Johnny Cash - Nobody Cared Lyrics

It all started out in Illinois with a woman that I thought was just my own
She saw a new tie and a new shirt kicked her heels and flipped her skirt
Slammed that door and left me standing all alone
They had a love nest in his new club there went my wife all over town
As I watched it I got green and with my drinkin' I got mean
Stuck a match and burned that club right to the ground

And I spent nine months in the hole lyin' there in solitaire
And nobody cared nobody cared nobody cared

There was a screw out in the hall that had me backed up to the wall
Escortin' me with a water pistol in that 36 degrees
With me shiverin' to my knees I ain't gonna forget about that water pistol
If I've been bad you think that'll make me better
If I've been a sinner you think that'll make me a saint no it ain't
Freedom come and I found him made him take off
All his clothes and socks and shoes
Had him scramblin' on the floor tryin' to make it to the door
Cryin' crawlin' screamin' bloody murder too
Well I didn't really kill him though over his whole world there hung a paw
I made him bend over on his knees and to his screams of Owen please
Took my turpentine water pistol and I let him have it all

Cause I spent nine months...
And nobody cared nobody cared nobody cared

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