John Prine - Diamonds In The Rough Lyrics

While walking out, one evening,
Not knowing where to go
Just to pass the time away
Before we held our show
I heard a little mission band
Playing with all their might
I gave my soul to Jesus
And left the show that night
The day will soon be over
And evening will be done
No more gems to be gathered
So let us all press on
When Jesus comes to claim us
And says it is enough
The diamonds will be shining
No longer in the rough

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John Prine Diamonds In The Rough Comments
  1. Liketo Criticize

    ...just eatin' that gospel pie... what a poet.

  2. Sold to be Diers

    While out sailing on the ocean
    While out sailing on the sea
    I bumped into the Savior
    And He said pardon me
    I said "Jesus you look tired"
    He said "Jesus so do you,
    Sit down son
    'Cause I got some fat to chew"
    Everybody needs somebody that they can talk to
    Someone to open up their ears
    And let that trouble through
    Now you don't have to sympathize
    Or care what they may do
    But everybody needs somebody that they can talk to

    Well he spoke to me of morality
    Starvation, pain and sin
    Matter of fact the whole dang time
    I only got a few words in
    But I won't squawk
    Let 'em talk
    Hell it's been a long long time
    And any friend that's been turned down
    Is bound to be a friend of mine
    Now we sat there for an hour or two
    Just eatin' that Gospel pie
    When around the bend come a terrible wind
    And lightning lit the sky
    He said so long son I gotta run
    Appreciate you listening to me
    And I believe I heard him sing these words
    As he skipped out across the sea
    Been a tremendous help in crossin' over that ''fearful bridge of prayer'' to Him.
    -former recondo sgt. ''rock'' gilpin 82nd abn. 11b4p 1/504 inf. bn. '71-'74
    ''For None are closer to the author of sacrifice Himself...
    Than Those Who choose to perform it fothe sake of others.'' -gilpin 112518

  3. Marcia Corbin

    Yes they do...


    God bless John Prine FOREVER

  5. issy robins

    This is my aunts favorite song

  6. Bill Baerg

    Everybody Needs Somebody

  7. CAMPDELTA1234

    American treasure

  8. Mark Sellers

    what more can you say

  9. Alisha Juliano

    I am with you guys... went to church to hear St. John's gospel... and then heard John Prine on the way home on the radio and thought, man, this guy speaks and sings the Word... about a way that will help me of my parents favorite artists... now I know why.

  10. super smile

    how does he do it!!! we're all living in the same time line with a true great!!!

  11. Leonard Earl Johnson

    Any one who's been turned down is bound to be a friend of mine....  by Leonard Earl Johnson:             Carnival Time Without Bo Dollis / Feburary 2015 

  12. jannie middendorp

    the mans voice and his lyrics are in perfect sync. never heard anything like it

  13. 404unused

    My spiritual Guide. since 1972. or earlier.

  14. sunnyquin

    I just bought a new needle for my Garrard turntable so I can listen to these albums again, Thanks