John Prine - Long Monday Lyrics

You and me
Sittin' in the back my memory
Like a honey bee
Buzzin' 'round a glass of sweet Chablis
Radio's on
Windows rolled up
And my mind's rolled down
Headlights shining
Like silver moons
Rollin' on the ground

We made love
In everyway love can be made
And we made time
Look like time
Could never fade
Friday Night
We both made the guitar hum
Saturday made Sunday feel
Like it would never come

Gonna be a long Monday
Sittin' all alone on a mountain
By a river that has no end
Gonna be a long Monday
Stuck like the tick of a clock
That's come unwound - again

Soul to soul
Heart to heart
And cheek to cheek
Come on baby
Give me a kiss
That'll last all week

The thought of you leavin' again
Brings me down
The promise of
Your sweet love
Brings me around

It's gonna be a long Monday
Sittin' all alone on a mountain
By a river that has no end
It's gonna be a long Monday
Stuck like the tick of a clock
That's come unwound - again
And again

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John Prine Long Monday Comments
  1. Paul Bryant

    John print you move make me want to keep playing and singing. Paul michael Bryant.Thanks Buddy.

  2. Marti Rodriguez

    I remember a night in the Arizona. Badland. It waa like. Just like that. And 👍 its almost over. For us old school people.

  3. Keith Phillips

    I love you John Prine

  4. Kyle Miller

    How can you write a song so perfectly?

  5. Joseph Carpenter

    Hunts Lake N Y thanks Kate

  6. stephen story

    Modern day Johnny Mercer. Thanks for all the memories John,

  7. Dennis Carlson

    Saw Prine in Old Town, Chicago 1968. He played at The Earl of Old Town, North Ave. and Wells. The world's Love Revolution was on, Vietnam and music. Wide open and you could hear Prine, Ronstadt, all the early rockers. This was their right od passage.A shame it's all gone now...The Earl is a.Walgreens now. Sad....

  8. spiritofr

    pure Prine perfection

  9. john mahlman

    Good tune !!!!!

  10. Jakob Virgil

    John is not the cure for depression but he helps stave off the suicide.

    Gordy Jorgenson

    Ha ha amen

  11. عبدالملك نواف

    يلعنم الدفء اللي بهالاغنية

  12. Usurped

    Not had the pleasure of his music before thank Rs for the link, like it.

  13. Robert Chappell

    Without a doubt one of the greatest song riders of all time. Honest storytelling about real life experiences.

  14. Fuzzy Was

    Great lyrics. I guess the real meaning from Johns songs is mostly between the words.

  15. Northcountry Hermit

    I discovered John Prine last year... As a musician, I kick myself that its taken me this long to discover his talent. Since then, I've been learning his songs with thoughts of performing them soon. What an incredible talented man!

    His songs are perfect with a day of beer and chopping wood!


    without a doubt


    Northcountry Hermit I envy people that can discover him. The music has never lost its magic but that first time I hear any of his songs blows me away. Like this one for instance, it was hidden from me for some time and when I first heard it not long ago it about made me cry.

    Grace O'Donnell

    Been listening to him since I was 14 or 15, and I'm getting towards 60 now. But you know what? One of the beauties of life is that there are always new joys to discover.

  16. Terra H

    Been a long Monday for sure..

  17. Bernard Avello

    Come on baby gimme a kiss that it'll last all week!

  18. Marcia thomason

    Just saw him tonight...have loved him since the seventies....See him every time he is in Portland....Love John Prine....long may he live...

    nashville slim

    You are lucky. I wanted to see him at the Ryman. Ha! Impossible makes me sad.

  19. Rich Diana

    John and I are approaching our final songs of this life and I am so thankful I had him as a fellow passenger.


    No! No! No! your songs will live forever too!

    Ron Long

    Please take your time

  20. Greg Graham

    My fave song-wrighter!

  21. Alice Lovell

    My Dad turned me on to John Prine @18 it's been a 48 yr Love Affair.


    i hope it was as good for you as it was for me ;)

  22. Jim

    One of the greatest songwriters of all time. Look who played with him.... Kris Kirstofferson who discovered him, Bruce, The Heartbreakers, Bobby Zimmerman (Dylan), Neil......

    nashville slim

    Ain't it great his best selling album is his most recent.


    @nashville slim Yes indeed Nashville Slim. He just continues to blaze trails. A Classic.


    Lonesome Friends of Science...example of what you speak of.

    nashville slim

    @Jim when I get to heaven is awesome.

  23. MrBobbystyles

    Prine is as honest as it gets :)

  24. Josey Wales

    24 ppl don't like this?

    Josh Lewis

    24 people im glad I dont know. This is great!

  25. John Powers

    The English language has thousands of words that we don’t use. Of the few we do use, John Prine puts them in the right place every time

    Sandra Koback

    @Howard Spencer Yes!

    Key West Pete

    Simply put...that is the best review of JP ever. Thanks, you made my day!

    Dale Kidd

    A tight place brings out true character, think about it!!!😎

    Roy Glenn

    John Powers I could not said anything better than that.

    William Huffman

    Beautifully said. Saw him again Saturday night and felt so good until this morning. Now I'm back in a half an inch a water

  26. Eric Sampson

    Headlights shining like silver moons rolling on the ground.

    Chris Hillier

    dont know why, but every time i hear that line it gives me chills

  27. sievers96


  28. winkleoop

    So happy. Everything will always be here, here? her here rra hrre ...

  29. Josiah Kelekolio


  30. mat11trick

    Friday night, we both made the guitar hum
    Saturday made Sunday feel like it would never come

    Shelly Sprunk

    I want a love like this.

    Josh Lewis

    What a great lyric

  31. Kim Schmutzler

    My Mom and i just saw him 10-31-15 at the San Diego Civic Center. Amazed how many folks, including myself flew in from around the country to see this amazing partnership. Have admired both over 30 years and that only strengthens..

  32. C Lew

    I just saw him with Kris Kristofferson at The Pearl at The Palms in Vegas on Friday 10-30-2015. .... Genius never ages, genius just wizens. My word, what a true troubadour. 💛👏


    Had to be awesome

  33. Pilar Gonzalez

    I like this song.

  34. Jayne Knott

    Cyber hugs!

  35. Loïc Deschamps

    Maybe Alison Krauss...


    Harmony vocal is Mindy Smith.

  36. Mack Lee

    Who's doing back-up vocals on this cut? Is it Emmylou?

    Jerry Hook

    I believe it's Mindy Smith.

    Priscilla Webster

    I think it's Iris DeMent

    Kathleen Maggio-Straub

    @leslie Mendson

  37. Frank Deal

    the realest of deals.

    Shelly Sprunk

    Frank Deal more than ever.

    Seeker Smith

    Well put brother. I couldn't improve that one.


    Got dam right

  38. Jackie Leigh

    good stuff.

  39. Breaking Away from The Herd

    so cool

  40. Don Lowe

    Gorgeous song from an American treasure. 

  41. David Prince

    Saw him and Rosanne Cash in New York earlier this month. Fantastic show, he is still funny as hell and can still pick it and sing it. For his age, he is in good condition for the condition he is in!!!

  42. Dennis Smith

    As great a song writer, story teller and artist as Cash...I love them both!

    Randy Bingham

    hes a songteller!!!!!!!!!!!!