John P. Kee - Life And Favor Lyrics

Some people have seen where God has brought you from
They really don’t understand it
They don’t know your story.

[Choir Verse:]
You don’t know my story
You don’t know the things that I’ve come through
You cannot imagine
The pain the trials I’ve had to endure

You don’t know my story
You don’t know the day He set me free
You cannot imagine
The strongholds and the walls that severed me

In all God has been faithful to me
He promised He would never leave me
My story proves that God can use me
Deliverance is my testimony
You don’t know -- my story!
You don’t know -- my story.

[Lead 1:]
You don’t know my story
The anguish and the guilt that consume me
Grateful I can tell it
For no more shall the shackles condemn me

You don’t know my story
For if you did you would lift up your hands
So just let me tell you
By faith you may as well break out and dance.

In all God has been faithful to me
He promised He would never leave me
My story proves that God can use me
Deliverance is my testimony

You don’t know -- my story!
You don’t know -- my story.

Through my testimony that the blood of the lamb –
Delivered again
Now I have a testimony;
Favor’s upon me

Grace and Mercy, Love and Peace
All in you I’ve found
A lord that will not ever leave me
(He wont forsake me.)

You don’t know my story --

I’m delivered, here’s my story
Life and Favor upon me He brought me out
You don’t know it, let me tell it
Life and favor upon me He brought me out

God of Mercy He who loves me
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
Oh how wondrous is my story
Life and favor He brought me out

Can’t imagine what I’ve gone through
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
Can’t imagine what I’ve gone through
Can’t imagine.

[Key Change]
I’m delivered, here’s my story
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
You don’t know it, let me tell it
Life and favor upon me He brought me out

God of mercy He who loves me
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
Oh how wondrous is my story
Life and favor upon me He brought me out

Can’t imagine what I’ve gone through
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
I’m delivered, here’s my story
Life and favor upon me He brought me out

(Can’t imagine)

Can’t imagine what I’ve gone through
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
God of mercy, He who loves me
Life and favor upon me He brought me out

Oh how wondrous is my story
Life and favor upon me He brought me out
Can’t imagine what I’ve gone through
Life and favor upon me He brought me out

(Heyyyyy, hey, hey, hey)

Life and favor upon me – [Repeat Out]

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John P. Kee Life And Favor Comments
  1. Isaac Sims IV

    This song is such a Blessing & Testimony

  2. carissa Smith

    I was homeless in many abusive relationships my son was traumatized and molested went to drugs and alcohol and men for love in a domestic violence shelter friends walked away family walked away men walked away almost prostituted for money and food just to Feed my son ran from my baby father dated older men who used me and abused me but the lord I tell you had brought me so far and delivered me and I’m still a work in process but I know the lord is for me not against me life and favor

  3. Eboni King

    It would shock people to know everyday I’m accused from the pulpit to the pews along with privacy invasion.

  4. Jaden Cain

    I’m only 10 and I praise him all the time and go the church all the time

  5. Parnes Robinson

    One word God gave me the Power to over come the things that Devil said I wouldn't just know this My Story I don't wish it on my worst Enemies My Body wants to give up but I hear the Voice of God Push Parnes It is The Grace who keep me Standing Watch this it will be God who brings me out No Devil in Hell can Stop It You shall be move


    I was kidnapped and I am still being held captive under duress by my captors....However, God is good and I will find my family that I was taken from. I will be returned to my proper home someday I hope to be soon.

  7. Tylee Hill

    So basically queen naija stole from a song that was dedicated to the creator of all things, and somehow thinks that God will allow her to get away with it AND bless her for it? Naw dawg it doesn't quite work like that, but oK

  8. Donna Robinson

    My story Lordy 👐👐👐👐👐

  9. Denise Champion

    The favor of God 🙏🙏 2020

  10. lamont goings

    2020 and this song still feel like it was just released. God brought me so far and still blessing me and my family.

  11. Sharon Brown

    Angela Rye instastory led me here🙌🏾🙏🏾

  12. Victorious Victory

    Some people believe Satan sits on the throne. False fixed beliefs Satan actually sits in the middle so God the Creator and Jesus the saviour can place their feet upon his head so he can confess with his mouth to start a war with infinite powers is absolutely insane. Satan PSYCHOLOGICAL disorders for sure! Life and favour I'm definitely delivered! Amen! Let's take the I'm delivered challenge!

  13. Shawnee Lyons

    This is my testimony. I had a double breast mastectomy on November 4th. Had complications from the surgery. I was In the emergency room every weekend since the surgery. On December 12th I had to go back into the operating room. The next week I went for my post op and my doctor told me my lab work came back and I have a staph infection. But if you saw me you would not even know I was going through all of this. God is merciful and I know he has his hands on me.

  14. Jermaine Young

    Oh and the song is named KARMA

  15. Jermaine Young

    I prefer queen naija version better at least I know I'm listening to worldy music.SMH I can y gospel is full of fakes .

  16. Jermaine Young

    This song is from an R&B song sung by female the so-called church folks and a well renound preacher is over it.

    sharon cullars

    no, the r&b song stole the melody of a christian song. get it right. millenial.

  17. The Delapenha Family

    Who is here from Queen Najah song

  18. Nicole Carlsen

    Whom shall know his story .....line ☝ up have an foot stand capital but him

  19. Nicole Carlsen

    They wouldn't never know 🗣💨💨💨💨💨💨💨🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. Chandra Williams

    Blessed to hear this song 🙏

  21. nylea h

    Queen sampled this song

  22. Clarence Harris

    God hands is on you Shaketha. Keep God in your corner. May God bless your three children and keep the dogs call cancer from your door steps.

  23. Diana Riley

    In 2014 I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative disc disease, an Enlarged heart. I was told by a specialist that he doesn't even know how I'm moving my neck. Bone just deteriorated. I have a Bakers cyst on the back of my knee, tumor protruding out of my back the size of a 1/2 of a grapefruit. A hernia , that lied dormant for a while. But giving me problem again...... The other knee that I had surgery on last year for the torn meniscus and Leaking Bakers Cyst. Feels like it retore inside. Both hips are in pain as I text. I won't even get into the family drama. Because I serve Jesus. I'm smiling right now.😊 Because I really had not sat down and thought about how much I had going on.😊🤷🏾‍♀️ Because I don't dwell on it. The joy😊👐🏾 of the Lord is truly my strength. 💪🏾💪🏾🤲🏽🙌🏾🙏🏽 People watch me humming , smiling and conversing in the grocery store. They have no clue. It's so good to know & love Jesus. This old building has a lot of leaks. Broken down. I STRIVE to live for Jesus. Job said , "Though He slay me? Yet will I trust Him. "🙋🏾‍♀️👍🏽😊🙏🏽🙌🏾 One day soon, I will take on that incorruptible body. No more pain and suffering. It will be worth it all. Just enjoying this beautiful worship song. Love me some John P. Keep, and New Life😊👍🏽❤! We all have a story. But God!!😊😊💛👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👐🏾👐🏾👐🏾🙏🏽Hallelujah!!😊 Be encouraged! Look up , Jesus is soon to come😊🙌🏾🙏🏽👍🏽❤

  24. Spody Necie


  25. Ivory Turner

    Omg ive been through alot but thank God I'm still here

  26. Darlene Combs

    You do not know my story. God's grace and mercy is the power of this life. I am fat, I am Black, I am woman, but, God still loves me. Amen!

  27. Twin Mason

    Thank you Lord I put no one or nothing before you I give you all the credit whatever you are doing Lord I don't want and cannot do it without you

  28. Anointed One

    My story is still being written, but thank you Jesus!!! For the things which you've brought me through thus far. For I know. The tougher the day, the Greater the Strength!!!!! yaasssss

  29. Patrice Marcelle

    Oml this songs just like Queen Niaja song well I guess now I know where she got inspiration from

  30. Latasha Bryant

    Iam a living testimony I have been through all the storms. And to know Iam still here. Amazes me every day. And I fell in Love with him. His name is Jesus Christ the messiah he is king of kings lord of lords. Beginning & End 🙏

  31. Mora S

    Glory...awww God has been faithful too me!!!! 🙏🏽🙌🏾

  32. Marcy L. Sanders

    Glory to God🙌😭🙏😍😇

  33. Mirr Baby


  34. L Dennis

    Who here because you know the Legend Pastor John P. Kee and New Life choir gospel music 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾even in year 2019-2020❤️

  35. Sarah Hardy

    You don't know my story thank you Jesus

  36. Darlene Combs

    I believe that God's power is real. You do not know my story. I have just dropped 260 pounds and have 200 + pounds to drop. The stronghold of my life is my family. I love them but, love has to be returned on the level of maturity and the declaration of deliverance to love freely without amendments of request of a highly charged nature of truth. Love is the power in which I use to fight with and that is same. I am truth with power of the Word of God.

  37. S.E. Wright

    Listen People:
    Whatever your going through?
    God can And Will Deliver!
    Just Trust and Believe.

  38. Kim Hinton

    I agree when the psalmist William Murphy says, "Praise is what I do." Hallelujah!

  39. Gail Pullen

    Lord, I Thank You For One More Time!

  40. Dreejumpinn

    This song is such a blessing! Your life can be a testimony and encouragement to others! God helping with finances, food, housing and still remaining's not easy, many tears are cried asking God "WHY ME?!" But, God makes a way and continues to love us Daily! Stay encouraged Saints of God, I'm a witness that God will bring you out and when He does, do not forget to say "Thank You!!" Continue to Praise the Lord...DAILY!

  41. Jackie Just Blessed Arbuckle

    Thank you Jesus!!! Subbing

  42. Nikki Tillery

    lord send peace and better relationship with my oldest son boyfriend last weekend was so much drama My birthday is nov 2 and I'm so down asking you lord that I have peaceful birthday an i get all that I want in jesus name,,,pls help me lord amen send me all i needs. I got faith it will happen.

  43. Donna Robinson

    Can't imagine what I've gone thru

  44. Pamela Stewart

    I love this song it bring tears to my eyes... I been thru so much and still is... I continue to pray bc I know GOD going to bring me out...

  45. Stephanie Brown

    Was viciously attack stabbed a dozen times, lost some eyesight from the attack and 11 years later , its still my story, praise God , Jesus is Lord and i am free because of His Grace and Mercy!!

  46. Diane Wright

    Testimony. Crying under water. I lost my Mother My father My Nephew My Brother two Grandchildren My oldest Son My Fiance. My Mind. God is awesome. I'm still standing. In the darkness there is light. You just have to believe and trust. In the power of our God. Only then will you see how incredible he can be💕 Hallelujah. Diane💕

  47. Deidre Long

    The lord has brought me through this far.

  48. Alin Louis

    I love this song.

  49. LGKids

    Actually I was here, b4 the young lady sang the melody, but when I heard her song, I asked My Daughter which of ya'll singers, singing John P Kee! And its about time! Peace!

  50. Linda Waldron


  51. Mrs Mary Lucas

    What so good about The LORD God Almighty, he can turn any song around for his glory. Amen

  52. Takiyah pearson

    I used to be a prostitute didnt really see a future i was smoking weed im glad im off the street married with 3 kids now i would have never thought

  53. Niecy57


  54. Ally Kind

    Just grateful to still have my sanity after being abandoned and neglected by my husband of 7 years! Losing everything we had ever acquired and living as a homeless family with my 3 of 5 kids for over a year! But God is still faithful!

  55. PoohPreaches

    This song is a gem! So glad that God reminded me about this testimony worship song!

  56. Betsy Thorpe

    God did it life favor

  57. Shaun M

    You don’t know my story, but I’m going to tell it today on YouTube. Regardless of the outcome, good or bad, the Lord is still in control. As I recall this strange story, I was encouraged to go the a social media app, back in 2014. If you think the social apps are harmless think again. Because this has effected my husband and I’m not quite sure how this has occurred. A man on Vine is a narcissistic personality, a negative evil spirit. This man has stalked me for five years. And now I’m being “ gang-stalked” by him and other strangers I do it know. Just think of criminals watching and listening to your family members unaware. He has disabled the aiarm in my husband’s phone and has harmed my computer so that I’m having trouble doing my homework. This man is quite troubled. Witchcraft and the other “ red arts” are involved to harass me. How can a man I do not know stand in a dark place go harass. I’m a wife if thirty-one years, a mother and a grandmother, why would these people who also have children and families act this way. Jesus said this kind comes by prayer and fasting. The Lord will deliver right on time.

  58. Phidisha Smith

    When we struggle with strongholds..Jesus will brake them as well as chains..🙏🏾

  59. Mr Awesome Anthony

    Lost my Grandma,uncle and Aunty in a 3 month time period but God is faithful and is my strength!!!

  60. Derek Stallings

    Still love this ❤️ Song

  61. the lego masters

    All i can say is Thank you Jesus! For all He has done and all He is doing.

  62. Brown Skin60

    I play this song at least 8X per day at work! Glory! 🙌🏽



  64. Connie Garrett

    Not here because of Queen. Heard this on radio this morning. After reading various post, tears in my eyes. God bless us all.

  65. Phyllis Jones

    Even at my lowest point in my life I felt the hand of God over my life. And while there he didn't allow Satan 2 take me out and though I gone and come out of many valleys I can really tell those who doubt or don't believe in Jesus, when he said that he'll NEVER leave U nor forsake U, he meant just that, because I'm a living testimony of it. Yes, I cried many tears and each drop tells a story oh trust me when I say I give Jesus ALL my glory and even then that's not enough.

  66. LaNora Prince-Holliday


  67. shena Hamilton


  68. Ithaka Yakame'

    My story still going cause im in the land of the living but for GOD to have kept me through all I've done been through ppl gave up on me lost ppl... raised woth no father looked death in the face how he saved me and from myself i still look back and ask why me..tht he kept and held and loved so much dnt have time but know this GOD did it for me and for you he can too.

  69. Coco1992 Bonet

    This song will make you cry.. Man does it bring back some memories. God brought me out🙏🏽.

  70. Motivational Speech With Miko

    I’ve been going though lost everything my niece lied on me but the lied on Jesus who am I But God turn my mess into my ministry

  71. P.U.S.H pray until something happens

    Whoever thumbs down must ain't been through nothing. I'ma pray for you. Thanks for sharing this song

  72. Justin Wilson

    This is My testimony. Come on LeJuene. I hear Isaac Carree on the adlibs. That’s my boy

  73. HaveUbeenVetted Topical solution 4.0%questions?


  74. Talaya Sibley

    # You don't know my story# I don't look like what I've been# It wasn't for me but to bless someone else# God was there all the time# glory to God# thank you Lord for never leaving me # couldn't have made without you Lord# living testimony # Lord I thank you for I had to go through and for you being there every step of the way. In Jesus name amen🙏🏾

  75. Felicia82

    My story Lord Jesus!!!!!😢😢😢😢

  76. Mario Hamilton

    Homelessness, drug addiction, bad relationship, rape etc.. all that was just a few years ago. I know God favored me bc he brought me out‼️ I haven't looked back since. ONLY if people knew MY STORY 😭😭🙌🙌


    Hospice stroke walking away from abusive relationship but I know you don't know my story thank God life and favor is upon me he did. Praying I got my place no I got my place this day in JESUS name I decree and declare it

  78. eTeRnAl bLiSs


  79. QueenB 1969

    Noone would ever believe my story💔😢 Im so broken ...The past 2 years have been a continuous nightmare🙏 Brought upon me by the people I trusted most. #YouDONTKNOWMYstory😢 Im ready 2 be set free...Im beyond tired of being here!!!💔

  80. Elisa Blessed Clay

    Yes god did it I went through a big depression after loosing my mom in 2012, and had got on drugs really bad god is so so good I been clean off drugs for almost 2 yrs God delivered me I'm doing well now and I'm so greatful glory thank you Jesus!!!

  81. Darlene Johnson

    Love this song, LeJuene sings beautiful as always. She is Awesome on Pastor James Douglas CD also. Thanks LORD!!!

  82. Sassy K719

    You don't know my aunt Jennifer's story

  83. angie burnham

    You don't know my story. You don't know my story. Oh Lord. My story.

  84. Jewel Grier

    NEVER no nobody story

  85. anne beegee

    I made it through!!!!! Im alive!!!! Im greatful!!!!! #Life and Favor!--

  86. Pernell Jackson

    This song is so powerful, because GOD has blessed me to overcome 15 surgeries and attempted suicide. I am delivered by God's Grace & Mercy, this is my testimony right here. Favor ain't fair but it feels so good🙌🙏.
    S.J. (Birmingham, Al)

    Pernell Jackson

    This is in reference to my wife and all she has gone through. You don't know my story🙏.




    My wife had 4 strokes,she's diabetic,fibromyalgia,on top of all that she just got out of the hospital last thursday,she was threatening kidney....PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY FATHER IN HEAVEN SHES STILL WITH US.....

    P K

    Be a healer Jesus!!!

  89. ttg selfmade100

    I Got A Testimony🙌

  90. ttg selfmade100

    Thank You Jesus 🙏 For Bringing Me Through The Storm🙌 Parise God 💜👏💞🙏🙌

  91. James Fedd

    Love this song. My testimony!!!

  92. Sally Mclean

    This my song I been through so stuff in my life but I no god got me

  93. ttg selfmade100

    Thank You Jesus 🙌 For Your Grace And Mercy And Dying For Our Sins 💙❤️🙏💞 🙌

  94. Eddie Duhart

    Shot 6 times one night. GRATEFUL FOREVER

  95. Ikpugha

    Orphaned as a Nigerian at my teenage years, lost a kid brother to the dreaded Duchenne's Muscular dystrophy, but years on I am a preacher of this gospel of the Kingdom and the earthly reign of King Jesus Christ. The story has been every inch treacherous, but He brought me out. Glory!

  96. Pearl Dennis


  97. Nathaniel Andrews

    Mmm. .5

  98. Oof

    God isn’t real

    Its Jaden

    Neighter Are You 🌚

    angie burnham

    We all have God. Non judgemental.

  99. Dorothy Davis

    God Alone Knows My Story, Yet He loves me still.

  100. Kim Falls