Johnny Cash - Where Did We Go Right Lyrics

In a world where everybody's fallin' apart
One by one, heart by heart
You and I stay together and we never even try
Side by side in a world turned upside down

Our love keeps spinnin' around
And you know it makes me wonder
As a restaurant for their lives
Where did we go right?
Where did we go right?

At a time when all the world is searchin' for truth
His love for you will even prove
And what we have is what everybody's tryin' to find
Peace of mind in a world turned upside down

Our love keeps spinnin' around
And you know it makes me wonder
As a restaurant for their lives
Where did we go right?
Where did we go right?

So many wrongs, so many lovers
I wish they all could know
What we've found in one another

In a world turned upside down
Our love keep spinnin' around
And you know it makes me wonder
As a restaurant for their lives
Where did we go right?
Where did we go right?
Where did we go right?

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Johnny Cash Where Did We Go Right Comments
  1. Cornelia Denninger

    John and June a great Love on and off stage. /CD

  2. Jason Rose

    Those two make me so happy. True love does exist! It wasn't their first try either. There's hope yet!

  3. Bob Sch

    Händchen haltend. 👍

  4. Teresa Rife

    They do have that special love and I am blessed to have that with James being together for 8 years.

  5. Tough Harley

    Better match then his creepy looking first wife. Nice song

  6. Claudia Ciuciu

    super, super

  7. William Jones

    My sweetheart and I would be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, but God called her home eight years ago. My son told me today he thought it was time for me to move on. How do you replace a love like we had? You can't. I'm content to remember the wonderful years we had together and wait for that glorious day when He calls me home, too.

    john allison

    If you really loved her you will not be able to move on. I have been told the same thing. Mary Ann went to Heaven 7 years ago.We were married for 54 years and together for 58 years. There is no way I could ever move on to someone else.

  8. Duf Sundheim

    Great title, delivered with genuine emotion.

  9. Richard Ansede

    Love this song, Cindy and I had our ups and very little downs but WE WILL LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER. I went right when I met CINDY 1985..

  10. Literature Today UK

    Anyone who does not love June Carter and Johnny Cash or does not love this song should be shot.

    Copeland Burchenal

    jesus christ dude chill out.


    +Copeland Burchenal I'm pretty sure they don't mean it literally.

  11. glencoe6305

    All my life ; I wished I could've found a lady like June carter, and have the kind of relationship her & Johnny,had. She was very supportive of John. Besides GOD helping him, I believe if June wouldn't of been there, he would of destroyed himself.

    Donald Elley

    they had a lot of issues according to their son. both addicted to amphetamines.God is gracious

  12. Gloria Day

    Happiness is Johnny Cash with his ray's of sunshine.

  13. pamela cagle

    I wanna love like Johnny and June!

  14. Tahititoutou

    This is one of all times country-blue grass masterpieces.  Along with Emmylou Harris' "Diamond in my crown".  Two songs the world would better listen to, learn and live by.


    +Tahititoutou I'll have to listen to Emmylou's song. At best I barely dabble in C&W let alone country-blue grass, but I do love June and Johnny and am blessed to just discover this song-- absolutely beautiful and sweet! It's a wonderful bonus to watch a pair of true lovers catching each other's eyes and smiling and holding hands while they sang these words. They went right indeed!

  15. Tom Bogner

    does anybody know when and where this concert took place?


    @Tom Bogner looks like Austin City Limits


    @Tom Bogner This was Austin City Limits on January 3, 1987.

    Tom Bogner

    @Alex16993 thanks!

    Tom Bogner

    @exex17 thanks!


    I live in England and bought a copy of this DVD on eBay. It is amazing.

  16. Diana

    The way he looks at her. <3 

  17. Matt Braun

    The WORLD should listen, and learn.


    this is the nicest song Joe and I feel this way about each other we had a rough road too and we have been together for 13 years and we will be together forever

  19. teri walton

    @Leecanuck1 amen!!!

  20. teri walton

    this is truely one of a kind couple....theyre love conquered all!! they loved together...n died together!!! love story ive never come across since them!!!!

  21. JacksonMN

    @disneydiva10 june cheated three times.

    Patty Rogers

    With who!!?

  22. FaelynLae

    I love that they are holding hands all cute and such... soo sweet!

  23. itsnici1

    they where such a beautiful couple! the love they had <3

  24. paranrm

    Their love was genuine, not an act as seen so much today. June was the love of Johnny/s life and it shows in this clip in time.

  25. haitipi

    Holding hands at that age.....There must've been something there. I have no doubt that Johnny loved June more that life itself.

  26. AcidEntertainment

    Very cool!

  27. 571balu

    ich werde immer an euch denken...I believe everytime to you to you

  28. EarlJohn61

    Where did they go right?
    I guess it was second time lucky for John &
    third time lucky for June (not counting non-marital affairs)
    I would love to be this lucky!!!

  29. lifeisgreat77

    Austin City limits

  30. Drew Gallant

    wisdom always trumps knowledge, this is to whoever that was a response too.

  31. lifeisgreat77

    1987, Austin city limits video

  32. Amada Leigh

    June was not an idiot she was very intellagent. Plus it takes a knowledge to play 2+instruments plus sing and also to write music its one of the hardest things to do.

  33. Aaron Sexton

    I have never seen a couple this much in love before

  34. freedomrocks2

    Where Did we Go Right? It's called Grace. Beautiful singing.

  35. Steph S

    i agree with all the comments :) really enjoy watching them sing together and learning about them.

  36. muintir

    Magic! what a couple in every way.