Johnny Cash - I Still Miss Someone Lyrics

At my door the leaves are falling
A cold wild wind has come
Sweethearts walk by together
And I still miss someone

I go out on a party
And look for a little fun
But I find a darkened corner
Because I still miss someone

Oh, no I never got over those blue eyes
I see them every where
I miss those arms that held me
When all the love was there

I wonder if she's sorry
For leavin' what we'd begun
There's someone for me somewhere
And I still miss someone

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Johnny Cash I Still Miss Someone Comments
  1. Danny Nee Music INC

    Great song 👌👍❤️

  2. Honey Bee Talks


  3. wilfred heggart

    i love this song

  4. G Trainor

    Thanks for sharing Collin. That's a great story and it sounds like it has the super ending it should have. Congratulations to you both.

  5. Jasohjara Martinez

    My crazy 💗 5683 still missn u p/v 💔😥

  6. jules wins

    My favorite Cash song.

  7. Michael Craig

    I am going to cover this song, but I will change it to brown eyes instead of blue, because I am attracted to women with dark hair and brown eyes.

  8. whoknows

    When she left she took my little dog and I still miss her.

  9. Grumpys cats Best Friend

    Ken Burns brought me here.

  10. Michelle McDougall

    I miss you so much baby I love you and yes I am very sorry for leaving what we had begun.

  11. jacob

    I never got over those hazel eyes, I see them everywhere, I miss those arms that held me, when all the love was there

  12. Larry Nelson

    How great can a song and singer get?

  13. mariomanningfan

    When people say George Jones was hands down the most soulful/saddest country singer, I have to wonder if those people have ever listened to a Johnny Cash song.

  14. Oberst Freisler

    I love this song. I listen to this almost every day, I'm a soldier and I am in foreign use for a half year, it helps me to get over with missing my girl


    bless you for your service.

  15. Roy Preston

    Brings back great times

  16. Lyben Sush

    Oh I never got over those blue eyes
    I see them everywhere
    I miss those arms that held me
    When all the love was there

  17. Susan Sheldon

    This song reminds me of my Dad... He played his old gibson guitar from before I was born... Never learned to read music..played by ear.
    I remember when he spent hours learning the song and picking it out until he could play and sing it as it was meant to be..
    I sure miss my Dad. He passed in 1994..
    He was bigger than life and will be missed until we meet again ..GOD BLESS YOU DAD FOR EVERY MEMORY.. We all love you and miss you so much💗😥💗🙏

  18. Dragon Beast

    this song is amazing

  19. real racing 3 videos

    And after all rejection of girls... JC is the only one who understands

  20. how to minecraft

    This song describes me when my gf left me. she had amazing blue eyes and I miss her arms that hold me ☹️

  21. BILL S

    like this

  22. Megalomanizac

    What if this is the other side of the story from Ballad of a Teenage Queen, y'know. "The boy next door"?
    It works.

    "I wonder if she is sorry... For leavin' what we'd begun."

    And in Teenage Queen, we get:

    "Hollywood could offer more
    So she left the boy next door working at the candy store"


    "Oh how i miss those blue eyes..."

    And in Teenage Queen:

    "Golden hair and eyes of blue
    How those eyes could flash at you"

  23. PreGame

    I miss my grand father 😞😭😢😩

  24. Fanny Santana

    Muito bom

  25. Tague Relyea

    National treasure

  26. Walter Haight

    Maybe the best heartbreak song ever...

  27. Devin M. Luna W.

    I used to listen to this song & miss a girl named Julia Victoria with her “blue eyes”

    Now I’m over her.

    Julia, if you’re reading this, go fuck yourself you selfish bitch.

  28. Jim Gilchrist

    Johnny Cash

  29. Tamar Waddup

    ❤️❤️ I love this song.

  30. Joshua Dalby

    60th anniversary of this song

  31. Marilee Denr


  32. Marilee Denr

    God I had a great childhood met Johnny and June

  33. Spooky Max and the Dark Caliphate

    I love GG Allin version of this song.

  34. nita herman

    Linda ronstadts version is better

    Freddy Snip

    No one beats Johhnny, the way he sings and tells the story. I admire Linda Ronstadt, Im sure her reading of the song is excellent. But Johnny's Supreme.

  35. Arvid Kårevik

    Still miss him..

  36. Sonic Central

    I relate Because I get rejected a lot

  37. BuTTerKnight48

    I love the old audio, it gives me a warm feeling.

  38. romoer

    goddamit, what a song.

  39. packingten

    I miss someone....not my ex lol

  40. Rams Rivera

    my first crush had blue eyes

  41. Cindy Anshutz

    I still miss someone... and it's you John.

  42. W Miller

    I feel that this is a pretty underrated Johnny Cash song, which is a shame, this song is incredible.

    David Dorrance J.R.

    It's got the walk a line r rhythm but the tale is so true caught me off guard should have called his movie this

    Michael Craig

    How do you know it is under rated, it is not. A lot of folks like it, it was one of his big songs.

    James Brannigan

    I prefer the Folsom version of this but still a fantastic song

  43. Collin Mason

    I remember hearing this when I was younger. I never really understood the words. When I was in high school, my girlfriend of 2 years had to move up north. She had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. I considered myself the luckiest man in the world. I was planning on marring this girl after high school. She gave me a reason to get up and go to school, to see her. When she hit me with the news I begged her not to go, but that was not an option. I listened to this song over and over because it really describes how I feel. I thought I'd never see her again. After high school, while I was in college, I caught a glimpse of the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I got a closer look and realized it was my old gf. We started going out again. Fast forward 4 years to right now, we're getting married this June. Sorry for such a long paragraph, I just thought I'd share my experience.

    Take Back The Holy Land

    Mission accomplished good work

    graciano b

    We care about experience like yours!! Thanks. Personally I never got over those blue line.

    Joseph Benson

    Congratulations man! Great ending :)


    that is awesome man, wish you two the best and i hope you are still together and happy!

  44. John Beam

    I miss J C still

  45. John Beam

    this song is so true to life . J C was a singer / wrter

  46. Phoebe Fugate

    Nice song ...this is a sad song.. I Still Miss Some one

  47. Sophie Murfitt

    A handful of verses to describe the most complicated feeling in the world perfectly.

  48. mister eco

    i try walk to line, but i cry cry cry because i still miss someone, i got on stripes buy my life is like a folson prison :( ....

    Rah Damson

    You should go down the big river. Just remember, don't bring your guns to town when you visit the home of the blues.

    Crispy Men

    Your gay bro

  49. Neksreaper

    just when i think Johnny can't thrill me again i find another gem.

  50. benjamin wilcox

    My girl is out in Maryland I miss her alot the song reminds me of her

  51. joy-ann robinson

    A great song.

  52. Sara Gwinn

    this was my moms favorite song by Johnny Cash o miss her so much my friend played this song 20 minutes before i had to go to her funeral i started crying so hard

    Kenny Dobbins

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    Charles Neilley

    Sara Gwinn sorry for your loss Sara.

    Brian rogne

    So sorry life is so hard sometimes- but music takes the edge off

  53. Bocky Ralboa

    I still miss you, I always will. Those blue eyes, that blonde hair, that beautiful smile, that amazing laugh I'll never hear again. I will always miss it.

  54. TheHeatedCarcass

    another beautiful song by Cash, He knew how to real bring those feelings like no one...

    Michael Craig

    Hank Williams too of course!

  55. Nolan Gimpel

    I never got over those blue eyes.

  56. johnny Cash

    and it hurts

  57. johnny Cash

    this song made me just lose it because everysingle word just...its ya know its me and my situation

  58. joel rains

    I feel the same way Cody.

  59. Andrew J Wheeler Jr Wheeler

    I think about that special special person that's out there still waiting for me she's sweet with that sense of humor that is beautiful to me I love this song and I love johnny cash for writing it.

  60. Cody Rayy

    Everytime I hear this song, I think about the girl i used to be with and lost because of my dumbass

    Eoin Connolly

    Probably why I like this song so much lol

    Eoin Connolly

    SOA brotha I just wanted to say the names amazing, SOA best fucking show ever



    Kevin Loera

    yes sir same here lad

  61. Erin Stotler

    this song was recorded by a legend on the same day a scecond was born. Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson are the best song artists ever. I don't listen to anyone else. RIP Johnny Cash 1932 to 2003 and Michael Jackson 1958 to 2009

    Phebe Davis

    But you're missing so much music! Listen to all the artists!

    Erin Stotler

    +Phebe Davis oMG I wrote that a year ago. I've changed a lot and I listen to a lot more music but musicians only born in the 1940s to 1960s. Anyone else in the modern era is too crazy

    Phebe Davis

    @Erin Stotler  Im a music major so I saw that and it made me sad for a second :( Im convinced Ella Fitzgerald is the best voice of all time

  62. Bonnie Johnson

    Kool. By. Mr creepy parsers little girl. B.J

  63. Beatlesfanish

    Just love this song

  64. Stephen Stahley

    "I wonder if she's sorry
    For leavin' what we'd begun.
    There's someone for me somewhere,
    And I still miss someone."

    Slavni Srbin

    Stephen Stahley yep

    Joseph Okey

    "There's someone for me somewhere," that may be true, but where in the heck is she? Almost 52 years and still single. I love Johnny Cash, but boy that line can generate some emotions.

  65. TheKoffinKat

    Good ol' Johnny..

  66. Collin Kuitka

    God this song describes everything perfectly..

  67. xXxLegendWolfxXx

    haha thanks buddy lol

  68. Elijah gomez

    your pic goes good with what your saying too!

  69. Elijah gomez

    your profile pic goes good with what your saying

  70. Vega Amadeus Phoenix

    I cry everytime.

  71. Luc Jennes

    The Greatest Country singer ever FACT

  72. Kris Phillips

    i never get over them drown eyes

  73. Kris Phillips

    oh johnny i know how you feel now

  74. Ellsworth DuVall

    I miss my ex so much. I wish she still loved me or at least give us the chance to forge a new love. I just can't seem to get her off my mind. So how am i supposed to move on.

    bmoe sucka

    she aint thinkin of uou she moved on homes they all do

  75. packingten

    Is that all you morons have to do troll and look for others who relate to something then make fun or make derogatory comments?.
    I guess when your little pee pee is so short you have nothing better to do.
    How about you MYOB??.

  76. Arlene Harwell


  77. Jake Fritch

    one of the greatest musicians ever. can always count on his music to make me feel better when im feeling a little down.

  78. footballbud6

    me too my friend she like johnny cash 2 :(

  79. CrowTag Berdi

    me to...:/

  80. David Seaton

    I know that feel, bro.

  81. Alan Darkworld

    100% agreed! As should be many more Johnny Cash songs - they would fit perfectly!

  82. Frank Martin

    It's not quite old enough!

  83. xXxLegendWolfxXx

    :.( dammit reminds me of someone I know.

  84. Jesús Valenzuela

    this song should be in fallout.

  85. gavra5000

    1 dislike...... Bad... this song is awesome

  86. Nate Ross

    people say this helps them makes me sadder...still love the song though

  87. RottenRevenge

    I know the feeling, all too well.

  88. coolguy77770

    This song gets me every single time

  89. Nathan Weese

    ah it's alright big guy, you're gonna be fine without her

  90. Hellbentkel69 all time favorite song.

  91. mouhcin malcolm

    why you are touching my heart !!

  92. Safety Hazard Music

    What a sad song

  93. Ken Stinson

    everytime i hear this i think of my ex gf, i loved her alot. :(