never tried to put lipstick on my good friend, Sally Palin, but we were both vetted for the VP position. Except I was unable to keep my VP slot open for Johnny & Cindy.

  80. Conecuh Valley T-Trak

    What are you talking about?

  81. willy350z

    One of the best song by Johnny Horton!!
    Thanks for sharing!!10/10*!!!

  82. cowgirlinla22

    Awesome video! Love the pics of the Aurora Borealis. I love this song!!!! And I love the movie!! I think its one of his best! Thanks for sharing!

  83. GrimReaper192

    I oughta listen to more Johnny Horton, he really is good, he has a clear, calm voice in the midst of a lot of noise made by traffic.

  84. D. Scott Lord

    My wife is Choctaw/Cherokee.
    She has relatives buried in Cherokee county.
    We're going there next year to visit.


  85. LkOutMtnMan

    I live in Ft. Payne, the stockade for the Cherokees was built here to contain the Cherokees that marched on the Trail of Tears, my dad is 1/4 Cherokee, both my grandparents are 1/4 Cherokee. There were two major tribes near here, one here at Big Springs, the other in NE Georgia. From here they were either marched to Gunters Landing and put on boats or marched to join the others from NC to travel Westward.

  86. pektor72

    Beautiful! Thanks from Israel!

  87. D. Scott Lord

    The trail of tears started in North Carolina.
    If you were Cherokee, you would know that.

  88. rocksmeller99

    ought to be Palin's theme song

  89. Sam Johnson

    Great song!!!!!!

  90. ADK Rhodesia

    I grew up in Rhodesia and a Rhodesian singer composed a song called North to Rhodesia to the tune of North to Alaska...a big hit in the 1960s...Rhodesia and Alaska were settled about the same time and for the same!!!!


  91. LkOutMtnMan

    Yep! Oklahoma where the wind blows all day long and trees are what we call a bush here! And the rivers are about as wide as our creeks, sadly home to a lot of American Indians that the white man robbed! We are Cherokee and the Trail of Tears started here!

  92. Tetris Wolf

    i love alaska.

  93. Nicholas Winder

    this sounds so fake - I honestly believe you, or at the very least believe you believe it is true.

  94. John Mayo

    This reminds me of my youth in Seward: panning for gold with my trusty moose Elbridge, foraging with him for succulent caterpillars and singing this old Johnny Horton song all the live-long day. God, I miss Elbridge. There are times I wish my pappy hadn't made me shoot him. But it was for the best- Elbridge had gotten heavy into snorting salmon scales and was starting to lose his hair. Although the shoes I made from his fluffy ears keep my toes toasty warm, his death left my heart ice cold.

  95. G Geabyrne

    This is an old guy in Ireland who fell in love with Mr Horton's voice when he was your age. The Battle of New Orleans was my fav. Nth to Alaska a close 2nd. His break is really cool.
    Being Irish it was great to hear about the Brits being routed. I didn't realize, back then, that E.Packenham was a distant relative of mine.
    Anyway, you like what you like and your friends like you!

  96. G Geabyrne

    You're dead kool!
    Nearly as cool as J. Horton's voice!

  97. DancingFalcons

    Who is your favourite singer, Mattharden?

  98. DancingFalcons

    GP's are awesome. My parents left state and I wish my kids knew them. My dad died without meeting several. I feel like he lives on in the music that I accidentally love. This music is poetry set to a melody. Times were not easier when this music was popular (as my dad would say, "You think your generation invented something?!!") but people were nicer in public.