John P. Kee - I Woship Thee Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
All of my life and all of my days
I'll give You the praise
For You've done so much for me
And I adore Thee

[Verse 2:]
You taught me how to love my enemies
In the midst of the storm I'll be strong
That's why my spirit will always be free
For I adore Thee

I worship Thee
I worship Thee
I worship Thee and I adore Thee

I'll give You the honor
I'll give You the praise
Forever and ever
I'll lift up Your name

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John P. Kee I Woship Thee Comments
  1. Winner 2016

    Forever and ever. I'll give you the praise! Thank You

  2. ugoshow1

    All praises to THE MOST HIGH and HIS SON The MESSIAH for blessing me with hearing and singing this with the choir I was in back in highschool class of 97

  3. Lisa Baxter

    I designed a praise dancer on this song with boys years ago after 12 years of dialysis I got a kidney watch the the Lisa Baxter show on YouTube share subscribe my website is

  4. Franchasca S Harvey

    Classic .... tears rolling

  5. Deondra Thomas

    Had a dream about this song

  6. Renitra Johnson

    I remember hearing Manuel Bell singing this song when I was a teenager at my mother/2ndfather church Powerhouse COGIC.

  7. Wa'Shonda Guillebeaux

    beautiful song

  8. Jlove4life

    This is my FAVORITE John P. Kee song ... actually it is this song that caused me to fall in love with his ministry. Love Love Love this worship piece!!!   

  9. ssharrineg

    I love John P.Kee. I love all of his songs and I love it that he's not threatened by giving the mic to someone else. I like it better when he sings it, years later. Although the words are the same the Anointing is greater!!!

  10. octaviakf

    This is a good place to start your worship & praise!!! Listening before I hit the work scene

  11. lamekanalls82

    This song is so lovely!!

  12. mrm64

    Before 'I Do Worship". it was :)

  13. thatgurlfeli


  14. Hugo Wonder

    Bless the Lord

  15. eligah8

    I love this song...Pastor Kee is a psalmist!...The lady is killin her part too!...1love n Jesus

  16. ahd1969

    I remember first hearing this song on am940, the first time I heard it i truly enjoyed listing to it. Because he is truly worthy of honor and praise. For the is the Holy one Israel, The Great I AM, The beginning and the end! The first and the LAST! The creator of all THINGS, and as the Bible tells me EVERY KNEE MUST BOW AND EVERY TONGUE MUST CONFESS! Thank God for KING JESUS!