John Waite - Thinking About You Lyrics

Thinking about old times
Thinking about the things we said
All the worthless games and lies
I'm looking at myself
And the mirror's unkind
You're inside my mind
And you're outside my eyes

And I'm looking for something
That's real in my life, something true, yeah!
And I'm looking for something to hold on to
But I guess it won't be you

Thinking about
Thinking about
Thinking about you all the time
You're on my mind
But this song is not for you

Of all the things I could've done
I walked right out the door
Left like a loaded gun
Into the street
And these new days drag on
Through the long afternoon
I'm smashed and Flintstones are on TV

Yeah well sometimes I wake up round midnight
With you wreathed around my skull
Like a halo of lies most of the time
And I'm in denial coming down from the ceiling
I was just your stepping stone
You burned out all my feelings

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John Waite Thinking About You Comments
  1. Chris Symonds

    gosh this brings back some memories for me lost love heartache and the girl I never got over

  2. Stevie 1973

    Only wish we could have this music today . This is pure talent . John Wait is great . They are so good ❤️❤️🎶🎶

  3. Duff Gordon

    the 60's, 70's and 80's had outrageously talented pool of vocalists- what happened to make them disappear??

  4. Chris Snyder

    Still loving it!!

  5. Bill Phillips


  6. Ralph Medina

    Hell yeah

  7. Andrew Layton

    The girl on the left is Melanie Chartoff (voice of Didi Pickles from Rugrats).

  8. Jeannie Jeannie


  9. Its really M

    985 thumbs down?

    Cant Relate 🤟🏻

  10. Jeffrey Richardson

    jody and michael
    doug brothers loved life cycle
    lauries physical

  11. Wayne Ferriera

    Reminds me of good times past ... Jammin in January 2020! 😎✌️

  12. Linda Jeffery

    Wow, this is a really Good One!!

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Love to go back to 1979. I was out of the United States Marine Corps for 2 yrs, boy did I let my hair. Loved this song, enjoyed dating the ladies then. BUT fell in love, on Leap Year Night 29 Feb 80, on a blind date. We've been married for 39 years.

  13. Movie News

    too much pressure, imaginary heroine

  14. Robert Montoya

    You had to be there!

  15. Robin Rickard

    So many memories!! I still LOVE this song!

  16. Jeffery Taylorson

    one of my faves from back in day.

  17. Burnley Vest

    The chord structure on this song is entirely unique. The way it changes keys multiple times within the song is reminiscent of Brian Wilson—and there's no higher compliment in my book. Bravo!

  18. Michael Mcmahon

    I still get the chills listening to this amazing GEM from the Baby's. The vocals, the melody, and the 'build up' in several parts of the song keeps my blood racing through my veins. Should have been a #1 smash. Also love Isn't it Time. Thank you for posting!!

  19. Michael Hauser

    Such a classic I can listen to this song over and over again and it will never get old.

  20. kenny kestner

    aVERY underraTed group

  21. kenny kestner

    Guys heLp me,...I canT?b?the onLy guy thinking abouT bing wiTh those 2babes.

  22. Ray Butler

    One of the best love ballads of all time!

  23. F D68

    Pure brilliance! Still 2020

  24. Sandy Hancock

    Great song!! Love The Babys!!

  25. Kovačević Dobrina

    Special era in music

  26. Tina M. Dow

    Every single time...

    M G

    Tina M. Dow turns out good!

  27. Gregory Burnham

    When I was stationed at Ft
    Riley,Ks. in 1970 & 71, there was a group called The Babys that would occasionally play in Junction City. Wonder if this is the same band. Anyone know?

  28. The Train

    Time goes by to quickly... I want to go back!

  29. Mike Shea

    Back in my Senior year again. Thanks !!

  30. Tracy York

    Someone find me a hot pink one-shouldered bodysuit on the double

  31. Skinflintster

    41 Years ago. Hopefully, our grandkids will see this and know we're not dweebs.

  32. Jud citizen

    Look at the thumbnail: Sam Malone / Carla Tortelli hybrid

  33. Peter Steva

    Saw this title and was thinking of Missing You, which starts with the same lyrics.

  34. joan dingledine

    I still have this on 8 track DAMN I'M OLD lol

  35. Joao Pedro Borges Oficial


  36. foofighter9999

    he is as good as ever. I go to his show every year and his pipes are as good as when he was young. going to see him and the little river band in february

  37. bevy bear

    good song

  38. chasinthewind1198

    It's alway good

  39. byrdman byrdman

    It always turns out good!💋

  40. Wang Chung

    WOW 💖

  41. michael riggans

    I just realized this song is 41 years old.

  42. Z S

    ahhhh....back in the days when you didn't have to have a politically correct ethnic 'diversity' in a band.

  43. Jeffrey Richardson

    scotts rolling papers
    zig zag job with know rapers
    chemical vapors

  44. byrdman byrdman

    You're built for l💋ve

  45. linda donofrio

    Gorgeous voice

  46. Lottie East

    Love you Sean East!!!!

  47. Philo Jones

    Sort of has the same sound and tempo of “Maybe I’m Amazed,” by Paul McCartney & Wings..

  48. Nobody Fades 2

    the perfect song

  49. Paul Walker

    One of two Baby's hits that peaked at #13, though I think "Isn't It Time" is the better song. However both shine today. John Waite of course went on to a #1 hit with "Missing You" in '84. And despite that, I think these two songs were better.

  50. Jon Williams

    I never could figure out why this band wasn't much bigger.

  51. DemonKnightOhara


  52. Todd Beach

    What a great song ! Thanks for putting this on ... Mike's Music Flash backs...🤗

  53. kitkatcats

    Fuel for my time machine.

  54. Chris Ranz

    What a terrific singer he is and the music is absolutely magnificent real gem I like how this song builds up into a strong ballad well if you agree give me a hoot y'all have a good day happy New Year everyone

  55. byrdman byrdman

    Everytime I think of you!

  56. jerry sanders

    I’m only thumbs up because of the record player and the hot backup singers 🎁🎅🏼🎄

    MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    especially the record player :)

  57. Kim Kirby

    Never gets old.

  58. andy mayers

    Released 40 years ago...
    Let that sink in.
    Still a banging track


    like this song

    jim ogrady

    LORRAINE WILSON  Im a Pisces born to like music, starting with Partridge Family TV Show 1970-1974. Buffalo, NY had a great music scene in 70s at Bills Stadium 10 years of concerts 4 every summer. Rolling Stones liked Buffalo played here 6 times. Led Zeppelin 2 times, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Aerosmith, Reo Speedwagon, Journy, The Who, The Clash, Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers, Origanal Lynyrd Skynyrd. Country singer Alan Jackson, Some kind of a Trend started most bands opened saying HELLO BUFFALO. Honestly some concerts were Dangerous because  lack of Security. Im saying about Security because I was only 5'6 Tall & I was a big drinker of beer. Im of IRISH Decent of course I drink Beer. Didn't help most GF were Partiers like me. Even Buffalo Bills games were crazy, fans would throw snowballs at the players. Buffalo is known as a big drinking City, Bars are open till 4am. Also Buffalo has a hugh IRISH  Population. Not much fun living in Buffalo our winters are 5 months long November - March. Lake Erie dumps 10-12 feet every winter. We were called SNOW CAPITAL OF USA from 1977 Blizzard, bad storm 19 feet City & Schools closed for 3 weeks. Lake Erie frezzes over every year, that helps with the snow. Even the weather guys cant figure out why we get more snow than other Citys near 5 Great Lakes. At least we have the Lake for summer fun.

  60. Steve Hibbs

    This reminds of high school great memories

  61. Vicki Vonck

    Man!!! Right

  62. mrspepper1972

    John Waite what a hottie💕

  63. foot bru

    Funny ... The Babys are five men ... but the two women, who are so essential to the song ... aren't members??
    I guess it was the same for their other hit?

  64. Carol Napolitano

    Now fake singers us auto tune.

  65. Improper Bostonian

    Wow still sounds awesome from 1979 The Babys , this takes me back.


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  67. Lorraine Wilson

    love this song

  68. Wendy Noto

    Like the badys back in the day

  69. Zing Cortez

    My son kills his gf's clones while listening to this song

  70. chris Barnett

    I did a roof repair for him. Nice guy

  71. RyanKC

    Grunge and Rap were the beginning of the end.

  72. Lee Madden

    Love and adore this song 💖💖💖💖💖

  73. Steven Hobart

    Who's still listening oh yes life is so good and the sweet memories of our growing up will last and last

  74. Carol Bear

    Love this song period

  75. Manu Herdez

    The best of The BEST....

  76. Debby 6584

    Music from the good old it!!

  77. Justin Fontaine

    Great band that was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong name. They just didn't cut through big in America as Journey kind of came along and stole that piece of the rock/pop pie. The name did not help them. I didn't care. I think they are the most under-rated band of the late 70's ear 80's. Every song every album is solid. Journey came along and flat out stole Jonathan Cain. John Waite at least had a smash with Missing You and the rest is history. tony Brock awesome drummer who played with Rod Stewart for awhile. Just so much better than anything that's coming out for the last 20 years. Better songs and better playing for that style of music.

    Midas Wellbee

    John Waite was foolish. He turned down quite a few tunes of Jonathan's Cain that later became some of the biggest hits for Journey.

  78. Gary Krug

    mr. waite`s bajora earwear?

  79. Dick van Aggelen

    Stop with that crazy "Still listening in 2019 anyone else"

  80. Terry Herrera

    Dat Blond has Somme Pipes !!

  81. Joan Jett 69

    John Waite has such a amazing voice and his music is some of the best easy listening features that anyone can find their own personal connection..

  82. Low-Tech Mods

    Journey's Johnathan Cain.

  83. Cliff Riley

    This song reminds of a very special girlfriend that I loved and lost .she has past away.

    Wang Chung

    Sometimes life sux mate

  84. Tommy Lane

    I met john Waite in a parking lot bar back in 1977 in South jersey with my old best friend

  85. maylabear

    My wife doesnt get it . Cocaine love isnt how its supposed to be .

  86. Mike or patty Rhoades

    I woke up to this song yesterday! Why it has been years!!! WOW!!

    Mike or patty Rhoades

    OH in my head!! I have know idea why!!! mike wen't to sleep before I!! I just kept hearing How I think of YOU!! Love it tho!! ha LOL!!

  87. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Love this song!

  88. Susan B

    I can see why I don't remember this song.

  89. Richard Proctor


  90. Ken Holley


  91. Wang Chung

    Wot a voice 💚

  92. metis lamestiza

    945 people have no concept of fab voices

  93. Mr V

    MusicMike: keep those '70s tunes coming...! I had forgotten this one, but instantly recognized the title when it popped up on my YouTube "home display"....

  94. Richard Conner


  95. itsjustme

    Love the video, watching the record playing the song!

  96. joan dingledine

    Great memory's from my younger years..... The baby's rocked. love John. Still have Head First on track yep Im old and an track player

  97. Rozenax Sax

    Wow, what a set of pipes that woman in pink has. And John was fantastic as always as well as androgynously cute. I can't believe he wasn't gay.