Johnny Cash - Pickin' Time Lyrics

I got cotton in the bottom land
It's up and growin' and I got a good stand
My good wife and them kids of mine
Gonna get new shoes, come Pickin' Time
Get new shoes come Pickin' Time.

Ev'ry night when I go to bed
I thank the Lord that my kids are fed
They live on beans eight days and nine
But I get 'em fat come Pickin' Time
Get 'em fat come come Pickin' Time.

The corn is yellow and the beans are high
The sun is hot in the summer sky
The work is hard til layin' by
Layin' by til Pickin' Time
Layin' by til Pickin' Time.

It's hard to see by the coal-oil light
And I turn it off purty early at night
'Cause a jug of coal-oil costs a dime
But I stay up late come Pickin' Time
Stay up late come Pickin' Time.

My old wagon barely gets me to town
I patched the wheels and I watered 'em down
Keep her in shape so she'll be fine
To haul my cotton come Pickin' Time
Haul my cotton come Pickin' Time.

Last Sunday mornin' when they passed the hat
It was still nearly empty back where I sat
But the preacher smiled and said that's fine
The Lord'll wait til Pickin' Time
The Lord'll wait til Pickin' Time.

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Johnny Cash Pickin' Time Comments
  1. Charles Williams

    I wouldn't be here if is wasn't for my father and grandfather round piickn time and the real deal ladies that helped them.

  2. Robert Wilk

    This sounds like a welfare song when white people were super poor and it’s sad but true black anthem sorry but tru

    Jay F

    Great depression*

  3. doreen ardourel

    Early Johnny Cash; love it!!!

  4. Tim O'Connor

    He thought this was his best song

  5. Shirley Jennings


  6. Aidan Condron

    A gem of oral history. Brilliant song

  7. Gabe Hooker

    Fantastic song. What more can be said?

  8. Dean Murray

    love you Cash

  9. GreyKing

    Love this song \m/

  10. Bobby Dickenbags

    thanks for the upload. I listen to Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Rap, and Johnny Cash all the way ....SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA


    Bobby Dickenbags OCEANSIDE ALL DAY


    @HECTOR ALVAREZ Fuck California

  11. Derek Trogdon

    there will never be another like johnny cash

    The lord of Rock

    Derek Trogdon. True

  12. John OConnor

    Love it, a story of farming and country life. Farming and getting crops is the the same all over the world. Love this song