Johnny Gill - Bed On Fire Lyrics

I can show you better than I can say
So you set the pace
'Cause when I start, girl, I don't quit
I never get tired
Say the word and I'll demonstrate
All of the ways
I'm gonna keep going 'til this bed is on fire

I hope you got some good sleep last night
I hope you're really ready for this
Your body's on the menu tonight
Every part of you, I'm exploring, yeah
And nothing's off limits with me
'Cause your pleasure's my responsibility
So let my hands start tellin' you
Exactly what I mean

I can show you better than I can say (Whoa)
So you set the pace (You, you)
'Cause when I start, girl, I don't quit (Girl, I won't)
I never get tired (Ooh, won't, yeah)
Say the word and I'll demonstrate (Just say the word)
All of the ways (All of the, all of the ways)
I'm gonna keep going 'til this bed is on fire (Ooh)

Hope you didn't think I'd let you go
(After one round, baby, no, no, no)
My mind is on a mission, you'll see
How many times you can explode
I hope you know it's 'bout to get deep
I won't stop until I hear you cuss and scream
So let me hands start tellin' you
Exactly what I mean

I can show you better than I can say (You know, you know, you know, you know)
So you set the pace (Hey, hey, yeah, yeah)
'Cause when I start, girl, I don't quit (Mmm)
I never get tired
Say the word and I'll demonstrate (Said this bed is on fire)
All of the ways (And all I want, all I want is you, yeah)
I'm gonna keep going 'til this bed is on fire (Said I'm never gonna stop, yeah, yeah)

And everywhere I touch you
You feel the heat in here
Go up high until the bed is on fire

I can show you better than I can say (Oh, oh, yeah-yeah)
So you set the pace (Yeah-yeah)
'Cause when I start, girl, I don't quit (I won't quit, baby)
I never get tired (I won't, I won't, I won't)
Say the word and I'll demonstrate (I won't)
All of the ways (All the ways, yeah)
I'm gonna keep going 'til this bed is on fire (I won't, I won't, I won't)

I won't quit
I won't stop
And I won't stop until I hit the spot
(Bed is on fire)
Come on
Let the bed just burn, burn, burn, all night long
(Bed is on fire)
All night, all night, oh
You and me
(Bed is on fire)
Baby, baby, baby
Oh, yeah
(Bed is on fire)
Said this bed is on fire
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

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Johnny Gill Bed On Fire Comments
  1. RnB Souleffect Tv

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 got that 90's vibe

  2. Kerrista Crapper-Wilson

    Love this song JG. Straight up 90s vibe.

  3. Leroy Norwood

    Fellas Valentine's Day Is Coming Up Get Your Sweetheart In The Mood With Johnny Gill Classic Bed On Fire I'm Telling You Ladies You're Bed Will Definitely Be On Fire. Quote The Great One Leroy Norwood

  4. carrie jennings

    I like all of your songs

  5. tmcdonald2999

    Alright Johnny 💦Still making babies in the 2000's.

  6. AngelLuvsvids2015

    this got that 90s Htown Hifive vibe🔥🔥🔥

  7. kilamanjaro Mountain

    Homie, lover, friend, vibe, melody..

  8. Devron Ave

    Only with one's true soulmate can the Love making be so fiery and passionately destructive that it would envelop you into a blaze of consuming fire.

  9. Kathy Short


  10. Deahra Shelton

    You a Bad Boy 😎🍷💋👅

  11. Mark B

    Good song! Definitely sounds like a throwback 90's smooth R&B jam. I immediately thought of Keith Sweat's "Red Negligee" when I first heard this, very similar. And no autotune, which is always nice.

  12. Tavoi Aiono

    Love and light xxx

  13. polux

    best song on the album

  14. Jay Rogers

    I'm loving the song - that feel good R&B vibe!!

    She is amazing 22

    Jay Rogers Yes I love this song

  15. Arturo Williams


  16. Kes Digbori

    Rnb at its best

  17. Margaret Bennett

    Johnny you better stop! Anytime, Any day!

  18. Phillip Kali

    Words can never explain how beautiful this song is...definitely beautiful song. The melodies that can touch your heart and soul.

  19. Shika 424

    This is exactly what we need. Real music.
    R & B is back.
    Thanks Johnny, fan for life.

  20. Katy Arnold

    Love!! this song. Go!!! Johnny. This song is 🔥

  21. Karen B

    Ok Johnny, this song is fire!!

  22. Chelene Webster

    Heck yeah Johnny!!! Real songs, about REAL Love and PASSION! Another HIT!

  23. She is amazing 22

    I just got pregnant listening to this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Paranihia Frances Webster

    Tumeke Mr Gill in Maori that means absolutely fabulous when you coming to AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

  25. karon Williams

    Four play yes the bed on 🔥

  26. Anthony Ellis

    Bringing back the 90's R&B...

  27. Teresa Matthews

    Taurus speaking hands down explain. ...

  28. Anitsha Satchell

    I like it. Sing it Johnny Gill

  29. mo dz

    This song is a killer!

  30. mo dz

    This is reminds of old school. That's what i am taking about!

  31. Keith Day

    Game changer 1 is better to me

  32. Shawn Davis

    Loving never disappoint ❤️❤️😍

  33. Gina Gaines

    Song is on🔥sannng Johnny💓

  34. George Rembert

    Home run..FIRE..

  35. JaVennia Bolden

    Johnny Gill did his thing on this Song he bringing real [email protected] Back!!❤️❤️

  36. Tami No name


  37. Austin King

    JOHNNY you holding it down in 2019 WOW!!!! WOW!!

  38. The Realest Trendsetta

    I Just LOVE u Johnny!!!!!! Yassssss!

  39. Kathy Short

    amazing Johnny Gill

  40. PrincessArmy

    ok johnny i hear you, everyone gets tired sometimes lol

  41. muchacha25

    Wow, wow, WOW! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    Uuuu Baby Don't stop!

  43. Penelophe Evans


  44. Jusfadez

    Thank you for Johnny for helping with the real soul music movement. I hope younger artists study you blueprint.

  45. Ann Harris

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!

  46. N 1986

    how many vote him and tank should collab ? 🔥

  47. Qu33n Arianna!

    Johnny never left the building!!! This is good!!!

  48. Audrey Miller

    I can play this over a glass of red wine

  49. Scope Humble

    This brother is cold as ice

  50. Kris Smith


  51. Tamika Adams

    Well well well, Welcome back REAL R&B I really missed you!!!!!!

  52. Wanda Hicks

    Damn damn Johnny Johnny Johnny bring it all the way home to mama. Love and glad you back hard and strong. Oh yeah.

  53. LaToniua Stinson

    I so love this song.... Get me all in the mood to slow dance.... Ready to meet my King 🤗😉

  54. Beverly Porter

    This Man is on top of Game, I am strolling all over my House. Get it J G. # Grown folk 🎶.

  55. tmix Sampson

    Song's on firer

  56. Shana Houston

    Yes yes yes..luv me some Johnny Gill

  57. Mofaya Moflava

    My ears just suffered a musical orgasmic explosion and my spirit took a majestic exploration into the potus of Glory!!! Damn you JG. Thought I was done making them babies kkkk

  58. Lez Moore

    Loved this man’s voice from day one! He can just start any song, and it’s YES!!! Stay blessed Johnny Gill!❤️

  59. Sandra Williams

    Love this song

  60. clemmie Davis

    Keep it coming johnny gill 😘😘

  61. BEVERLY Mccall

    This album is fire...Game Changer II. Johnny Gill is a musical genius. Grown folk music.

  62. Christopher London

    This is good. Pleasently surprised.....BUT..... Y'all could've gave dude a better album cover G....come on now...this Johnny Gill.... album cover is lackin. Should match the quality of the album.

  63. Lakesha Monique

    Loving this Sexxy song💖

  64. Nathan Kent

    Who gives this a thumbs down? WTH! Must be some twenty somethings or younger..... grown folks music right here!!!

  65. Monica Gilmore

    Yesssss cant wait to the album drop

  66. Sam James

    Now this what real soulful music is all about this what we played way back way back in time real soulful music will live on so way to go Johnny keep these lovely soulful music going and may it live on into our hearts forever 🙏🙏💘

  67. Karen Garrett

    LET IT BURN BABY......

  68. Teresa Booth

    That voice never changes, great then, great now, love Johnny Gill!!!!

  69. Shelly Belly01

    SMDH.... 💗

  70. Embracing Max

    JG, your going to make everybody get their bed game together. Love this too. Thanks .


    Ralphs up next...we need a sensitivity 2.0 #JAMLEWISTRESVANT

  72. Zoe Nzima

    when are you coming to SA????

  73. Jessica Eason

    Yaaaassss Johnny!! Love this song so much, def my fav off the album

  74. Kyt tv

    If you listen to the beat it sound just like you can get a piece of my love by GUY.

  75. dee lee

    Yasss Johnny show these youngstas about real music. Now this is fire💪💣

  76. Niki Williams

    Love this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Josette Jarvis

    Beautiful song! 🔥🔥

  78. rlacey4494

    Keep doing what you do BEST! giving us your best Mr. Johnny G.

  79. Malik Davis

    I approve this ...... You are the current King of R&b.

  80. Wikktor Sanchez

    I like your bald spot

  81. Moreflow Falls

    The Johnny that I know. Classic!!!!!!

  82. Georgia Etheridge

    Johnny, Johnny, Johnny your music is making me fall in love with my hubby all over again. I cant wait for him to walk in the bedroom ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  83. Embracing Max

    I love the way he sing you feel the heat in ' here'.

  84. Sherrie Holmes

    Sang Johnny !!!!!!!!!!!☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️

  85. Carolyn Mckoy

    This man is amazing everything he sings is a hit never disappoint❤️💋

  86. Casper Casper

    Grown folk music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍

  87. MO TRUTH

    Great music love this song but Johnny lying, this nigga at the age when 11:00 is late. Nigga say he dont get tired should be 🤔😫🤣Look at that niggas beard. Yall bet not believe Johnny.🤣🤣

  88. Aaaa Hhhh

    Wow........on 🔥

  89. Tanya Galitan

    Come through Johnny Gil this is sounding like, feeling like that 90s flow.🎧🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥 #2019 #DMV

  90. Trina Moore

    I can feel myself getting in trouble with this song! 😂

  91. Sanjeev Pande

    Sweet, Jodeci.???😌

  92. Patricia Roberts

    Like the song cool smoooth

  93. Ms La'Nae

    Dope Song! All his songs are Fire...

  94. Ms La'Nae

    I can't wait to see Johnny Gill in concert in Nov 2019. :)

    Brad Mcbride

    Where he gonna be at?

    Ms La'Nae


  95. Shimea Holifield


  96. Beth Ward

    Ok...this??? Is IT!!!! Brought the 90's R&B RIGHT BACK!!! YESSS!!!

  97. mzmccoy2065

    Yaaaaasss! Someone finally brought some good music back! Thank you, Johnny G.🔥❤🎵🎶💯