Johnny Cash - As Long As I Live Lyrics

As long as I live if it be one hour or if it be one hundred years
I'll keep remembering forever and ever I'll love you dear as long as I live
It was easy said the night we parted that we'd forget we'd ever met
I haven't forgotten I wonder if you have or if your heart is full of regret
I never thought the night we parted that life without you could be so bad
I know it sounds funny but I can't forget you the only happiness I've ever had

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Johnny Cash As Long As I Live Comments
  1. Franz Bernasek

    best version of this amazing song Cash & Harris unbeatable

  2. Jos van der Gun

    Tears in my eyes...! G-r-e-a-t!

  3. Linda Martin

    BeautifulThank you for sharing

  4. Jeff o

    Is there any song he couldnt sing

  5. Billie Duff Strey

    What a song my 1 tume all i can say!!!

  6. Heidi Mitterhauser


  7. anthony belcher

    Lovely song

  8. Linda Martin

    Thank you sweetie

  9. Linda Martin

    Love this is new me, thank you🍇🍓. Sassy here🍓

  10. Zoé Ferreira Maciel

    Linda melodia!!!!

  11. Len Drury

    I heard that big John would throw a pretty good beating on her too when he was drunk and high on the smack


    Its your fantasy, dude, take it anywhere you desire...........

    Len Drury

    @37rainman ain't no fantasy at all
    Cash admitted he was physically abusive
    I respect the mans musical talent and no body in this world is a fucking angel
    Certainly not me
    But this guy needs not to be put on a pedestal like hes some kind of awesome guy

  12. Edward Peterson

    Emmy Lou is magnificent.

  13. tim williams

    A perfect song by two perfect CW stars.

  14. Dawn Strydom

    Beautiful. Two of the greatest. .

  15. Peter K.

    these two voices fitting together perfectly...wonderful song....

  16. Steve Roberts

    Wow!! What a great pairing. One of my favorite Country Gospel songs.

  17. Lance Lane

    Absolutely beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Brenda Benoit

    Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris great together Love this song

  19. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah you folks

  20. Franz Bernasek


  21. Karmen Jazbec

    ihave the same hair as emmilou


    You should give it back then!

  22. Karmen Jazbec

    do you love me bob

  23. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah you two

  24. Bob Sch

    Johnny hatte ein wahnsinniges Stimmvolumen

    Connie Childress

    Love y'all.

  25. Julia Müllerova


  26. Ray Wardrup

    Emmy Lou is the absolute best @ harmony. Johnny's performance is great on its own but so much better with Emmy Lou's back up.

  27. Les Hodge

    Two of my favourite singers, combining beautifully. Absolutely beautiful.

  28. Nestory Kissima

    That voice of Johnny Cash and the one of the Queen of Tulsa Emmylou Harris... What a combination!!! So marvelous and rich is country music.

  29. KER JI

    good stuff

  30. Nelson Montanha

    Real country!

  31. Celica Bojorge

    I love this song good people .

  32. Roy Kassey

    American treasures.....

  33. Clifford Cardinal

    ran into this song while researching the extend of influences on the Pictland Hadrian's Wall had.

  34. lyne freezzing


  35. capitan condor

    Yes!!! Love country 😍

  36. joshua mitchell

    We miss you Johnny

  37. Richard Edwards

    Best version ever👴

  38. Frank Lilley

    Two titans!!

  39. Julia Müllerova

    ...tak toto je paráda...beautiful song...

  40. Despereaux

    brilliant !!

  41. Melvin-Thomas Bendele

    This is a wonderful son by two wooonderful people of Country [email protected]@@@

  42. Gerald Comeau

    A great song also performed in the 50's by Red Foley and Kitty Wells

  43. MrEverthere


    ice honey

    had a say? Where?


    you tube must have jumped to another video when i was trying to comment defo a mistake buddy. i think it was blue moon over kentucky i was watching

  44. Edna L Herault

    Ms Emmy Lou has the purest voice and so much emotion shows up in her voice in any song she sings.. her voice is like I imagine an angel would sound like. Combine her with MS. Dolly Parton and they are heaven on earth.

    Eric Lewis

    Pure trash


    Since angels are usually depicted as male, you're saying that she sings like a man!

    Brad Nelson

    As long as I live

    James Murphy

    Good man Eric.You are a real happy man.


    +James:    Oh let him be, its just drug fueled crazytalk..........

  45. Johnny Bray

    me an my husband love this

  46. Monika Resch

    Emmylou ist eine Ikone und mit Johnny einfach perfekt schön. Ihre Stimme geht unter die Haut und ihre Sensibilität überträgt
    sich. Dieser Song ist außerordentlich passend für ihre Situation und deshalb ehrlich. Thanks Emmylou and Johnny

  47. Eric Lewis

    nice harmony but loose the drums real country great song

  48. Bridie Harkin

    I like this country western song  as  long as I live

  49. Terrence Gurnee

    still love ya!

  50. Terrence Gurnee

    yes indeed this is special!

  51. barbara covell

    nic eone

  52. afonso70110

    Fantastic, just fantastic.

  53. Tracey O'Brien

    The best male voice and Entertainer and the best female voices and Entertainer, I feel like I have the voices deep inside and it's a lovely feeling. .
    miss you too JC 😭💔

    Mary Plaidy

    She's the best except for Dolly. This is an old song sung by Red Foley and Kitty Wells.

  54. Frank Kristiansen

    Thank You

  55. Terrence Gurnee

    miss you Johnny!

  56. chris tanner

    true love song

  57. RorysStrat

    Two of the best ever...........

    Kev Stacey

    +RorysStrat Word.


    Indubitably !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    james Ohara

    Dean Martin roasts

  58. Mary Harrison

    Emmy Lou is matchless. Johnny didn't have the greatest voice and swallowed a lot of his lyrics, but I loved listening to him anyway, any time.


    Johnny Cash is my favorite.


    swallowed his lyrics? YouTube critique

    Philip Koen

    I don't think there will ever be someone again with his own special way of singing like Johnny Cash, my all time favorite singer, his voice was like nobody's else and immediately recognisable, unpolished yet at the same time velvet smooth.

  59. Flip side Flopsy

    One of the best country songs ever performed!!!

  60. Debankur Mukherjee

    what a voice , what a song.........

  61. BJane58

    One of the very best songs ever recorded.

  62. Pagan Morph

    Very good! First time I have heard this great version of this old standard. Many thanks for the posting.

  63. Wildfang

    Thanks for this song

  64. José van Corstanje

    I love this song. Thank you

  65. Bob Skjeie

    come and see me again Louise so I can tell you how much I love you.
    bobskjeie at

  66. Bob Skjeie

    Makes my cry for the girl I left in Melbourne, Louise from 1978. The love of my life.

  67. Gerhard Huber

    I love her clear voice. That gives me shivers down my spine.......

  68. Shakeytunes

    My favourite male and female country singers together. Oh what joy

  69. Charlie Jones

    Great song by the King Of Country Music Roy Acuff

  70. Alen Wimer

    kralj! i gotovo!

  71. Viviana Fernandez

    me encanta este hombre!!!

  72. Joe Rodriguez

    Love this song.

  73. Rosa Jones

    What a great song and two great singers.

  74. greatwhitefisherman

    what can you say? Just gives me chills.

  75. Esther Ventura Ferencz

    awesome and awesome.....2 of the greatest country singers ever. Love em BOTH! Thanks so much. :)

  76. Javier Sarratea

    genios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LO MEJOR!!!!!!!!

  77. Beth Brown

    thx for posting fabulous country music..what an awesome listen.. thankyou

  78. miguel rafael alonso calatrava

    Nice Song, i am happy to hear it

  79. Sergio Bellina

    Country music of other times, amazing it.

  80. Sergio Bellina

    Country music of other times, amazing it!

  81. nico lopresty


  82. Javier Sarratea

    hermosa cancion!!!

  83. Jojo heartspaypay

    You have ALL 4 of my heroes on 1 song..You cannot go wrong!!!

  84. Javier Sarratea


  85. Todaylight

    perfect sound record

  86. djmarler

    Two fantastic voices. Great blend and instrumentals. I first heard this the Saturday after Johnny died. It was on WVUD. Univ. of Delaware's radio station. Put the speakers on 10 and go to it.

    Thanks for posting........

  87. pecvillian

    Great tune. Thanks for sharing