Johnny Gill - My Love Lyrics

And when the cupboard's bare
There's always something there with my love
It's understood, everywhere with my love
And my love does it good

And when I go away
I know my heart can stay with my love
It's understood, everywhere with my love
And my love does it good, woah...
My love does it good

Oh, my love, oh, my love
Only my love holds the only key
Oh, my love, oh, my love
Only my love does it good

Don't ever ask me why
I never say goodbye to my love
It's understood
Everywhere with my love
My love does it good, woah...
My love does it good

Oh, my love, oh, my love
Only my love holds the only key
Oh, my love, oh, my love
Only my love does it good to me

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Johnny Gill My Love Comments
  1. Keisha Ford

    OMG!!!!! I have never heard this song before. I've always loved Johnny but this song makes me love him more. When he said I cant imagine being without my baby (4:59) Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Gonna keep this on repeat

  2. Gigi Payne

    Omg I love Johnny gill and every freaking song he sings. If I ever got married want him to sing for my wedding wishful thinking 😁😁

  3. Alicia Williams-Garibay

    To my son Robert Hammitt Jr. Please call me so I can hear you and so I know that you are alright. I Love and miss you son. I love you no matter what son and I'm proud of you. 405-201-6973. 3223 sw. 28th. St. OKC.ok. 73108. 405-636-1351 gmas. Gingers 405-500-8050.

  4. LaShawn Hutchinson

    I love this song he’s the best🥰😍😘❤️

  5. Christine Andrews

    Nostalgia has a home in his voice...good memories...

  6. Tara Crews

    My wedding song

  7. Cynthia Sanders

    I love this song. I'm trying to figure out why I'm just hearing this song. It's almost 2020.

  8. Shaunta Lyles

    Damn...... Damn..... Damn Beautiful my fiance ask me to married him N tears roll down my face N said Yes gettin married on his Birthday 12 27 2019

  9. Maggle Killer

    Johnny sang his ass off it's I hear a lot of Teddy and Luther in this song

  10. Kerrah Whitlock


  11. Chana Poplar

    I love this man do he make any horrible songs hell naw 💯🖤

  12. John Jones

    You would have really have had to love someone to understand this song... threw better or worse! Hold on to your love with all your might cause it may never come again

  13. Geraldo Barbosa

    My Love
    - Producer – James "Big Jim" Wright, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Written-By – Paul & Linda McCartney...

  14. Anette M

    Johnny is one singing dude I can listen to him all day...❤️🔥🔥🔥

  15. Marketha Knight

    I love Johnny so much he can put you straight in the mood loving this song sing baby cakes

  16. Marvin Mason

    The best he's ever sang...

  17. Cynthia Biljon

    Our popular dj zondi who's life was cut short.this reminds me of you and oh how it hurts.this was 1 of ur favorite sunday jams.we miss u so much.

  18. Germail Lewis

    I love me some johnny music

  19. Snenhlahla Senamie Mhlungu

    My love ❤️

  20. Mitchells Making Memories

    If young men these days had this kind of music to listen to, I truly believe that their appreciation for young women would change. A true meaning of love.

  21. Tasha Turner

    Johnny Gill is fabulous!!!!!

  22. Tony Fuller

    This is the music we need back today

  23. Kesha worrell

    One of my favorite songs from him. Truly a great gift from the most high. Johnny is one of my 4 top male singers. You can feel his words in your soul. Love your music. You are the Goat.

  24. Briggett Shands

    Johnny every time I hear your voice my poor heart won't keep still 😘

  25. Teka Gooch



    One of my best JG song

  27. Eriverto Emeliano

    Grande interpretação!Canta com paixão.

  28. Laquetia Mercer

    Beautiful song! Beautiful voice!

  29. Ellen Patton

    Love. Johnny. Yes. My My My. Always. A fan BEAUTIFUL voice. Handsome. Smooth. Slow. Songs. Yes

  30. Susie Swader


  31. Darlene Kearse

    I will be dancing to this at My Wedding

  32. simply kendy

    sing baby yes 2019

  33. Misscommentary Cleveland

    Wow wow wow......I want hop tonthis... I've been vibing on Mr. J. Gill for the past week off and on ....This is slick... beautiful nice ...lovely all of it

  34. keisha braggs

    This is simply beautiful!

  35. Leslie Abbott

    Whewww!!! this song do something to me!!!! You can just feel the love coming through. I saw Johnny in concert last year and I was disappointed he didn't sing this song, he coming back this year in August, I hope he sings "My Love" and "What Is This"

  36. Rain White

    Still got this on my playlist....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Pj Jones

    This song is so intimate.

  38. Carla Washington

    My love 😍 💋😍💋💃🏽💋

  39. KSOLO_93

    I really, really need the music industry to put Johnny back in the LIGHT!!!!

  40. Bridgett Poole

    Love Everything He Sing

  41. Helen Jackson

    My Love.

  42. Donnetta Wright-Reed

    I absolutely love this song... It been on repeat since yesterday.

  43. Sheila Jordan

    Sang Johnny

  44. Joe Jones

    This is an amazing song and it is being performed by an amazing vocalist...Mr. Gill, you do this good too...

  45. Kimberly Martin

    Its 2019 and I am up listening to this song. lol

  46. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    Thanks for such beautiful relaxing Entertainment. Such a Suave! Only My Love!

  47. Sherron Davis

    333 people don't know good music! Johnny <3

  48. Kim Jones

    Amazing and talented artist.

  49. Denice Seals

    I play it everyday all day

  50. sharon eley

    My love 😍, your love ❤️, only your love can move me , as always and forever ❤️💋🌹

    Vickiewe Price

    Yesi in deed go Johnny Paul macherty wrote this for Jonny in 2011 check out his nrw song with tiffany in the video soul of a woman ii this going ger a Grammy nod legend benn out here 30 years looking smooth arr 53 go Johnny yes lord

  51. M B

    JG does it me some Johnny Gill

  52. Jarhonda Gamble

    Johnny is the man!! Yasss hunni🔥

    Vickiewe Price

    Come on Johnny sing to yes i deed great legend i think this new he have with tiffany in the video thats going be a Grammy nod go Johnny yes lord

  53. Ethel Steele-Robbins


  54. Latisha Blount

    My love does it good

  55. Latisha Blount

    I love this song

  56. Ty Grimm


  57. KSS76

    Take your time, Johnny!!!  TAKE YOUR TIME!!!    This song and Take Me I'm Yours, just does something to me.

  58. Odessa Murphy

    6/2019 my love my Love my Love O Yassss Umm LoL excuse me wink do have a blessed ONe we all that is inn the right Spirit with that's being said Peace on Earth Peace within Peace too we all Keep LOVE alive God is Love happiness joy kindness blessings compassion understanding too we all that's inn the spirit of LOVE stop playing LoL say word

  59. nadine Wilson

    That time when My Love and I had Soup, Crackers and Each Other.
    We had The World, and Infinite 💓.

  60. nonamichelle

    Speeches 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  61. Sherneka Brown

    Yessss Johnny🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥

  62. Carla Washington

    My love 💋💋💋🙏🏾2019🗣✍️

  63. Franciaca Oduwa

    His voice is so amazing and smooth.

  64. Hasinna Pillay

    Thank you Johnny for coming to South African will always be remembered. Love your music. 🕯May the Lord bless you always. Never stop singing.

  65. Tiana Davis

    Planning a wedding. I think this will be our first dance.

  66. Blessed One

    My love will be with you every step you take to lasting a lifetime.

  67. Venice Peoples



    I just want to make you feel good tonight #noeljones


    Just for you tonight it's forever #bishopnoeljones

  70. Manuela Robles

    MY God!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Ashley Shy

    Johnny that's my husband lol o them lips

  72. Chris Esca

    My Love

  73. Chris Esca

    Only my love makes me feel this way

  74. elissa mixon


  75. Gary White

    Tyshonda I was a fool if you ever wanna come home I am waiting

  76. Lynnda Rich DeZigns

    Beautiful song

  77. Chris Esca

    The Best

    “ Teacher
    “ Professor
    “ Pastor
    My Love
    My world 🌎
    You belong to me
    Your my honey baby
    your mine

    Vickiewe Price

    Paul .macherth wrote that for jonny in 201 rhe whole cd is good Jonny started young 30 years ago now he 53 still killling it go hed jonny this coul
    Be a beautiful wedding song go jonny

  78. Chris Esca


  79. Chris Esca

    “Let’s get in the mood”
    My Love

  80. Stephanie Hall

    My God this man voice is so amazing😘💕💕

  81. Kashanya Ward

    Another Luther damn he sound goood

  82. Maria Arroyo

    Nice song

  83. Connie Moore

    OMG words can't even explain or express what Johnny Gill's voice and great talent does for me😍

  84. Constance Woods

    There’s singers and then there’s artist. The men in this mix are artist. Just listen!!!

  85. Thick brix

    Damn I been sleeping on this song! 😱😱😱😍😍😍

  86. Venice Peoples

    🔥🎤🔥💎ONLY JOHNNY GILL💎🔥🎤🔥🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨💋💋

  87. Sherrice Burk

    I've definitely been sleeping on Johnny, he's been on repeat all day !

  88. shar perry


  89. Humphrey Gumede

    Ooooh damn Johnny Gill and Luther just take me to Paradise and don't forget Will Downing to spice it up

    Vickiewe Price

    Come on Johnny sing to me Paul macherty wrote this for Jonny in 2011 this good wedding song that new he have with tiffany in the video thats a Grammy nod go Johnny a bad legend doing the damn thing at 53 yes lord

  90. MrThuglove601

    JG killed this song...Paul pay this guy

  91. Alika Mixon

    This song is absolutely beautiful. I cry every time I play it. Reminds me of my Love.

  92. Barbara Ancrum

    i just love this song

  93. Karshundra Davis

    I can't say how many times, I make this song replay over and over...and each moment I get all teary eyed. But in a good way

  94. Dakeyna

    DONE! Practically bringing tears to my eyes. ENCORE!!!

  95. Rodney Jones

    Jonny Gill always be the voice before his time that's God giving vocals

  96. Tracey Jones

    I reconnected with my College Sweetheart after 25 years and he sung this song to me.
    "Every time I'm near you, my poor heart won't be still".............Love this song!

  97. Jon Jon Harreld

    My Bro Bro Fa'Life One Love Fa'Sho...

  98. Venice Peoples

    My lllove♨️My love♨️