John Prine - Often Is A Word I Seldom Use Lyrics

I know that you're sad
I know that you're lonely
You lie awake 'till way past when
I want you to know
That I'm leaving you only
'cause I might not get the chance again.

I'm cold and I'm tired
And I can't stop coughing
Long enough to tell you all of the news
I'd like to tell you
That I'll see you more often
But often is a word I seldom use
Often is a word I seldom use.

Tell me, where did the weekend go?
Tell me, where did the weekend go?
Went like thunder, felt like snow.
Went like thunder, felt like snow.

You must think my life's a circus
Watching me laughing
And slapping my thighs
How'd ya like to die
In the house of mirrors
With nobody around to close your eyes.


Going down to the Greyhound station
Going back home
And get what's mine
Got me a date
With the ten o'clock special
Gonna be there at a quarter to nine.


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John Prine Often Is A Word I Seldom Use Comments
  1. Ron Ammons

    earlier stuff? ..this was his 2cnd record, was it not?

  2. John Grauman

    "How you'd like to die in a house of mirrors with nobody around to close your eyes" love that line

  3. dan thefan

    ThankYou for posting this!

  4. Nicole Ono

    I love this SO much !!!!!!! This album got me (and continues to get me 40 years later) through my parents divorce !!! I was 6, listened to it over and over, I know almost all of the lyrics to every song !!! Still :P at least until the Alzheimers hits hahahahaha !! Thanks for posting !!


    Nicole Ono John Prine got me through many of life’s tough moments...This song came to mind tonight while I was sitting in the emergency room for the second time in three weeks due to a bad case of pneumonia. It’s sleeting here tonight so I’m cold and I’m tired and I can’t stop coughing myself. Yet again ol’ Johnny’s words got time through another tough night!


    missec1983 Hope you’ve been feeling better :)

  5. Larry Parker

    Sweet Revenge has some great back up musicians....A bit more than his earlier stuff.

  6. lefty Wright

    I love John Prine and for some reason this my favorite song by him.  Maybe it's the horns!


    lefty Wright it’s definitely one of the great ones!

    Mike Gustafson

    John Prine had horns? 🤔

  7. Josh B

    This song is so cool. I'm going to see him in June. Pretty excited.


    Josh B I saw him last November, on 11/11 with my then 13 year old son. It was honestly one of the highlights of my life!