Johnny Gill - Soul Of A Woman Lyrics

It's such a strong connection
Unlike anything I ever seen
Feels like the right direction
Cause you're next to me
Love you next to me
The warmth of your affection
I feel it washin over me
You got all my attention
Cause you're next to me
Love you next to me

Cause baby your love is so divine
It's just like paradise
And it's a beautiful design
Girl you give me life

Ain't nothin like the soul of a woman
To make you keep on goin when you feel like givin up
That's my baby
Ain't nothin like the soul of a woman
When you ain't got nothin make you feel like a million bucks
That's my baby
Ain't nothin like the
Ain't nothin like the soul
Of a woman
Of a woman

No I don't have to ask girl
You give me everything I ever need
I'm like a man on a mission
Cause you're next to me love you next to me
Sometimes I make you mad we may fuss and fight
But no matter what we still kiss goodnight
I sleep better when you're in my arms
Cause you're next to me love you next to me

Cause baby your love is so divine
It's just like paradise
And it's a beautiful design
Girl you give me life

Ain't nothin like the soul of a woman
To make you keep on goin when you feel like givin up
That's my baby
Ain't nothin like the soul of a woman
When you ain't got nothin make you feel like a million bucks
That's my baby
Ain't nothin like the

This is my dedication to the one I love
This is my dedication to the one I love
It's all for you it's all for you

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Johnny Gill Soul Of A Woman Comments
  1. cordell miller

    Go Johnny go!!!!

  2. Sherrie Real

    I want johnny gill for my birthday 🎁

  3. Ashia Moore

    Yesssssss God

  4. vanessa mccombs

    he sound so good

  5. Martha Jibbs


  6. A Critical Thinker

    Look, I'm 50 and this song's about to force me to get somebody PREGNANT!

  7. Reginha RB

    Uauu que gostoso!Essa canção é pra dançar agarradinha com alguém bem especial! Simplesmente linda!👏🏼❤️👏🏼💋👏🏼❤️👏🏼💋👏🏼🇧🇷

  8. Michelle Byrd

    Johnny Gill sounds Good...

  9. Cassandra Johnson

    That nigga there jam N BLOW EVERYTHING HE SANG!

  10. Blue Moon

    😂😂👍☝✨👏she ready

  11. Mikata Cleveland

    Lord can ANYONE tell me why I've been singing this song to the top of my lungs since it came out and thought Charlie Wilson was the music artist who sung it...I love Johnny Gill too but he sounded just like Charlie to me

  12. Shirley Oxner

    Ok Sexy J.with your bad self love it. 📀👍👍

  13. l jackson

    He in 2020!!!! Johnnie did his thing..... Go tiffany... Who else here??

  14. Kara Hale


  15. marva thomas

    beautiful song johnny congrats

  16. Lakesiah Morris

    Johnny Gill is like fine wine..he just gets better with time!!The salt and pepper look is giving me life right now😍🤩🥰 and Tiffany is beautiful to.My girl is coming up!!!!

  17. dominick turner

    Still on it in 2020

  18. Maka Velli

    My, my, my, Johnny done dropped another jam.

  19. Lionel Johnson

    I think I just made a baby on this song..

  20. 913 Kennels

    2020 new wave

  21. Diane Rogers

    Beautiful, love this song

  22. jerry means

    This is solid Dope!!

  23. Dre keith

    R kelly is way better than Johnny Gill....

  24. Angela Barefield

    I love. You😪🤤😫😓😥

  25. LovelyDay


  26. Tai Gooden

    Johnny getting old but he's still good!!!

  27. Topaz Ududua

    JG always delivers. Great voice, beautiful song, wonderful video, but still there’ll be haters who would give this a thumbs down, just because they don’t appreciate anything good.

  28. Kellye Campbell

    I soooo love this song

  29. Shannon Holley

    I love this song johnny gill

  30. Lori Michele

    Love me some Johnny Gill

  31. Sharon Curtis

    Omg!! U saaaang this song here in Minneapolis... Yasssss my phone was all over u.... 😍

  32. Sharon Curtis


  33. Cynthia Johnson

    THIS MAN STILL HANDSOME AS HELLLLL👀👀👀!!! She complimented him OH sooo well!!!

  34. Prrry Crumbley

    Im out pp

  35. Prrry Crumbley

    The brother

  36. Trending Queendom

    I love this song

  37. Wiledra Watson

    I thought I was watching Video Soul. Love the song and the video, Tiff was a great pick!

  38. Monay Queen

    Yes sing that song I love this song

  39. Barbara Hardy

    Wow, really a great song ! Outstanding !

  40. Dakeeta Gorham


  41. Ketlapele Empowerment Center

    Johnny Gill, like wine gets fine with time….my, my, my, that voice.

  42. Dale Rogers

    Something wrong with who ever didn't like this song, must be some of these young guys wearing skinny jeans and never had a good woman, to busy hanging out in strip clubs.


    He just get better with time

  44. Jc Cordova

    Thanks Johnny Gill for being Boston strong ....and we love you always from the bean and damm you got this hit right damm you still bad homie

  45. Jimmy Tillman

    He still got it

  46. Elena Herring

    I wish everyone a prosperous NEW YEAR 2020!!!!

  47. Mark Jenkins

    Welcome Back. Mr.gill

  48. Glynis Campbell

    I lovvvvve this song. Johnny G. has a powerful voice!

  49. Angela Nelson

    This is nice✨✨✨👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽✨✨✨👍🏾😀

  50. Tramell Fortson

    Johnny Gill is a great singer this is Tramell Danielle Fortson

  51. Ancient Ruls b1

    Sleeping with, no just a video with the enemy. We luv you Johnny hope they don't lie on you

  52. Edna Loftin

    A black wonen

  53. Kenya Paul

    Thia is to the one i 💘...Booo

  54. Gloria Hatcher

    Johnnie have a very sexy voice and he's very hot man.I would 💘 have him for 🎄 🎁

  55. Antoine Harp

    Actual real music in 2019, i think ima cry.

  56. Delena Rusan

    Real Music❤Thanks Johnny🔥

  57. Money Mastery

    Nice, JG.

  58. Marquisha Davis

    And looking like a soul little woman

  59. Lisa D.

    My my my...Johnny Gill is singing the crap out of this song. Amazing voice. R&B forever! 🎤🎶

  60. Cora Shadwick

    Hey Johnny when u coming bk to bay area we waiting boo

  61. John l Speranza

    He did his thing on this song put things in perspective for me he said your love is so Devine that hit the heart music not like this no more

  62. reads

    The sweet distinctive voice of Johnny Gill!!!

  63. Jon Macie

    Gill is a solid throwback to the days when one really had to know how to sing. I ain't talking about no 80's or 90's either. I am talking about the 60's and 70's

  64. Darkninga1

    J.G. Is so amazing. I absolutely love all of his music. May God continue to bless you so you can bless us with your great talent❤️ Play on Johnny G.

  65. Raphayl Israyl


  66. ivorysteele

    This is the shit

  67. F Thompson

    Can't stop playing this song. The words so deep and true. Yesss 💕💕💕

  68. Jataria Griffin

    sing it Jonny

  69. MS. ZEE

    At 4:57 lol Tiffany looking like yes!!! That’s my man!!! I wish u would ...

  70. Diane Harper

    He did that, i love it

  71. Herb flying high

    You have so many artists putting out CDs with just one or two good songs on the whole CD, you have to keep skipping songs,Johnny is one of the few that you can put his CD in and just let it play, keep up the good work bro 👍🏾😎👍🏾

  72. Jo Jo

    Linda canção!

  73. Sherrie Real

    But you bring your ass home !
    Tiffany had to be Tiffany she's
    Gorgeous in this video you go girl
    That's just how I tell my husband
    You go girl❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. P DOG

    Real 💯

  75. F Thompson

    Sherri sheppard is a very lucky woman to have a man that can sing like this! Wow amazing!

  76. Shannon Holley

    You got a beautiful voice johnny gill

  77. Christia Thomas

    Lord why is this my first time hearing this lord this is what u call real classy music

  78. Truchrissy76

    aww it would be so cute if y'all get together for real

  79. Lindian Franklin

    Wow I wish a man felt that way for me.

  80. Miss B

    Yasssss Johnny💖😍

  81. WTF GTFO

    Johnny Gill has the gift that keeps on giving

  82. Dee Morgan

    Such a beautiful song...🖤.❤

  83. Dem232

    Unadulterated R&B! Absolutely beautiful. This is what real music is about! Absolutely Beautiful! I love this track!

  84. Shirley Mills

    Love it, where the men at that's feeling the Soul of a Woman ?

  85. KeKe Selby

    I love this song and the video is absolutely amazing I can't stop watching!! ❤

  86. Da’Lis Battle

    Yasssssss❤️🔥 Tiffany 😍😍

  87. T.L. Marbury

    Alabama representing in sooo many ways!! Thanks Johnny for bringing home bruh!! Been with you since '88!! #2019ToInfinity🎶🎤💯

  88. Ricky Timas

    This is the music that made our country great👍

  89. Christopher Sanders

    Teddy's penddergrass

  90. Jessica Rabbit

    Music to my ears.

  91. Katina CreditLady & Collection Expert


  92. ebony bishop

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful ❤️

  93. Brainism Thoughtism

    NEWS FLASH!!  R & B Never Left!,,, Black Folks only got Socially-Engineered OUT and AWAY from Self-Love, by the negative effects of White Supremacy induced Self-hatred!  …...Black People just only need to BE THE CHANGE they want to SEE of themselves and >>STOP<< waiting for White people and their Medias to do all this FOR THEM!  …...Johnny Gill is only *"Reawakening"* what was already present!  but Ignored due to  *"Slumber"*  ..Whereas Black People have ALWAYS been a Loving people!  and have been HATED for their Spiritual Connections since the very beginning!  …….Johnny Gill?   ..THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR  *>>CHANGING THE GAME<<*       …….Goddamnit!  THANK YOU SO SO SO VERY MUCH  DUDE!!