Johnny Horton - I'm A One Woman Man Lyrics

If you told me that you love me I would feel so proud
If you let me hold you honey I'd holler out loud
I'll never love another even if I can
Oh, come to me baby I'm a one woman man

Won't you let me baby just kinda hang around
I'll always love you honey and I'll never let you down
I'll never love another even if I can
Oh, come to me baby I'm a one woman man

I'd climb the highest mountain if it reached up to the sky
To prove that I love you I would jump off and fly
I'd even swim the ocean from shore to shore
To prove that I love you just a little bit more

Won't you let me baby just kinda hang around
I'll always love you honey and I'll never let you down
I'll never love another even if I can
Oh, come to me baby I'm a one woman man

Won't you let me baby just kinda hang around
I'll always love you honey and I'll never let you down
I'll never love another even if I can
Oh, come to me baby I'm a one woman man

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Johnny Horton I'm A One Woman Man Comments
  1. John Jurkewicz

    Happy new year to you all 2020

  2. Gaddis Key

    I have been a Johnny Horton fan since he released Springtime in Alaska in the 50's. I used to sing his music in talent contests and won 1st place in one and second place in another. I cried thd day he died in 1960.

  3. Grahame Scholes

    such a catchy tune,love it

  4. BrucE BuFFaLo

    george jones ruined this song this one is an classic

  5. Ruthann Collebert

    I love this song

  6. Chance Trombley

    I'm 18, my 2 favorite singers believe it or not is Johnny Horton and Marty Robbins. I guess I'm unique for my generation 😁.

  7. Bubba Jones

    What happened to country music?

  8. Tom Page

    Should be in the Hall of Fame. Long overdue.

  9. joshua berry

    I took his tape to 2nd grade show n tell and everyone made fun of me....but I'm 40 now and it's just as cool

  10. John Herb

    These boys knew how to tear it up I mean my goodness Grady Martin on guitar is GOLD.


    I love this song.

  12. Awful Lawton

    Johnny was one of the best!

  13. Lenora Begay

    Reminds my of dad !! RIP
    I can hear him singing this song !!

  14. John Herb

    One of his best Johnny was amazing!

  15. SavannahRoseChannel

    Little known fact, in this song was written by my grandfather, Tilman Franks, for my grandmother.

    ginny white

    heard this song growing up it was on the back of an old 45

  16. Stoney Johnstone

    Seven night to rock

  17. Braindea Braindea

    I love Johnny Horton. I think I may have the most complete digital library of his works. And if I don't - I'm looking for more.

    Braindea Braindea

    And I tab his chords so I can play them!

  18. Atlee Hershberger

    i'd climb the highest mountain if it reach up to the sky. to proof that i love u i would jump off an fly..... love that song.. real country💙💜

  19. Reece Overstreet

    perfect song to sing on your wedding night

    Billy Magnus

    It's also a good song to have playing in the background while smoking a brisket! It reminds me of this bbq place that was in my hometown in GA. They always had old country playing.

  20. Nor-rachart Teewangwaay

    this THAI version


    Must prepare.

  22. gregory john

    Top songs they never ever stop

  23. Cpt.Caveman 4200

    I'm a huge Johnny Horton fan since I was 5 yrs old back in 96 I loved battle of new Orleans my dad sang it when I was little shit . Lol

    Gary Oak

    James Blansett Johnny Horton and Hank Williams were the first two CDs I bought in the mid nineties. Battle of New Orleans was the reason for me too. Nowadays I listen to all Horton songs but Battle of New Orleans infrequently lol.

  24. Brandy Moore

    I love this song🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕😇😇😇😇😁😁😁😄😄😄😃😃😃😺😽😻💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

  25. pankakegodman

    Im 17 years old stumbled across him a few years ago and loved it

  26. Maxwell Barnhart

    He looks kind of like David schwimmer.

  27. Marty Robbins


  28. Rungroch Srichamorn


  29. Paul Stutzman

    love this song

  30. jennifur sun

    curious, did the late Grady Martin play on all of Johns recordings?

  31. brian demon

    who gives a shit what he believed in! grab a freakin brain! u ever kill a bug? thats all we are. no afterworld or heaven, just blackness! enjoy what u have til the light goes out!

  32. brian demon

    no shit james, i hear ya bout the learnin. he s one of me heroes!

  33. jeri horton

    Madam,Johnny has 3 daughters,my mom even says strongly,2 your interview with a sis who was 5yr.old,and most of the history u seem,or she quotes,comes from articles,or interviews with mom. So,u need 2 get all info from all family,instead of a little girls view. Sincerely,jerilynhorton

    Frank sharal

    did Johnny Horton believe in God just curious m fan

    jeri horton

    Thank you. So much. Jeri

    jennifur sun

    never knew he had any children

    Bob Merrick

    Yeah, three total. he married Hank Williams widow. She had one already named, Jeri Lynn, and he had to with her, Nina and Melody.

  34. James Mancuso

    I'm a huge Johnny Horton fan. He's taught me more about history than I learned in school.

    jennifur sun

    loved himn too. one of those singers i would have paid money to see sadly i was still in grade school when he died. darn those drunk drivers(my family was hit by one when i was 13)

    Stacey Barlow

    Got that right!

    Rachel Brogan

    Great comment 👏👏

  35. MySnaz

    He was born one month after my late father. I didn't realize he would have been so old.

  36. Emil Baghirov

    True Detective

  37. Slave ¡ Your ¡ Cuz Queen of the Kees

    I love this song so much

  38. Allen Murray

    I love johnny's version but carl smith and george jones sing it well also.

    John Carter

    Allen Murray i think George songs it the best but they all good


    Steve Young[not the quarterback] did
    it too.

  39. Wayne Mullin

    My Dad (RIP) was the biggest Johnny fan and made me fall in love with this music.  

    jennifur sun

    +Wayne Mullin mine too ,can still hear him singing in my mind. if he had lived his birthday would have been this week

  40. Keepin it Reel

    What happened to today's music bunch of garbage old music is way better by far

    Memento Mori

    Rebel Way

    There is just far more of it, anything mainstream panders to a very select audience. You have to look to find anything good.

    Keepin it Reel

    Raven Ziola that's very true I like Chris stapleton

    Mitchell Hoffarth

    Rebel Way its called globalizm look it up and you will see why only garbage is mainstream nowadays.

    Keepin it Reel

    Reece Overstreet I know that's right bro I just wish they come out with more music like that nowadays ya know

    David B

    They are too chicken today to do a song that celebrates white history and culture.

  41. Waylon MDJR

    By far one of my favorite Johnny songs.  

  42. brownbuffalo lonebear

    one of the best songs ever.. Wish there was more of it unlike today's garbage..

  43. Alex Wood

    The best version!!!!

  44. Elijah Pearce

    if only more people were a one person kind of person

    Calvin Cappello

    i agree


    person person person person

  45. Richard Boyer

    my favorite johnny horton song