Johnny Gill - Super Love Lyrics

Super love
We go together like a hand in glove
Me and you, yes, we do, girl
Super love
You’re like an angel from up above
Who came down to see me through, yeah

Super love
The things you do and the way you talk
I never knew someone like you, no
Super love
And you’re the only one I’m thinking of
You and your super love, girl

Pretty little thing
You make my heart sing
Sweet songs of love and laughter
Came into my life
Made my wrongs all right
And now you’re all that really matters

When I look at you
Deep inside I know
Girl, your manner is so mellow
When you look at me
Honey, can’t you see
You make me one happy fellow

Super love
True happiness surrounds us, yes, it does
Because of you I’m never blue, no
Super love
You lift my sadness into fun
Baby, thanks to you it’s

Super love
You’re like a flower into dove
You’re too good to be true, yeah
Super love
You’re the only one I’m thinking of
You and your super love, girl

Girl, I would not lie
Not a day goes by
That you’re not on my mind
Honey, if you leave
I would surely grieve
For what would be a long, long time

My heart skips a beat
Each and every time we meet
That flame keeps burnin’ higher
Up so high that I can touch the sky, girl

I could touch the sky, girl, yeah, yeah

Super love, yeah
Super duper, super duper love, babe
Super love, yeah
What can I say, you blow me away

Super love, yeah

Super love, woo
Super love, woo
What can I say, you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you

Super love, woo
With your super love, baby, with your super love
Super love, woo
Super love, super love, baby, super love, super love

Super love, woo
Super love, baby, super love, baby, super
Super love, woo

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