Johnny Gill - Love In An Elevator Lyrics

Yeah, I wanna do whatever you want to

Let’s make love (Yeah, yeah)
Love in an elevator (Yeah...oh...)
There’s no feeling greater
Than moving up and down (Let’s make love)

There’s no feeling greater
Than moving up and down

Please understand as I convey my mind
I feel bad each time
That you reach for a fantasy

Like The Staples, I wanna take you there
Suspended in the air
I don’t care which floor you press
Just as long as you express love

[Chorus X 2]
Let’s make love
Love in an elevator (There’s no feeling greater, yeah...)
There’s no feeling greater
Than moving up and down (Let’s make love)

If you take a walk with me
Through the windows of my soul
I can show you many things
Stories that haven’t been told

And what about an episode in the elevator, oh, yeah
We can press Emergency, stop

[Chorus X2]
Let’s make love (Whoa...)
Love in an elevator
There’s no feeling greater (There’s no feeling greater)
Than moving up and down (Than moving up and down)

They say there’s no luck on the 13th floor
But I found love and so much more
Let’s make in the elevator
I wanna feel you
We can go up and we can go down
From the 1st to the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
I can do you till you scream, “My, my, my, my”

[Chorus X2]
Let’s make love (Let’s make love)
Love in an elevator (Let’s make love, baby)
There’s no feeling greater (It’s gonna be nice and sweet, yeah)
Than moving up and down (We’re gonna up and we’re gonna move on)

We can go up and we can go down
Ooh, we’re gonna take it nice and slow, yeah
We can go up and we can go down
Ooh, said it’s gonna feel so good

We can go up and we can go down
Anyway that you want it, anyway that you need it, oh...oh...oh...
There’s no feeling greater
Than moving up and down

See, it feels so good, you got me sayin’ I
I, come on

There’s no feeling better than the way that you move, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah...oh...oh...oh...

Let’s make love
Love in an elevator (Come on)
There’s no feeling greater (There’s no feeling greater, yeah...yeah...)
Than moving up and down

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Johnny Gill Love In An Elevator Comments
  1. The Illustrator

    2020 anyone?

  2. Chelsea Downer

    This was a nice album

  3. Stephanie Mathis

    JG is just FINE and gets sexier with age

  4. Brittany M.

    I love this song 😩

  5. Deahra Shelton

    Pimp Daddddyyyyy 😎🍷💋😤

  6. Quin Re

    My type of vybe,no need to talk just start making .

  7. Vanessa Sheckelford/Harris

    Love it

  8. Terrence Wiggins

    Pure raw love song another cut from one the world's biggest stars of all time, mr Johnny gill everything he makes or sings about be so true..your no.kne biggest fan Terrence Wiggins


    She found us together love on your brain baby I love and I

  10. Alise Fran

    Who is listening in 2019 besides me?? One of my favorite from johhny!!!

  11. Kelly Jones

    I’ve been on so many “elevator rides” since this song was released. 😂
    I released a lot, as well. 😏

  12. MrBlactye

    One of ultimate balladeer ever. And This is one of those classic that reign above all.

  13. Vaio San

    I came accidentally here from Aerosmith ! I stayed few seconds for curiosity. I go now running away !

  14. Chadd Smith


  15. Staci Scott

    Yes Sir Yes Sir My Jam and Looking Ever So Sexy My Baby Forever....

  16. Carolyn Mckoy


  17. Korey Sylver

    The Emergency Stop button on elevators always catch my eye since this song. lol. JG killed this

  18. Out Of The Box Thinker

    2019 checking in

  19. Isaiah the comedian Isaiah

    2019 any one

  20. Isaiah the comedian Isaiah

    I like this song

  21. reggie Saunders

    This is REAL music, lyrics we can all understand! Not the garbage that is being played now. True R&B!

  22. Johnwahn Evans

    When he hit Oooo #MakeLoveInTheElevator 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Sabrina Lee

    One of his greatest songs.... Wake up ppl!!!

  24. Franciaca Oduwa

    Great song

  25. Charina Wheelock Vlogs

    I remember this song we kept playing this one but never did Lololo...

  26. Justin Gilmore

    This generation don't know nothing bout this music

  27. Nina Bee

    DAMN i used to have this on repeat i member having this whole CD

  28. Chadd Smith


  29. talon1994

    When you walking down the street and hear this song, you stop and smile and tell yourself...damn somebody put in work. 😳😜

  30. David Jones

    This is my favorite song by mr.gill I'm a big Mr. Gill fan

  31. Naked Pictures Of Your Mother

    GOING DOWNNNnnnn...

  32. Zoe Abbey

    Love in an elevator-sound familiar?

  33. Nita W

    Never paid attention to the ending

  34. Da Cat Lady Datbme

    This is the coldest song Johnny has ever made for me. Go lawrd he make me wanna.......,

  35. Britt Pugh

    I love his music

  36. Lynn Love

    This song has been in my head for the last two weeks. I miss this era, when the music was sensual & the videos matched the songs. Real lovemaking music

  37. Melvin Bridgewater

    This Album/CD "Let's Get The Mood Right" Has 8 Ballads Consecutively Playing Heat For Ya

    Shaina Green

    Absolutely correct!!!!

  38. Alrighty Then!

    Why that security guard look like Angela Rye? 😂😂😂

  39. Shaundra Lee

    The man, for real though. #ne4life

  40. Latasha Davenport

    Love this song!❤

  41. Mertylle Snow

    This song is SO DOPE!! 💖💖🔥🔥🔥

  42. tanham007

    Grown folks music, honey child! PRESS EMERGENCY STOP!


    Johnny Gill At his best Love ❤️ in a elevator My song

  44. Courtney White

    Bryson Tiller picked a good sample......Never Mind This Interlude

  45. Priscilla Jones

    Johnny Gill is so handsome



  47. femme-inist

    I loves those outfits the 2 lead women have on.. so mid nineties 😄😍

  48. Desiree Kegler


  49. DaManRiteChea C

    Alice Corbin talk to me bout Dis here

  50. Spadesz93

    how you gon give someone the eggplant and then say you not gon see them no more? How Johnny? HOW?????


    Spadesz93 😂

  51. Sandrea C.

    Johnny Gill...what was the name of the song????....I went completely blank after that.....Omgoodness....that man is FINE .

    Melvin Bridgewater

    Sandrea C. "Love In An Elevator"

    Arnel Evans

    Yes he is

  52. agape Stephens

    this actually happened to me he said it was a mistake I said what!You gonna see me then slammed the phone LOL

    agape Stephens

    then we got back together

  53. Channah Racham

    Why are the views so low, this is the cut!

    Melvin Bridgewater

    Channah Racham After His Second Album "Provactive" Didn't Produce Any Major Hits

  54. Foreign Kaylaaa


  55. Channah Racham

    This song is definitely slept on.

  56. Channah Racham

    Oh Snap I haven't heard this in ages! This was my jam!

  57. Hydie Tate-Morgan

    LOVE, LUV , LUH this song❤

  58. L Boogie

    Beats!! All that up and down. I wonder?????????

  59. Bruce Oakley

    He on best R;B aritst of all time he make New Edition when he join them

  60. Bruce Oakley

    He on best R;B aritst of all time he make New Edition when he join them

    Boom Ona

    Bruce Oakley I don't know, when he's to many on the trails of a long list, to include teddy p, jacky w, marvin g, etc, etc, etc...

  61. Priscilla Jones

    man I love me some Johnny

  62. L Lewis

    One of my favorite songs from my favorite JG album.

    Arnel Evans

    Let's Get the Mood Right album (1996)

  63. Priscilla Jones

    man I got to say this is my favorite song I'm Johnny Gill biggest fan

  64. NewWorldRob

    Imo the music video makes this song better

  65. Adrienne Harley

    this man right here! i love you J

  66. thereallifez

    tommy sotomayor sent me here lol


    Yea Tommy loveee Skillz

  67. Xaniyah Morris


  68. SuperCharlene2010

    This is the man forever

  69. Osito De Peluche

    The Characters PRODUCTIONS!!!!

    Kaliyah Page


  70. reformer6666

    ok...2nd video by him with the surprise of same-sex relationships at the end of video. A sign?

    DeadSpot Kee

    I mean who doesn't like watching girls fucking girls?

    Kaliyah Page

    @Kyshaun Latrey

    Arnel Evans

    He has a girlfriend and a son

  71. Kindra Barber

    still that jam

  72. Paula Smith

    When I first heard Mr. Johnny Gill song"Game Changer".it blows me away, it was almost like he was talking to me. My husband 2be an I happen to love listening to this one together. That will be the one that we will be making love to, over, and over, and over. You see I fell in love with him while listening to this song. Now I know that he and I both, are game changer. Paula and Eric always and forever. 😄💍💍

    Elvis Alexander

    hi sexy lady

  73. shanta walker

    Throwback! Yes I remember this song

  74. Marcia Foster

    This are a great Artist.

  75. Natia Black

    I've been listening to this song for years. Why is it this is my first time seeing the video?? 😣😣

  76. Priscilla Jones

    love and the elevator by johnny gill man I love that song you see johnny knows how to treat a woman you guy's should listen up you can take some notes are lesson

  77. Gretchen Elliott Crooks

    Young people dont know anything about that. .

    Juante Baldwin

    +Gretchen Elliott Crooks yes we do

    Brittany M.

    Yes we do... the ones who still appreciate music like this ❤👋🏾

    Alrighty Then!

    Those that know...know. Those that don't...won't. ;)

    Mamii LatteChocolate25

    Says who💯

  78. BenderIIRodriguez


  79. Kirkland Kelly

    Toni braxton

  80. Drizzo Man

    so the ending was a girl on girl action in the #elevator

    stephen mccall

    Johnny freaky like that. Lol

    Liz Dawkins

    that's what I interpret from the scene......first time seeing this.

  81. Drizzo Man

    I love the intro how she like imma see U again lol

  82. Robert H Walker

    When you-r with d one you love and don't know exactly what to say....this song will do the talk-n for ya.....

  83. Nichiel

    has always been one of my faves!

  84. Tera Thomas

    Love it


    Johnny gill is back !!

  86. Ressie Barnes

    Great song!

  87. arnetha jackson

    johnny gill knows how to put it on a woman

  88. Sandra Tanner

    Love the music and a love making song! Make you want .........

  89. Misty Ballow

    Good song

  90. Albert Rilley

    Let's make. What! Love

  91. Statefarmfan21

    I have never made loved in the elevator. I *ucked in there a couple of times, but that was it.

  92. Becca C

    Love in the elevator.......#1 on my bucket list! LOL

    Big Bama

    Becca C 😳

    Shuri Witwicky

    Good luck

    Zoe Abbey

    Becca C 😂😂😂😂 yes. what a sex dream come true 😋.

    Kavaun Wilson

    Becca C i thought my my my or rub you the right way is your bucket list

    Chantella Woods

    That's agood one and funny😂

  93. Guy Ofkaillera

    O_o why does this sound like a song Carl Thomas would sing?... or am I losing my mind?

    Walter Payton

    @Ladybug9497 Carl Thomas is singing background


    A lot of people have similar voices.  I'm not sure if they are related or not.


    It is Neron Thomas though.  It's on the cd.


    @pashaun Pride
    just check out the cd, it's on there.


    +pashaun Pride I shouldn't have to do this but here it is.

    Love In An ElevatorArranged By [Vocal Arrangements] – Neron Thomas*Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] – Neron Thomas*, Charles Farrar, Johnny Gill, Troy Taylor

  94. Bennie Blackmon

    There's nothing like hitting it in the elevator, that right my, my, my........

  95. josh nam

    엘리베이터안에서 사랑을? 

  96. Chaka Simmons

    I love this song

  97. BigPaksView

    One of my favorite slow jams

  98. kckutie98

    I did not know he sang this song!