Johnny Gill - It's Your Body Lyrics

Girl it's your body (it's your body, body, baby)
Oh, oh, girl it's your body (it's your body, body, girl)
I just can't seem to get enough, yeah
Enough of your lovin'
Girl it's your body (it's your body, body, baby)
Oh, it's your body
Girl it's your body (it's your body, body, girl)

Listen (tell them about it Johnny)
Don't think that I'm crazy
See you've been my lady
For so many years
And I think it's time that I let you know how I feel
You see I finally figured it out
Why I still can't seem to get enough of your love
Enough of our love, yeah, yeah

Every time I'm near you
My whole body can't keep still
Girl I'm on fire
Temperature's rising
Higher and higher
Girl I lose all self control
Every time, every time you're near
Every time you're near

Oh, I know that it's your body
(Girl it's your body)
That keeps me yearning
(Girl, it's your body)
That keeps my body burning
(I just can't seem to get enough)
Can we make babies
(Enough of your love)
Can we make babies
(Enough of your lovin')
Can we make a family

(Girl it's your body) (It's your body, body, baby)
Girl it's your body
(Girl it's your body) (It's your body, body, girl)
That keeps me yearning all night long
(Oh, oh, oh)

Don't think I'm crazy
See you've been my lady
For so-o-o-o-o-o-o many years
And I think it's time that I let you know that
That I finally figured it out (figured it out)
Why I still can't seem to get enough of your love

(Girl it's your body)
Girl it's your body, baby
(Girl it's your body)
So you know what I want you to do, I want you (it's your body)
(I just can't seem to get enough)
Step into my bedroom (enough of your love)
Take off all your clothes (enough of your lovin')
Lay down
Let me rub your body down (girl it's your body)
Let me feel your body down (girl it's your body)
Let me squeeze your body (oh, oh)
Let me give you everything that you want
Eveything that you need

Now let me take my time (it's your body)
To express myself girl (it's your body)
Your body's so unusual
It makes me weak (weak)
But I'll be honest baby
I don't want nobody else
Nobody, nobody,nobody else
You're my computer love
You're my computer love

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I want your body, body baby
I want your body, body girl
I just can't seem to get enough
fade out

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Johnny Gill It's Your Body Comments
  1. mannie's Art And Fitness Channel

    Johnny Gill killed this song.

  2. Clive Duke Rakomana

    Why did you have to go so soon Roger. Flawless talent. R. I. P

  3. Sherman Lattimore

    I still can't get enough of that know who you are so smile

  4. Russ H

    J.G. should remake some Teddy Pendergrass songs.

  5. SeaTheGod Gold


  6. Whitney Whitney


  7. Detrick Whitehead

    If you don't know about Johnny gill you miss out on true love

  8. Tami No name


  9. Cynthia Royster

    I love this song i love johnny gill voice he sang anything

  10. Johannes van der Stuyvebode

    I'm confused whether to orgasm or cry... ❤️❤️❤️ it's fucking beautiful

  11. Allure Trena

    *If I was his lady Lord He could have his way with me and I wouldn't even fight it..*

  12. Brenda Atwater

    I always wanted to have him as my husband..
    That will never happen..
    Fine and Johnny voice makes me melt.

  13. br j

    My favorite Gill song

  14. Danice Jeremy

    Clearly 800 people need love in their life.

  15. K Smith

    So Good

  16. Gail Jernigan

    Just love his music

  17. christopher thomas

    a bad men

  18. Alefh Crepaldi

    BRASIL !

  19. Nakita Patterson

    Man this song takes me to a place of 💘. My 2019 vibes .💞💞

  20. Renita Battle

    This is my favorite Johnny Gill album. Let's Get The Mood Right

  21. KSOLO_93

    Still listening in 2019 need more Gill in the world!

  22. Mayra pietra Silva

    Eu sou apaixonado por black music✌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Tharan Manning

    This is a good roger troutman. Johnny gill is the best player.

  24. Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans around the world and me love your song It's Your Body Johnny Gill Its Your Body ft Roger Troutman your songs your voice your music from the fans around the world and me Besitos
    Johnny Gill Its Your Body ft Roger Troutman

  25. Jennifer Robinson



    Go Johnny!


  28. Bronzie Howard

    Grown and Sexy. ohhhhh my

  29. Ruthie Lewis

    I'm 60+ but I love myself some Johnny Gill

  30. Channah Racham

    3:08 Is it just me, or do it seem like this becomes Roger's song once he starts singing?

  31. Jennifer


  32. Dan Brame

    My favorite singer. Hands Down. Been listening since 1984

  33. Edde Willis


  34. Lady One

    Johnny Gill,, wow!! Its your voice.. And the way you look lawd have mercy...!

  35. Raymond Guess

    2019 anyone


    Love this song memories

  37. OldSkool 55F100

    That man could make any song sensual.... He is a gift for us to enjoy...

  38. Jamie Heritage

    All I wanted in life was a lowrider, a hook from Johnny Gill and to work with Roger Troutman

  39. Barbara Fagin

    Simple. It's my body.

  40. K Smith

    Still sounds great 2019 til infinity!!

  41. Queen Latifah House

    I think I got pregnant watching this video...:)

  42. lisa marie

    When you sit at  your desk at work.... and just "WAVE" you hand, rock from side to side !!!!! My day is going so well !!!! #SMILE! #MRGILL #HISVOICE!!!! RIPROGERTROUTMAN

  43. T Mack All

    Who can dislike this song n vid. Go jump off a bridge. Smh

  44. Yukeya Cannick

    This song gets my horny!!!!

  45. Melissa Slade

    Black man always loving on some woman who is not black. Or ambiguous looking.


    Damn Gill....come sing to me!!!

  47. Beard81

    Love this song makes me think of my wife every time

  48. Renee Martin


  49. koketso phalane

    This is TALENT guys.. Wow Johhnyy ur voice is 👌👌

  50. B-Town CHILL


  51. Rataya Thomas

    Happy birthday to you Mr gill Damn u so sexy hug kiss

  52. Edmond Taverdyan

    i smashed like five chics to this track...........nah not really......but it sounded good :)

  53. Zeus Orozco

    Can Never say it enough. R.I.P. Roger Troutman #TalkboxGod. Brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to your music. You are my Super Hero. Miss you

  54. Keith Au

    Yes,excellent,excellent and excellent ,classical and timeless.what a soul,spiritual and infinity songs,music and mixing,ever since listened the pop song called Mr.telephone man in 1985,Growing up can be a pain,1989,i had been in love to new edition brand.Up to 21 century ,re-listened those oldest song,music and mixing still deeply touch down,inspire and aspire audience [email protected]@@@@

  55. wr513


  56. Muhumuza David

    He's ma great artist forever...... just love his songs, the likes of MY MY MY

  57. FirstLady Anita

    Vocals on this song feelin the vibes, and the lyrics (yesss sir)
    4/25/19 ❤

  58. washington chitengi

    My old time friend da Gill

  59. Tomoko Larkin

    He know he was fine back in the day

  60. lill' Dilly

    Cara eu amooooo esta musica....

  61. Johnny Mc

    Ole G Johnnie loves that song

  62. Mildred Brown


  63. Cory Cunningham

    So wonderful! Damn

  64. Vera Howard

    Sounding like Teddy.

  65. Nathaniel Henderson

    This that jam yo! 💯

  66. suthrn gurl



    This song definitely makes you want to make love yes Johnny

  68. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey kick back and relax enjoy welcome to the after party your late night player/dj

  69. brianna brown

    Yassssss still here in 2019❤❤❤❤

  70. Syl Davis


  71. Meika Hall

    Damn he just so sexxxxy

  72. Those Nigerian Twins

    oh my xx

  73. Regina Yach

    05 of January
    i'm hearing this song for the first time and i cant stop replaying. much love to you Mr. Gill


    One of my favorite songs by Johnny 2019

  75. adams jackie

    Wow still a good song

  76. sharon

    Mmmmm oh yes

  77. Deborah R

    Roger gone but not forgotten. His band keeps him alive

  78. Louise Wallace

    All I can say is DAM!!!!

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    Chocolate gill

  80. Diamond gurl barber

    Yes still bumping this 2018...

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    One of his best songs to me

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    2018 and this song still soothes my heart and soul ❤😍

  83. Rochelle Cooper

    Johnny, it is usual.

  84. Flávia Anjos Ataídes

    Negro lindo!

  85. sneak6957

    One of the most underrated r&b singers. Has never gotten the recognition he deserves. Can't believe he was unsung

  86. The Count O

    Bruh I’m from NZ and we listen to these jams.

  87. Carol Wyckoff

    Love this Song great job😍😍😍

  88. Big Tex

    Looking at this tank took a page from Johnny!

  89. Jorge Garcia

    I love this voice.

  90. Kwesi Malachi aka dj q

    i real rnb and crooner and gospel to its fullest

  91. Diamond gurl barber

    Still bumping in 2018 never will get old ...

  92. Brooklyn1977 Milton

    Great chemistry...Grown folks music

  93. Sam London

    Rest in peace Roger Troutman who did California Love plus he was in Zapp as they did Computer Love.

  94. Franciaca Oduwa

    Gosh. His voice will melt your heart. Great song.

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    Damn he fine af in this video