Johnny Gill - Who Is He? Lyrics

I just wanna tell you that
You don't have to wait no longer
Your crying days are over
'Cause when you
Needed someone he wasn't there
It's like he disappeared in thin air
But it's over now, it's over now, yeah

How much more can you take?
Is it worth the pain that he brings?
You gave your love and now he wants it back
'Cause commitment is a word he don't know any longer
Oh no-no-no-no...
But don't take it personal, today you found something better, better, 'cause

Who is he?
To tell you that you're not a shining star
When I know you are
And who is he?
A fool if he don't know you are the sun
That brightens up my day

'Cause he never comprehend the woman you are
And he knew that he would never be the man that you need
You are too much woman for a man like him
Because a grown woman needs a grown man
And imma pick it from here 'cause he's no controller
And his playing days are over
Today you gotta stop blaming yourself
And tell him that it's over
It's over, yeah

'Cause it's time to be happy again
Feeling another love again
Know it when he looks in your eyes and he says that he loves you
You know it in your heart that he loves you
Well, girl...
Can I be.. girl can I be the man to make you feel like a woman again?

Who is he?
To tell you that you're not a shining star
When I know that you are
And who is he?
To have you believe you don't deserve the best
But girl I'm here to say you deserve the best, yeah

I know you're gonna need time to let go
Girl I know you're gonna need some time to let go
But I don't want you to hurt so don't waste any longer
I don't want you to hurt no more now baby
'Cause he wasn't ready for a girl like you
'Cause he.. couldn't handle a woman like you
But don't you worry, worry baby your time is due
Don't worry man your time is due, yeah
Yeah baby
Baby, baby, baby, your job is due

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Johnny Gill Who Is He? Comments
  1. Andrew Flood


  2. Francena Jenkins Yes

    #AlwaysBeautifulMusicFrom #JohhnyGllJr.

  3. Gwendolyn Early

    Wow I love this song it looks at the soul of a woman who has been hurt to the core.

  4. Carla Washington

    Who is he !!! 💃🏽

  5. Shorte forte

    I play this song all day long it's straight 🔥🔥 J.G. Baabaaay u did this❤❤

  6. Carla Washington

    Over now 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹📖🎓💃🏽⚜️🙏🏾⚜️🙏🏾🦅

  7. Bridgett Poole

    Love Me Some Johnny Gill That Voice Is Everything💙

  8. Marlon Hardeman

    He make anything sound good,and he loved luther vandross and teddy pendergrass.

  9. life lessons want be no fool no more

    The man I love is ves and if he don't love me well hell I love him anyway we'll at least somebody knows I'mma find love wether it's with him or somebody else

  10. Keith Williams

    He came correct with this song

  11. Mildred Payton

    This song helped me realize that I needed to let that toxic man that I had in my life go. I had forgotten my worth. Thank God I moved on, it took a while to heal from the hurt, but I've found an amazing man that loves me unconditionally and treats me like the Queen I am.

  12. Neisha Win

    This song is everything.

  13. Debra Blake

    Your right he couldn't handle a Lady like me!!!

  14. Cornelius Coble

    Who is he to diminish my worth...I'm a grown womannn.i need a grown man

  15. Cornelius Coble

    Who is he to tell me I am not a shining star...he cant comprehend who I am........GROWN WOMAN

  16. Christal Murpjy

    awesomeness,beautiful ballot!!!

  17. Terry Sanders

    Yessss.. A woman's worth. That's right Johnny sang it. Tell it like it is.

  18. Teeenuh Beenuh

    I was going through some things in my relationship and the first time I heard this song his words brought me to tears because it sounded like he was speaking directly to me! Lawd this song!

  19. Lameka Harris


    Lameka Harris

    No wrong song

  20. T's a work n progress

    "A grown woman, needs a grown man"! You better say that Johnny!!

  21. Teresa Williams

    I been loving Johnny Gill seen been lil girl I feel spirit coming out his music

    Teresa Williams

    Yes indeed I love his voice

    Teresa Williams

    Hey time be happy again love a again

    Teresa Williams

    Who is he tell you not shining star

  22. happy4drinks

    Wow such deep sentiments beautiful song very romantic

  23. T Jones

    I keep listening to this song! It's so good!

  24. Lisa Dickerson

    I like this joint right here.. it helps a lady to look at her worth.. sometimes it not worth staying in something that not going anywhere.

  25. DaManRiteChea C

    this is REAL music for REAL grown folk. How in the hell this album didn't go platinum is wayyy beyond me. just goes to show u Wut the industry wants to push as music these days

    DaManRiteChea C

    @Eve30 lol

    DaManRiteChea C

    @Alice Corbin Heyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm gud. How bout u dear?

    Alice Corbin

    @DaManRiteChea C Hey hanging in there I've been trying to contact you on Goggle plus go to your Goggle plus so we can chat ok hope to hear from you soon...


    DaManRiteChea C This cd should've with double platinum. This cd is one those hidden gems. Johnny make you wanna fall in love all over again.


    I absolutely agree with you.

  26. Andrea Brown

    This song speaks from the inner me all the things I feel behind my smile.

  27. Christy Parson

    loooove this track!!!!

  28. Bintu Fahnbulleh

    He can't never comprehend and handle the woman I am. A grown Woman needs a Grown Man.

  29. Sheila Fortson

    Johnny Gill is amazing singer I Love his voice and I Love all of his Music

  30. Sarah Ford Ford


  31. Mechelle Daniels

    love this song

  32. Lashana frazie-Johnson

    I am living these words in this (WHO IS HE?Grown Woman need a GROWN Man....

  33. Jabari Mitchell

    I love this song that's real love

  34. Marvin Paasewe

    she don't have to wait no longer Audi Judon I love you Girl you my everything!!

    Dawn Calloway

    marvin paasewe

    Dawn Calloway

    marvin paasewe

  35. Shaundra Jackson

    I love this song and many others he is such a wonderful singer and he is sooooo fine

  36. Lu'Trina Wright

    This is a Man who truly knows and appreciates loving a good woman!!! Exactly what I need to hear and see

  37. wonder111000

    very nice!!! his voice sounds better and clearer

  38. carl hardman


  39. SimoneCharddonay

    still on top johnny

  40. Sheila M.

    Put this CD on of my favs on the CD....JOHNNY did this...and it's THE TRUTH....the lyrics are just RIGHTEOUS....JOHNNY your voice is timeless, just like LUTHER....thanks for sharing...

  41. Sheila M.

    Johnny Gill did's absolutely the TRUTH... this CD is one I play on repeat...JOHNNY GILL your voice is timeless....just like LUTHER... Smooches

  42. cjcruz323

    The one who made me a woman...put me up on game and helped me grow...thank you ♥

  43. Gary Davis

    This song is FIRE! I wish it got air play on the radio in NYC!

  44. MsJajaja333


  45. aletaneka1

    Amazing....grown folks music....

  46. Luke Barz


  47. rw612

    Wow, this song is awesome! Johnny still has it after all these years.

  48. Sandy Smith

    Simply Beautiful

  49. Glenn R

    Still Winning is great, I have played that disc more than 50 times since I bought it. So good, glad Johnny Gill brought his A game on this project!

  50. Tami Patterson

    Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!! I love this song one of my top 3 on the album!! (My Love & Black Box are the other 2) Johnny is a timeless artist! Luv this!!

  51. mysteroy3k


    Alisha Lowe

    I love this man with all of me this is my favorite song