Johnny Gill - 2nd Place Lyrics

I wish that I could tell you
That I love you so much
But I don't
I wish that I could kiss you
When I'm seeing someone else
I know it's wrong
So before I take these vows
Thought I'd let you know
I have some doubts

Oh you are not the one for me
We know we were not meant to be
But it was strong enough to stand
The truth is your in 2nd place

I know I should have told you
Long before today
I know that I can't heal you
From all the words I'm saying
The woman who takes your place
I don't know who
All I know it isn't you

Oh you are not the one for me
We know we were not meant to be
But it was strong enough to stand
The truth is your in 2nd place

Oooooh I know you'll thank me later
It's better off to leave than regret and oh

You are not the one for me
We know we were not meant to be
But it was close enough to see
But the truth is your in 2nd place 2nd place
Oooh oooh oooooooh.

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Johnny Gill 2nd Place Comments
  1. Kashanya Ward

    Beautiful song this is my wedding song 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    You do realize this song is about telling someone their your second choice like your just with them because you cant have who you really want. I hope this isnt your wedding song for real

  2. loretta davenport

    Johnny gill what is this

  3. life lessons want be no fool no more

    Ves if this is u and I am putting this on here u had her all the time this ain't nothing new I heard all this before so leave it alone go on marry whoever she is and I'mma be ok that's still fucked up when u think u gonna play me and now u can't fix it who this anyway I hope I ain't typing all this stuff out to u to make it look bad cause somebody trying to keep me from talking to u cause they can't stand to see me with nobody well ain't no need to than u talking to me no more if this is u cause that is wrong I ain't messing with nobody cause u wanted to be with u but it looks like somebody playing all these games trying to make me think u don't want me if u don't tell me your self so u know for sure and bit with all this you tube bull shit just leave me alone

  4. life lessons want be no fool no more

    Good now leave me alone I don't think this ves noway just go bout your life goodbye don't send me no more music u play to much fuck off

  5. Clifton Matthews

    This song speaks volumes. He's clearly letting the woman know that he still has feelings for a woman who God has called home snd apparently there's no one else that he can love the way he loved her and it wouldn't be fair for either one of them to be together.

  6. Clifton Matthews

    One of my favorite artists. I do a lot of his songs at open mic.

  7. Anitra Johnson

    Interesting song. However, no one is second place. A person may not be the one you want but they are someone's number one even if they are number one to themselves.


    👍👏👏excellent perspective

  8. Notnowom- an

    At 1:00 minute he has some one but at 2:12 he doesn't know who it is or even if it's a woman. So it must be a man, boy, girl or a "(poodle dog named popcorn)", show nuff!"😛🐵😁😜👿😈👏🐒

  9. Victoria Lancaster

    I listen to this song but I can't believe somebody told me the same thing as a woman that had the nerve to tell me that I didn't meet the standards and that it was somebody else today was madly in love with that just blew my mind and Johnny Gill made a song about it wow

    Notnowom- an

    Victoria Lancaster

  10. darc passion

    come thru falsetto. I love this song.We love you Boogie from the dmv❤

  11. Fee Booable

    ooh yeah

  12. Regina Weaver

    I love the versatility of Johnny's voice. He can SAAAANG! Love this man.

  13. D. H.


  14. sester074

    Love it. Its really a deep song.

  15. 66meadow

    I lived being in second place for 1 year & seven months....It hurts like HELL!

  16. Wesley Curtis

    Very reminiscent of a Lionel Ritchie Song

  17. Glenn R

    I've told so many people about this insanely great CD, I have played it so many times in the last 18 months. This is a departure from most of JG's songs, but it's amazing.

  18. atwdrivenman

    sounds like he about to sing i believe i can fly,i promise you


    One of the hardest things I had to convince my of!

  20. Erinn Cohen

    I love this song..very true song.

  21. jay luv

    I luv this song because i live it now

  22. Casey Jones

    love this song