John P. Kee - Clap Your Hands Lyrics

When I think of His mercy and His kindness
All I wanna do is thank Him
From the rising of the sun
To the going down of the same
O clap your hands and say Amen

Zion let us praise
His holy and righteous name
Worthy lamb is he
Oh, oh let us all proclaim
He shall come again
And I shall be ready, oh
Clap your hands and say Amen

Clap your hands
O clap your hands
Clap your hands
O clap your hands

[Altos:] If you've been delivered
[Soprano:] Clap your hands.
O clap your hands

If you've been delivered
Clap your hands
Sho'nuff delivered
Praise his name

Clap your hands
O clap your hands
Clap your hands
O clap your hands

Clap your hands!

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John P. Kee Clap Your Hands Comments
  1. Dueces Wild

    This makes you want to move!!!

  2. Michael Ricks

    ....Its just real goood gospel music that feeds the soul and makes you wanna sing as loud as you can- in tune of course!

  3. AKA J.T.K Values

    Bass though

  4. Sabrina Doctor

    Hallelujah 🙌🏽

  5. Robin Sunrise

    Classic!! August 2019

  6. Cherylynn

    That guitarist tho 😍😍😍

  7. Bambi J

    J swear I used to play that VCR tape to death everyday

    Robin Sunrise

    Me too!!!

  8. Eligah Murray Jr

    Pastor Kee...The 🐐

  9. Amari Cade

    I love this song in church and I listen to it at home everyday😍😁

  10. chrispleasantable

    "Clap your hands all ye people and shout unto God with a voice of triumph!"- Psalm 47

  11. David Liberis

    On repeat! 2019!!!!!! And forever!

  12. Breanna Holmes

    I miss this gospel so much!

  13. Jeremy Mawlong

    My dream is seeing him live!!

  14. J. Rayedel

    Yo!!! I just realized they threw "Killer Joe" in the mix!!! RIght at around 3:58...

    J. Rayedel

    Then they came back at around 5:36


    J. Rayedel I was lookin for somebody to say something about killer joe lol

  15. Janet Idlett

    Takes me back

  16. Louis Graham

    Whether you bought your ticket or broke in the back doe

  17. Benjamin Thornton

    Am I the only one that keeps rewinding to maurice fitz bass line at 4:58 ,

  18. MississippiSoulchic

    Play it 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  19. Kinshasa Alston

    My mom and sister are the first in the video. RIP MOMMY

    Robin Sunrise

    My condolences 🕊

  20. R. DaNell

    From the rising if the sun!!!!!

  21. Carmell Howell

    The Vibe continues in 2019! Pastor John P. Kee you are an Icon

  22. Ad Ro

    Oh Clap your hands and say Amen in 2019!

  23. Terrell Music

    The choir was tired and still singing to the max. This was back when if you wasn’t sweating you weren’t doing nothing

  24. Lucinda Jones

    To all of those that may be strugling wit health and fitness. I say get up come to a gym and go to youtube and watch what God can ans will do for your life and future. I guarantee you , you will thank God all the more.

  25. Lucinda Jones

    Yall are the best i could not be where i am at now had it not been for the spirituals songs i am hearing. God bless yall. Love you. It motivates and inspire me to be healthy and fit and truly do have God and these songs i hear. I cannot do it without you.

  26. Dehavelyn Kinchen

    When he first came out I thought I thought he was a dark-skinned Eddie Murphy skin he used to be on Bobby Jones Gospel show every
    Sunday morning.

  27. QueenofSole

    Listened to this record on my portable CD player early in the morning when myself and little brother had to take the public transit system to school in the DMV mid 90s. Thanks Pastor John for being faithful to your purpose. #Motivation

  28. David Liberis

    There will never be a praise team/choir as vicious as them! Im going into battle with them!!!!! Dey ain neva scerd!!!!!!

  29. Demetrius Banks

    John p Kee kept me moving for the Lord and at the same time Worshiping God with so much Love

  30. German Zablodski

    Outstanding band, back vocal and energy they bring out!!! My God! What a music!

  31. Robin Brown

    Praise God now this is nothing but gospel you can feel deep down in your soul and spirit

  32. Susan Donnelly

    O Glory to You o Lord HALLELUJAH in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Glory in ~2019 ! /!!\ Aaamen

  33. Sharmella Ivey

    Those instruments are beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  34. Sharmella Ivey

    Yeahhhhh aighttttt 👏👏👏👏

  35. Ralph Garrett

    Wowww this a blessed video! God bless you!

  36. Carla McGinnis

    Still going in 2019!!!!!

  37. Dalaysia Ray

    My Favorite of John P, KEE ,LOVE ME SOME JOHN P.KEE

  38. David Liberis

    Anybody know/remember who church this awesome mysic was performed in? Was it Bishop Eddie Long?

    _-ParmaJohn3374 Official-_

    This was performed in The House of Hope Atlanta

    Alderman Faison

    No, it was recorded at the then Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church founded by the late Bishop Earl Paulk. The Church was sold to E. Dewey Smith and House of Hope in 2011. This recording took place in 1998 over a decade before. Richard Smallwood's Adoration was also recorded here in 1996. An annointed edifice that saw the debut of a number of classic gospel albums.

  39. _-ParmaJohn3374 Official-_

    House of hope Atlanta!!

  40. Million24 Media

    This was such an amazing blessing in my Spirit they looked like they were having fun and happy to be there. (The band, The Choir, The Worshippers on stage) everyone. I’m blessed Glory to GOD!

  41. Tylre Allen

    John was transcendent

  42. Deepdarkcocoa

    2018 🎶🎶🎶STILL MY JAM!!!🎶🎶🎶 This still my jam!!!🎶🎶

  43. Rev. D.


  44. dragos tudoran

    Amezing gospel music 🎶 Amen and thanx a lot. Please more staff like this.

  45. Baby Love

    As a first time viewer only a few are singing and it sounds like 100 voices truly amazed at such gifted talents given by God truly blessed

  46. darlene brown

    I miss this type of service. So many have become "what's trending" which the intellectual form of praising God.

  47. Mikhail McDaniels

    I played the horn lines at my former church; JPK's horns are fire! They inspired me to play in church. Where are they now?

  48. Shavana Randon

    The church was rockin! Everybody was clapping there hands

  49. Charles Williams

    John p Kee know he be showing out boy one of the best gospel artist in America

    Robin Sunrise

    Hands down!!!
    My fav gospel artist 💖💖💖

    Eligah Murray Jr

    @Robin Sunrise GOAT 🐐

    Robin Sunrise

    @Eligah Murray Jr
    YES INDEED!!! 👍🏾😄

  50. Chris Broussard

    Pastor E.D. Smith - House of Hope Atlanta .. before he took over. I think E.D. was still in Macon during this time.

  51. Melissa S. Lewis

    Good to see all the congregation in unison. No one is sitting, all participators..... Glory to the most high God!

  52. CallMeSupreme

    That guitar a beast !!!! Amazing tune

  53. Roshun West

    That guitar man a beast!!!

    Markcus Hines

    Tim Mole

  54. Kenneth Brewster

    Live in me Jesus

  55. QUE MAC

    We are singing this at our general assembly

  56. Mario NotLuigi

    Anyone in 2019 Listening? I'm from the past! xD

  57. rubber duckie

    Someone give this man some mmmoonneeyyyyyyyy

  58. Syanannah Baylor

    This my SONG😁😁

    Syanannah Baylor

    Please come to Vegas

  59. ShyGuyRod

    My fav
    Gospel artist
    Great man of god

  60. buboat

    For me, this was the era when gospel music was at its peak. The songs were great and made for Sunday morning, the choirs and bands were dressed modestly, the music was well embraced by church folk and those that wanted to be saved. For me, this feel will return soon. It's my hope and belief

    Wontrel Sells

    I hope it returns as well. I miss this.

    Frederick Weeks Jr.

    VERY TRUE. Well,one can only go but so far when I comes to solo artists. People have forgotten that, " There's no I in TEAM." All this self promotion is hurting the body of Christ. There's a place for solo artists, but,it can't be THE ONLY thing. Choirs ALWAYS helped in church growth.....and WORSHIP. Just thinking out loud.

    Frederick Weeks Jr.

    Oops, in my comments, "When it comes." Please excuse the type error

    Ronnie Wilson

    It was so entertaining for the whole family too.

  61. Leon Hazel

    Play Tim mole...

  62. Jake Hill

    Still vibing in 2018!!

    Robin Sunrise

    And counting 2019 🎵🎻💖🎹

  63. L Boogie

    Truly anointed! Wow

  64. Kechia Edmond

    I hear ya pastor kee

  65. Yvonne Stancil

    If you're Happy that God woke you up this morning ~ clap your hands :)!

  66. Ethan Payne

    I love john p kee clap your hands love it

  67. Lydia Williams

    clapping my hands on the train in route to work....Jesus

    Charlene Adams

    When I'm feeling down this is my church song ,I love me some good church.

  68. Quintin Reaves

    Tim and Reese are awesome together and don't forget Miche and Ladell

  69. kenneth davy

    he really pushes his singers you can see it in their face

  70. Eazy

    Bass player killin it!

    Dewayne Anderson

    MrEazy7468 Maurice Fitzgerald is bad. I learned how to play by listening 👂🏾 to his grooves and the whole stand album.

    Robin Sunrise

    🎻 🎵 🎸

  71. Jo-Jo Al

    This is 1997, not 1998. This is from the album strength which was released in 1997.

    Kadeem Graves

    Alex Jones yes the album was released in 1997, but the video came out in 1998. As the info said "this is from their 1998 video, "Strength".

    Jo-Jo Al

    Kadeem Graves Oh I see. I am sorry if I got that wrong. But I was confused about whether the whole album was released in 97 or 98. I like 90s gospel you see.

    Kadeem Graves

    That's alright! Lol! 90's Gospel is probably the best period of Gospel music.

  72. LadyM

    My God! My God! CLAP YOUR HANDS!! YESSSSS!!! To GOD be ALL the GLORY!!

  73. Rev. D.

    Pastor Kee has music that will take you waaaaaay back and bring you to the present. Come on horns! Nothing like a Holy Ghost band! Praise Him! Praise Him!

    Mikhail McDaniels

    Rev. D. I’m with you. The horns are fire! I honestly believe every church should incorporate horns in their services especially when they sing songs with heavy horn accompaniment. I’m a clarinetist, but I play trumpet and tenor sax parts on clarinet. I love playing for the Lord as much as I love singing for Him.

  74. Leandrew25

    this at House of Hope?

  75. llman03

    watching this video and relied this is E Dewey Smith new church

  76. Tyreace Dotson

    yes yes my guy on them drums thats how u play tho real talk good job i new it was somebody befor Chris i remember i think he was the one that played rain on us

    femi Omotoso

    Tyreace Dotson Calvin Rogers played Rain on us, since then only one other guy has replayed it note for note stroke for stroke (that I know of anyway), check out kaarlo Conley on yt

  77. Alex Brown

    love this song ignites a praise everytime .

  78. Patrice summers

    Listening 2017☝🙏👏👑

    dood Kent

    Patrice summers I'm still listening too..... Classic Gospel

    lashawn Brown

    Still in 2018

    Susan Tipton-Clark

    Still listening 2019

  79. Patrice summers

    👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏☝👑❤❤❤❤im clapping my hands my heavenly father

  80. cynthia clark

    Clap your hands,  oh clap your hands,  If you been delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've been DELIVERED!!!!!!  CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP    CeCe

  81. Phillip Johnson

    I love how much attention the cameramen are giving to the drummer on this video, and he deserves it too. I wish that Marvin McQuitty got that much attention on the live Fred Hammond concert videos. Great job by John P Kee and the New Life choir! This must be what anointed musicians sound like!

  82. Tom T

    Where's Ro?

    Markus Brown

    He's the lightskin brother

  83. Tom T

    Where is Ro?

    Dvon Meadows

    Tom T He was there. The light skin tenor. Curtis Caldwell

  84. Chris Rayner

    whos on bass?

    Tom T

    Maurice Fitzgerald is on bass.

    CantGetRight Life

    Chris Rayner Mo Fitz one of my favorites yes sir

  85. Joseph Walton

    he is a bad gosple man

  86. Big Professor

    I just saw Brent Carter

  87. Rohnneak Clemons

    where the full concert at?

  88. Dare ToDo

    I love this song, I love John P. Kee, his sense of humor and facial expressions are priceless. The arrangements are great, this is one of my favorite songs. I little louder please!

  89. Kelsi Chaney

    Listening in 2016

  90. Cathy McClain

    i love this song❤💖

  91. Markcus Hines

    This album from John P. Kee & the New Life Community Choir was recorded live from Atlanta, Georgia.

  92. vanessa woods

    @Adarius Warren yes ladell paved the way for ALL of todays drummers

  93. Brittany Bennett

    One of the best songs eveeeeeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!

  94. Tony White

    john p. keep is the best!

    Robin Sunrise

    Tony White
    The best!!!

  95. Cicley Cobb

    i like this song

  96. Aaron Lester

    When I am feeling at my lowest, I just CLAP MY HANDS & PRAISE HIM out LOUD...

    Rev. D.

    Say it again!

    Alease Powell

    Aaron Lester

    Alease Powell

    ?.l............llllllllllp0 poi h7h o

    Vee Als

    Sho nuff!!!!