Johnny Gill - Wrap My Body Tight Lyrics

I fell out of bed
This morning
Oh, something was buggin' me
I couldn't sleep ‘cause I hadn't had any lovin'

So I've got to solve this problem out, baby
And darling, I know what the remedy should be

At night when I turn out the lights
I want someone to wrap my body tight
A lover to keep my body warm
I need a woman to wrap my body tight

As the day goes by
Thought weighs heavy on my mind
Only thing I think about
Is tonight the lights go out

Ooh, and I hope it's you tonight
But not just tonight
Every day and every night I want your love
Hold me, sweet, sweet love

So I'm telling you my problems
Because I know you know exactly what I need, woo

At night when I turn out the lights
I want someone to wrap my body tight
A lover to keep my body warm
I need a woman to wrap my body tight

At night when I turn out the lights
I want someone to wrap my body tight
A lover to keep my body warm
I need a woman to wrap my body tight

Come on, come on and squeeze me, girl
Warp, wrap my body
Warp, wrap my body
Real tight, yeah, yeah

Girl, I have to solve this problem out, baby
And I know what the remedy should be
I need someone to hold me
I need a woman right here, right here next to me

At night when I turn out the lights
I want someone to wrap my body tight
A lover to keep my body warm
I need a woman to wrap my body tight

At night when I turn out the lights
I want someone to wrap my body tight
A lover to keep my body warm
I need a woman to wrap my body tight

At night when I turn out the lights
I want someone to wrap my body tight
A lover to keep my body warm
I need a woman to wrap my body tight

Come on work me, hold me, love me

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Johnny Gill Wrap My Body Tight Comments
  1. Jai Norman

    The whole album is the best

  2. Marvin the Martian

    Bad bass

  3. A B

    My favorite Jonny Gill song!! Lots of memories! I miss those days!!

  4. Kimmie Kisses

    2019 baby this my jammmmmmmmm

  5. KoopaXross

    Getting Crash Bandicoot 2 vibes from this.

  6. Styles Gee

    my time 1990s

  7. kiba weeba

    This song right herr

  8. Kurt Adams

    Masterpiece from Johnny Gill and Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis

  9. RaeRae Jeru

    And thinking about it now he was also the best from LSG. Not bothered on whoever disagrees.

  10. RaeRae Jeru

    The best from New Edition

  11. Uduak Umo-Udofia can't better than this.....whew!!!

  12. artur nhantumbo

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis top notch production

  13. Alden R. Davis

    Still loving this in 2019 with the awesome old school power of MTV and New Jack Swing 💫😎💕❤️✨⭐️🎶🎤🎼🎧🎤🎵✌🏿

  14. Lynette Thaxton

    Still jamming to this in 2019

  15. Floxy

    Come wrap my body tight Johnny

  16. A albus masculinum Defender

    Man oh man, I don't like black people, but (NOBODY!) does music like black folks.

  17. Lightner445555555555

    Does anyone else always get teary eyed when thinking about the 90s?😥

    Tanya Brown

    Definitely...wish we could bring them back

  18. Boyd Daniels

    jam & lewis on the beat !!

  19. Mlucious67

    This was best song on the album, oh wait a minute. I loved that entire lp

  20. Boyd Daniels

    Jimmy jam & terry Lewis!!🎼🥁🎹🎧🎩🍸👔🤟🏻👍✌️

  21. Jon Jon Harreld

    One Love Fam...

  22. emmanuel hall

    2019 😎

  23. Paul Griffin

    My favorite song off this album

  24. Joe Jones

    Love this song...I had forgotten about this one...Magic...

  25. Suzette Reed

    Best of the black Americans! You go johnny!

  26. Franciaca Oduwa

    Great memories. This what I call song. I still play it.

  27. Jenn E

    2018 and this still one of my all time Johnny Gill songs...this brotha can blow.

  28. Brian Williams

    Why am i craving a chicken Wrap?😂😂

  29. Bob Cummings

    why were some videos made n B&W film in the 80's and early 90's?? They look like they were made long before color film came out. LOL!

  30. Bob Cummings

    Wow! This 1990 video is almost 30 years old now. The song still jams in 20i8!

  31. Yolanda Norman

    ☺ Happy, Happy memories!!!!!

  32. Carlo J. Morisset III

    "Wrap My Body Tight"
    Johnny Gill
    Motown Records [CC]

  33. NewMix Radio

    Such a nice groove JG is great

  34. Marsha Gehling

    Still makes me wanna dance

  35. Honey Kissed

    2018!!! My shatttt

  36. BleedingGreenNation BleedingGreenNation

    Romantic song

  37. Lonely Enchantress2

    Happy belated bday to Johnny Gill!!

  38. Quentin Moten

    This was a feel good song as well as a dance song that wasn't vulgar but you still got the true soulful sound of his good voice and it made you happy and the romantic meaning behind the song is music that touches the inner soul. 😁

  39. Gold Christian

    Memories of 90s,my loving brother may God bless his soul ,use like this jonny gills music.

  40. Southern Hipps

    This man just gives me chills❤

    Dave Brown

    Southern Hipps dam hipps calm down 👀👀👀

  41. Roseland Jean

    Johnny girl brought new edition back when he joined the Johnny then and now

  42. Hebrew Honey


  43. Patricia Coelho

    Love my Johnny Gill

  44. te4888

    so dope

  45. morgan_ mixed unicorn

    Middle school memories

  46. Kiba Baker

    Sanggg it!

  47. azzi40

    It was a great song....and still is, a great song.

  48. Honey Kissed

    listening in 2017!!

  49. Anita Nando

    MY addiction.......

    Dave Brown

    Anita Nando what anita tell me about it im a dr🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  50. Rae Smith

    THIS CD, right here... was for grown folks when I was 19 but I couldn't resist.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Brian Sumling


  52. K Trigs

    I vaguely remember this song.
    I didn't know this was Johnny's song.
    haven't heard it in twenty years. lol
    Not one of his biggest hits.

  53. Alisha


  54. Yita Dee

    What's Johnny doin' behind that sheet? ???

  55. Amanda Govan

    wow this song brings back some good memories

    Phillip Kali

    Most definitely my sista....incredible memories.

    Nicole Johnson

    Amanda Govan yes it's a good song

    Mrs. McClintock

    Amanda Govan ....yes ma'am,so many good memories💯💯

  56. baby Migos Tracyjones

    I remember this was in love with T.Sheely79

  57. S Richey444

    Yaaasss! 😍

  58. IloveD

    Awww man I forgot about this one. I use to luuuuv this song!!!💕


    me too !!!I love it

    douglas celius

    Ttheloveableone yeah

  59. 1974cfjl

    This is great and the Jazzie B remix is even better.

  60. Jenny wakeman XJ9

    My dad showed me this song on the weekend now I can't stop listening to it

  61. Carolyn j

    love this song,but it must have been same choreographer for Bobby Brown back then,same moves,lol

  62. Rae Smith

    Funny. Me and my BFF had endless jokes for the dancing but DAMN, this CD was EVERYTHING. ForeverFan❤

  63. *MONIE LUV*

    this song is what I Like by Guy and Keith sweats Love to Love You are too me... the shit


    That New Jack keyboard..

  65. blackpower the sexiest of all times

    the blackpower shows great black r n b music johnny gill wrap my body tight

  66. blackpower the sexiest of all times

    african music america r n b

    Phillip Kali

    Yeah bruh, you gotta it right

  67. Evon Cooper

    love Johnny Gill

  68. zenobia328

    Supreme cut!

  69. Tiffany Waldon

    Man, I remember this playing while I was sitting in that chair at the beauty shop getting my wrap done! Lol Love the 90s!


    LOL wrap that hair tight. I thought about your comment when I was just getting my hair done. and yes, my beautician wrapped my hair lol.

  70. Evon Cooper

    .love love love this song

  71. Lisa Murphy

    My Jam!!!!! This Albumn was the shitttttt!!!!#

    Lawton Davis


    Quintin Simms

    This was my favorite off of this album to:)

    Tanya Brown

    Yessss...every song!!!

  72. Tony Tomlin

    Feel good music!

  73. Martin Vamp

    I love the New jack beats in this song! So much better than the remix "single" version that is found on all the greatest hits compilations.

  74. Hold This L. Debarge

    Johnny's dance moves = Busta rhymes x Shabba ranks....good song tho

  75. Lashay Wheaton

    he's coming to Meridian, Ms, February 12th pre valentine's show

  76. Otis wiggan

    Still My All Time Favorite Johnny Gill ....... 90's R&B Miss It!!!

  77. KyQTip

    My old jam!!!!

  78. Mike Moultrie

    90's R & B was the S&&&T!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. McClintock


    -Can Ameri-

    yes i miss it.



  79. Shuri Witwicky

    Sounds like a mixture of 20 80s songs lol

  80. Dacky Duck

    The beat sounds like a mixture between Bobby brown Don't be Cruel and Bobby brown Every little step with a twist

    Chandra J

    Dacky Duck that's because Babyface wrote and produced for both artists

    David Dozier

    Chandra J I believe this song was written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.


    David Dozier Jimmy & Terry did. They also did Rub You the Right Way.

    Im her

    Uh no it doesnt they have a totally different sound😕

  81. Splackwell

    Johnny's dance moves aren't all that bad. He was never an innovator as far as dancing goes, but he moves to the beat and gives an energetic performance. Most great dancer's routines are choreographed and accentuated by background dancers. Someone with Johnny's vocal talent doesn't need to pay background dancers to accent his performances. His voice is the main attraction...but the effort he puts into dancing in my opinion adds to his performances.

    Nicole Stacey

    well said

    Robin Corprew

    Splackwell amen

    Julius Stuckey

    Splackwell i'm with u 100%

    Phillip Kali

    Perfectly said....I totally agree with you Splackwell.

  82. Y-l'yukne Bayonne Addo

    Thanx Mr. Johnny Gill.

  83. Theultragamer

    Man you can't beat good ole 90's r and b.

  84. Tarkeema Lewis

    4 people still hanging outside at night!

  85. Uncle Gary

    Gill is rough and Ready!

  86. seneada haynes


    Angel Johnson

    seneada haynes me too

  87. Keiry Rankine


  88. T Kappa

    Is it me or Johnny immitated Elvis a little too much?

    René Kisseih

    +Theo Z OMG!! My Grand Mum saw this video many years ago and her comment was - "he reminds me of Elvis!" Great song and I never forgot that comment!!


    I thought it was just me.

    Antonio Jackson

    Naw!!! Elvis stole a lot of our shit. Johnny alright

  89. Yvonne White

    GreaT Song 

    Lorilynn T

    Been so long, I forgot this one @Yvonne White 

  90. Yvonne White

    Always love this song~~

    Kendall Jones

    New jack swing miss 90 s Bobby Brown have s songs like this to but both are great  singers 

  91. Lawrence Dumas

    Johnny is the man!!!

  92. RestlessRick

    This track has Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' fingerprints all over it.  I beg Jam & Lewis to come back and produce some more music...and please bring Janet Jackson back too.  12/28/2014

    Hold This L. Debarge

    +RestlessRick good news, they produced janets latest work

  93. Christopher Drakeford

    People who dislike this song don't have a romantic bone in their body lol

    Patricia Bordeaux

    I feel you. I had a chance to see him in Concert with Keith Sweat. Awesome performance.

    Christopher Drakeford

    Patricia Bordeaux i hear ya. I'd like to catch a concert one day.

    -Can Ameri-

    Well, they've never had their body wrapped tight.


    Life and family

    I love this songs so much that I listen to it almost everyday!! It's so catchy!!!!🤘😀

  94. Patricia Bordeaux

    This Song has a man that needs to wrap my body tight.

  95. gospelevans

    his choreographer should have been shot


    @gospelevans Crying laughing. Yeah it looked bad even back then. Johnny never was a dancer but his gift of voice made up for it.

  96. Lord Papi Darkwing

    It just makes you wanna throw your umbrella down on a heavily rainy day and start dancing you blues away

  97. Mary Ann Campbell

    Getting my move on with Johnny Gill