Johnny Cash - Sing It Pretty, Sue Lyrics

So you gave up all between us for a glamorous carear
And with all your talent you should be the big star of the year
Then you'll be public property so I release my claim to you
Go on and give 'em all you've got sing it pretty Sue
I can't take just part of you and give the world a half
So Smile for all the papers and give 'em autographs
Go on to all the cities so your public can see you
But I'll watch on television so sing it pretty Sue

I hope you'll soon be on the top of every hitparade
I'll try to be excited bout the progress that you've made
I'll collect your pictures like any fan would do
And I'll buy all your records so sing it pretty Sue
But I won't ever tell a soul that we have ever met
I'll just be one of millions who'll give the praise you get
And maybe every year or so I'll drop a card to you
To tell you I'm still listening so sing it pretty Sue

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Johnny Cash Sing It Pretty, Sue Comments
  1. CRus Herrera

    2018. J.R. Forever

  2. Ron B

    Here's the story since there seems to be a lot of discussion.  Cash and both the Hortons were all best friends.  As some have said Cash and Horton had a deal that if one of them died the other would take care of the other's family.  The story goes that Horton had a premonition he was gonna die and even tried to cancel his last gig because he was just sure that something would happen.  Ironically he got killed by a drunk driver on the way there.  Anyway, Cash made good on the deal, and started "taking care of" Horton's wife in a number of ways.  Supposedly she really had a thing for him and would have married him, except for 1) it disturbed her how Cash was willing to abandon his family, especially his kids, and 2) she could see the drugs were starting to get to him and she has a previous husband who had terrible drug problems already and once referred to hum as "the king of dope."  He was someone famous too, but I don't remember his name offhand.  But instead of her real reasons, she told Cash that she didn't want to be tied down because she wanted to pursue a music career herself and she couldn't bring herself to say the real reasons.  Maybe should have just told the whole truth, but... hence the song.

    Paul Henry Dallaire

    His name was Hank Williams

  3. Arcs n Sparks

    Written by Johnny Cash, recorded Feb 10-12 1962, released as the last cut on the album The Sound Of Johnny Cash.

  4. Rob20

    @johnrcash67401 johnny was in love with johnny hortons wife and its for her

  5. moproducer

    @moproducer (CONT'D) Horton was very superstitious and a spiritualist, and known for spending every dime he earned. He and Cash were fishing buddies; according to Cash, Horton was the fisherman.

    Johnny Horton died after a car wreck on Nov. 5, 1960. The only thing he left his wife and children was the promise of future royalties, which paid off handsomely. Billie Jean Jones Elishmar Williams Horton was a one-time divorcee and two-time widow at the age of 28.

  6. moproducer

    @CUBANCASH77 Actually, no. Johnny Cash wrote this, and the copyright was registered on May 17, 1962. Cash recorded it at Columbia in Nashville earlier in '62. Although there's never been a mention by either Cash or Horton, it has long been assumed that Cash wrote this in tribute to Sue Little, who once toured with him.

    Horton's wife's name was Billy Jean (she'd previously been married to Hank Williams, Sr.) MORE>>>

  7. collareddove7

    I have that stuff 8D
    makes my hair shiny