John P. Kee - Praying For You Lyrics

Our Grandmother told us
To always pray
She instilled it in me
At my early days
So now that I'm a grown man
I was led astray
Real believers know
We ought to always pray

Make my request known
Thru prayer and thanksgiving
Highly favored, blessed to be living
I humbly bow, cause I need a touch
The prayers of the righteous
Availeth much

Sunday morning, at 10 minutes to 8
Scripture would be read
Grand momma would be gettin ready to pray
And the song she would sing, would be (Remember Me)
Grandma still prayin today
At 97 she's blessin me

Daniel prayed 3 times a day
He knowed everything that the king did say
He prayed to God, the giver of all things
He would not bow, to another king [?]

I'll be prayin, prayin for you
I'll be prayin, prayin for you

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