Johnny Gill - Quiet Time To Play Lyrics

I know just what you need
Oooh... oh yeah
Oooh... ooh yeah
Oooh... yeah, yeah, alright
Listen, hush

Hush, don’t say a word
Just come on in, my baby
Your body language explains
it all.
Girl, you need love

It’s been a hard day
for you and me
But now we’re free
Enjoy a summer’s evening

Now the work is over
Let the tension fade
Now it’s a quiet time
for loving, babe

Let me hold you near me
I ain’t too proud to beg
’Cos it’s a quiet time for loving
Yeah, yeah

Hush, grab a special
hold that says I love ya, yeah
I’ll rub it on you girl
and you can rub it all over me
I love that part

No phone, no TV
No company
It’s just you and me
In our own world of ecstacy

Now the work is over
Let the tension fade
Now it’s a quiet time
for loving
Now it’s a quiet time for play

Let me hold you near me
I ain’t too proud to beg
Now it’s a quiet time for loving
Quiet time for play

Oh you play the game so well
Using all my energy
Everytime you hold me close
I know you know what to do
When you did
When you did to me girl

Oh oh oh...
It’s a quiet time to play
Hush, ooh
Don’t say a word
Come on, come on
Hmm, ahh

Do you want me
Ah girl I want you
I can’t keep it quiet baby
’Cos I want you, yeah

Hush, love me, to love me
Let me love you, woah
To love me, to love me
Let me love you, oooh

Hush, let me hold you near me
You’ll never go wrong
in my arms, my arms
Let us get away
We gotta get away

I want you so bad
I can hardly wait
Ohh yeah
Do do do, do do do, babe
I want you so bad I can...
Do do, do do, do do do do...
Do do do...

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Johnny Gill Quiet Time To Play Comments
  1. Marlena Booker

    I love this song...where my bay? Ima play this for him on spring break!

  2. looksrdeceivn

    i used to play this for my ex-husband..coming home from work..

  3. jerks1anonly

    Love Johnny and he and New Edition will be in Louisville Feb 10.....yay!!!!!

  4. Chris Agbaje

    Classic mr gill....

  5. Kendra Johnson

    this song is on my iPod and came on today. I LOVED and STILL LOVE this song!

  6. Curtis Flynt

    Johnny I had not here this song but this here is a song for only the real OG's...wat.

  7. NewWorldRob

    Johnny G. nailed it with this. haven't played this in at least a decade...

  8. Traci

    that bridge gets me every time!

  9. Thablukoolaidsmile

    sexy slow jam!!

  10. mouila

    Hmmmmm Johnny ...............

  11. Aniedra Carroll

    I love this song also....Sing to me Johnny

  12. Graceful Tenacity

    Loving all you YouTube archivists for the smooth memory lane trip!

  13. Danni Fahree

    good baby making music!!!!!

  14. CodyCole80

    Great Lovemaking song! Can't help but get in the mood. They just don't make 'em like this no more. SMH.

  15. Ashy Nuckles

    this that joint yo

  16. Sherry Logan


  17. eazylivin2011

    this dude can blow

  18. Gee-Gee

    This Guy was Magnificent!!! Johnny could hit those notes and play with them.

  19. Tobias Hilton


  20. Kisha Williams

    Love this man>>>>

  21. eyes7592


  22. chandra hazelwood

    Love it, hush! so I can listen......
    milwaukee, WI

  23. jfliguy

    @desoto103 I thinking about my Sophmore year in HS, I was dating a girl and Tom Joyner Morning show would play this all the time. All the freakin time. Eventually I thought of her when this song came on.

  24. TheDougiedoug42

    i hope johnny gill remake one of alexander o'neal records sentimental he def got the voice for this and that a nice christmas song

  25. jme470

    this song makes me think of my hubby..

  26. sassnsweet

    oh oh it's a friday night and i chose to stay home ,do work, and listen to johnny. wow. how things have changed .lol.

  27. summer raene

    @sumuthaguy cold winter nights when you rub your feet on your lovers' own and cuddle up for warmth which usually lead somewhere least that's what i imagine..

  28. johnty5

    what a great singer never heard of him before lovely music

  29. 36pumkin

    one of my all time favorite songs

  30. Fulufhelo Ngwana

    I am Turn on by this track

  31. lowalker01

    This is a nice was on the radio today and I said that sounded like Johnny Gill. I love old school singers!

  32. spyderj1999

    He did this one on Arsenio!!! If anyone taped that episode, I would love to see it again!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

  33. jasmine hart

    love you johnny gill me and my baby daddy use to slow dance :) everynite to this trax... dats how baby girl got here.

  34. SweetnessnBK

    This song is how ppl get pregnant!! Fo sho!!

  35. scrabblemistres

    this is one of the most underrated singers out there. his voice could melt steel. love this song and love jg. and yes that is karen white on background vocals. love her too.

  36. venitarr

    Nothing like the 90's' music!!!

  37. Victor Crum

    This is certified chill music right here buddy!

  38. Denice Hinson


  39. suga boo

    OMG i love this song

  40. 1982raerae

    I forgot about this one

  41. josephandjayden


  42. MaMa Williams

    just heard this song on the radio two says ago this is a classic and one of the best. Johnny you gotta get back on the sceen i downloaded all the greatest johnny gill hits

  43. AnnayaThePoet

    Loving Johnny Gill's beautiful ballads! Wish he was still working!

  44. Ms Alyson Montgomery

    Nice song to slow dance off on and then move on to something bigger and better..Yall know what am talking, lol. Just let the music the take you away.

  45. hilpp

    I recon that's Karyn White on background vocals....
    Oohh what a timeless track

  46. JoyofLifeTV

    Yeeeeeees!!! Thank you!!!

  47. CodyCole80

    My favorite JG song!

  48. shnell harris

    put's me in the mood everytime

  49. Summer's Child

    @tyronewalker23 --- trust me..I totally agree with you..

  50. Summer's Child

    Oh boy I was a teenager ....this song had me dreamin dreams..still does...


    It's nothing like good music!!!!!

  52. utbr01

    one of the greatest voices ever of rnb singers/sangers/crooners....and JG definitely proves it in this track! come on back Johnny!

  53. Follow Love

    Oh yes let the tension fade I ain't to proud to beg


    Mugs was sleep on Johnny!! He really had some cuts 4real!

  55. bgblkb

    I`ve got to cop the Best of Johnny now.He`s what the R&B game`s been missing.

  56. Pelle Sörensson

    I never compare anyone, I just enjoy....

  57. Kee Lah C

    JG does it again! What an exotic song......if this doesn't set the perfect mood for evening after a long day at the office, I don't know what does. Johnny can so take the lead since we lost the late, great LV!! My opinion....

  58. rich g

    johnny gill was a good singer,but he is not in the same class as luther!

  59. K Love

    I will submit this, the key word is soothing and on songs like MY MY MY, and Where Do We Go From Here, Johnny just tries too hard and is all over the place. That is is style. Not smooth or soothing IMHO, but still good. Now if you were to say Will Downing, James Ingram, or Pebo Bryson then I would say yeah cause their styles are smoother and more like Luther IMHO

  60. K Love

    Are you serious? Johnny sings good but Luther was a GREAT singer and had the body of work to back it.

  61. pacmanfever100

    He needs to come back.
    The R&B game needs him.

  62. Chuzy Anyakoha

    great song. I rang this track along marvin gaye-I want U

  63. dimplesdk

    Beautiful song and one of the best male voices ever! Does anyone know if he still sings?

  64. Christopher Bryant

    One of the best singers from the 90's!!!!

  65. Nina Blaze

    Does any one kno the lyrics to this song?? Cant find it anywhere :(

  66. rthominc

    " it's amazing some artist greatest work do
    not become a mainstream hit ". Johnny can't
    do too much better than this!!!

  67. jagirl8

    oh man i forgot about this song it is so beautiful.

  68. Shana

    The Sexiest Song Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. rosey10880

    You get a million stars for posting this!

  70. tereasemccracken

    my my my...

  71. rae27410

    funny....i had the same experience . he played this song while giving me a massage (ohhhh, the memories!!!)

  72. yeawassup1971


  73. kimmy clark

    I love this song so much!!

  74. Nae (:

    what album is dizz on

  75. Alex Unwichtig

    Holy cow... i own his albums (all 10), but i never thought it's Karyn in the background.

  76. K D

    Now that you pointed it out, I do hear her now and thought I was perfect on the music tip. You got me beat.

  77. Carmen Speights

    i love johnny gill back in the day. and i still love this song.

  78. DJ Rob J

    Singing with New Edition and living life...

  79. futuresinger11

    YES!!!!! Klassic

  80. Nae (:

    dizz is my song

  81. Angelicsister4u

    I love this songggggggggggg!

  82. Shara Whitley

    i dont think thats johnny gill, i think its christopher williams "promises, promises"

  83. rpgron

    thats my dude

  84. tam1897

    Beautful song. Johnny Gill and Karyn White on the background vocals!

  85. MetalFace DOOM

    Don Dadda quiet storm....

  86. paul goodwin

    "Hush.....whoo! Don't say a word. Come on, Come on, hush..."

    I love it when he brings it down. That part gets me everytime. Thanks for posting.

  87. Dimitris Mamalis

    JG is THE VOICE!

  88. Kevin D Chase

    I agree but you have to remember there are many things that you can blame the current state of the industry. There is one main thing, however that you can blame: the consumer. If the consumer purchases it, the record companies will make it. It is no longer quality or quantity, and that sucks.

  89. Christopher Crocke

    It is so rediculous how today, if you can actually sing. You do not get the exposure of a true "Talent". The present generation seems to be only fixated with how a person looks, how he/she can shake their ass or gyrate their body. When will we ever get back to artist like Johnny Gill, Toni Braxton, The Jackson's, Bebarge, Lakeside, Earth Wind & fire, New Birth, The Emotions, and anyone that can truly sing. I will admit that Chris Brown is a blessing for this current generation.

  90. TrinaGettinTight Aight

    this is my FAVORITE BY JOHNNY!

  91. Denvor Madonko

    thanx for posting this song

  92. Crystal H

    I love this song!

  93. utbr01

    my fav JG song! Thx for this post!!

  94. Dandon Washington

    that was my shit...i put in work on dat song..mmmm

  95. teresa stafford

    Love this song!

  96. Dayo Benson

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for doing a good thing right here. I've waited so long for this on the tube......

  97. remberella

    ah yeah! this song is hittin' my spot. mmmmm.