John Mellencamp - Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) Lyrics

In a hand painted night, me and Gypsy Scotty are partners
At the Hotel Flamingo, wearin black market shoes
This loud Cuban band is crucifying John Lennon
No one wants to be lonely, no one wants to sing the blues

She's perched like a parrot on his tuxedo shoulder
Christ, what's she doing with him she could be dancing with me
She stirs the ice in her glass with her elegant finger
I want to be what she's drinking, yeah I just want to be

I saw you first
I'm the first one tonight
I saw you first
Don't that give me the right
To move around in your heart
Everyone was lookin
But I saw you first

On a moon spattered road in her parrot rebozo
Gypsy Scotty is driving his big long yellow car
She flies like a bird over his shoulder
She whispers in his ear, boy, you are my star

But I saw you first
I'm the first one tonight
Yes I saw you first
Don't that give me the right
To move around in your heart
Everyone was lookin.....

In the bone colored dawn, me and Gypsy Scotty are singin'
The radio is playin, she left her shoes out in the back
He tells me a story about some girl he knows in Kentucky
He just made that story up, there ain't no girl like that

But I saw you first
I'm the first one tonight
Yes I saw you first
Don't that give me the right
To move around in your heart
Everyone was lookin
But I saw you first
I saw you first

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John Mellencamp Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) Comments
  1. darren reed

    Love the man - saw him in 1992. i come frlm rural - his stuff is rural. It's just the kind of guy i am

  2. Shannon Hauser

    He gets better with age! An American poet

    Jeffrey Miller

    Agreed: Mellencamp, Don Henley, Billy Joel a slice of the Great American Songbook.

  3. Jodi Jawad

    My dude, hometown proud! Indiana rules today baby💋💜

  4. Heidi Karns

    Love you

  5. Heidi Karns

    So cute

  6. Heidi Karns

    So cute.


    100 miLes to Cuba V

  8. slp2007

    i've loved this song since the first time i heard it at 14 years old! :)

  9. Arthur Meeuwen

    The girl like that I lost and went to heaven

  10. Lion of Truth

    WoW, Karen Alexander is Gorgeous in video then & now 😊

  11. pymats

    His music still rocks!

  12. David Levy

    first thing we climb a tree....

  13. Mario Vella

    This is great

  14. Israel Deleon

    Good memories I love this song

  15. jim sari

    this is just a bad mofo, always has been, always will be. end of story.

  16. huronkeel

    Incredible song after song with Mr. Mellencamp .. At this point it seems endless...

  17. Jeff Nash

    Love this song and all of the memorable lyrics. Just found the video tonight and it takes me back to a drunken night, a dozen or more years ago, in Key West in which I sang this song at one of the Karaoke Bars on Duval St. The DJ didn't even know the song, had to educate him and then I was a loud drunk crucifying John Mellencamp!

  18. Lion of Truth

    Karen Alexander, what a Beauty ! ☺

  19. Silent Groyper

    Been looking for this song! That riff, drum beat, amazing!

  20. Lion of Truth

    The 90s were a great time to see Hollywood actors in music video's. Matthew McConaoghey in Mellencamps, Keanu Reeves in Paula Abduls, Johnny Depp in Tom Pettys etc 😊

  21. Barbara Barrie

    i think this is johns' best


    Awesome song!.

  23. Matthew Stetson

    Good looking suit anyway.

  24. Ginny Vapes

    Yes. lol.

  25. Jay Bee

    The lyrics are so descriptive, you can picture everything in your mind without even looking at the video.

  26. Shelley Charging

    It reminds me of the time. Orlando told me that. When we were young and just getting together. He really made me happy. I miss you so much. Rest In Peace My Love

  27. The Diesel

    John's cooler than the other side of the pillow!

  28. anne hudson

    but u been a bad bad boy cougar.....ur voice is getting like mine lol ANNIELEE

  29. anne hudson

    back out of hospital.... ….wow great to be back luv u man hows Meg?? set the date man, I might not live to see the day
    come round for a guitar session my man...….love ANNIELEE

  30. orin81

    “She flies like a bird over his shoulder “

  31. Gentleman Philosopher

    matthew mcconaughey at 3:16?

    Gentleman Philosopher

    Ooops nvm, that's him all the way through...

  32. C L

    BTW there's a girl in Kentucky like that

    Amanda Morgan Jones

    That's a fact! 😉

  33. Joshua24fan

    Great song. Takes me back to my teenage years.

  34. TtotheD IsMe

    irresistible and groovy

  35. Sir Ric Webb

    I just love his music
    Cause I can'...

  36. Robert Morgan

    Favorite Mellencamp song out of many I love

  37. Allen Finn

    Yeah, I saw you first, Mija....

  38. Reisa Gerber

    cu-oooh-oooh-te but he won't "let me come"...nice of him, like the rain in Spain.

  39. Æ N I Ǝ M A

    90s will always be the best times of my life.

  40. Andr0m3da

    this is my favorite album of all time. i mean it. ✨💜💕💜✨

  41. LoneWolf78

    What about Gypsy Scotty?

  42. donamick


  43. 6burgh1

    Great song!

  44. Andr0m3da

    best album ever!!!

  45. Dan Bauman

    I want to be what she's drinking...yeah I just want to BE....

    (....and the girl doesn't even know you're alive...).

  46. Jon W

    That add sucked...

  47. Eric Westerlund

    Thanks John for all of the great Pop music for some 42 years, and for helping the small farmers since the 1980's with The Live-Aid annual concerts.
    I really like your music videos of "Cherry Bomb", "Hurts So Good", and "I Saw You First"

    Kara Francis

    Farm Aid

  48. Charles Flowerday

    He will known as one of our best ever. You gotta believe. He's as good as Dylan, Springsteen, Fogarty, Young and dare I say, the Dead and the Band, my top two. Of those that are "folk-rock" and what i call progressive populist. Damn far right stole populist too, bastids. so now I have to quote title of the lefty rag, the progressive populist. anyway, meaning of the people. But his range is great, discounting the John Cougar days, which he disowns, and his production just continues to amaze, meaning quality and quantity. You can't do music justice in words but, there, i tried. he can't live a personal life to save his soul but most great artists are challenged there.

  49. Michael Romano

    1:40. Blink-and-you-miss-it lesbian kiss. This video was made in 1996. Many of JCM's fans are pretty conservative. It took balls of steel for him to have that in his video. Good on him.

  50. musicaltheatergeek79

    Everyone was looking, but I saw you first!

  51. johnfrombrm

    His videos are paintings in motion.


    Theo @wierid henry

  53. anne hudson

    hey do u'all see Mathew Monaghay[sorry spelling] put up for this Matty….gotta start some where...…… look how well you have done and you ain't forgotten ME ANNIELEE


    Matthew McConaughey was already well-known by this point! This music video was filmed and released in the summer of 1996. By then, McConaughey had already been in *Dazed and Confused,* (which got him noticed) *Boys on the Side,* (his sensitive cop was a favorite with women) and *A Time to Kill* (which made him a star and was a huge hit).

  54. anne hudson

    just love this song..never get tired of hearing it love to you John...….ANNIELEE

  55. phyllis carlson

    Get off my screen

  56. Chris

    My girlfriend and I are headed to Key West in June. We can't wait!

  57. Bobby Koller

    John Mellencamp Always Kicks ASS !!!

  58. Renee silvernail

    I love this man. Sooo many great songs. Yet this is hands down my favorite of all time. This is one song that will NEVER get old for me.

  59. Allen Finn

    I knew first, Mija....

  60. Gary Edwards

    Love John's music but to me his earliest stuff was best

  61. Gary Edwards

    Hey man u just made that story up there ain't no girl like that


    Oh, but there is my brother!! I'm from Kentucky, and I know her!!

  62. Laney Ashmore

    “I want to be what she’s drinking.”

  63. Sam Malone

    Underrated song.

  64. Patricia Scully

    I love This Song ❤❤❤❤❤

  65. Warren Larkin

    I will have to find a new place to post and do my classic hits and oldies shows so no one loses them

  66. Derek Noble

    Yep up there with his best. Love the line about the loud Cuban band :-)

  67. Phillip Corbin

    The greatness of JC is that everyone can identify with his lyrics. They are about things we all have dealt with, love, doubt, insecurity, etc. He has no ego in his music either, he could be our friend playing in a garage band we go to see in the bar on Friday.

  68. mikael Spike Franzen

    Yes i Love it!!

  69. Todd Campbell

    Drunk I live in ky

  70. valnaples

    THIS and Authority faves by Mr. Mellancamp...AWESOME!

  71. Wendy Samuel

    First time seeing this one. Awesome!

  72. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    My favorite song of his. Is this from Mr Happy go Lucky ? Love the line He talks about a girl he knows from Kentucky ,You just made that story up, there ain't no girl like that..

  73. Christopher Taylor

    Oh how we all Love John. Thank you for your sweet tunes from the 80s' 90s' and to this day.


    Special memory that’s dead 💀 now

  75. Jon Hohensee

    One of his best. And that's saying a lot.

  76. Mike B

    Hope John is doing well.

  77. Mike B

    I adore this song. Simple.

  78. James kERR

    His best, I think, definitely his best. The first time I heard this song, it just rang my bells.
    I never get sick of listening to it, never.

  79. Tim Nelson

    This fool used to smoke 4 packs of cigarettes per day

    Rachel B

    And had a massive heart attack because of it

  80. Nada VEGAN

    Over 500 songs. Amazing.

  81. Nada VEGAN

    This man is timeless. Been listening to him since 1979.. john cougar days. Crybaby..

  82. Wendy Lynn Goldsberry Rydel

    I would never hurt you Jamie for one reason and one reason alone. David

  83. miguel arreola

    Great song

  84. Wendy Rydel

    Love is. What? I know how about you? Xoxo xoxo. LA Gun Finger

  85. rlfstr

    One of the catchiest and sweetest songs ever. :) Thanks John!

  86. Wendy Rydel

    Why Jamie Why wouldn't you call me back. I will eventually find out how long you knew I was talking about your brother. You can't send anyone but you. You tell me what happen to him and I will tell you what he is to me forever, tell Michelle I won't show you. Oh and she's RUDE.

  87. Wendy Rydel

    Funny David nice shoes.


    2'DAY, DEC. 8th. 2018 .....
    38 YEARZ
    OVER ! ☹️
    JOHN LENNON ] ......

  89. Heath Davis

    One or many great John Mellencamp songs 😀

  90. Nicky Ragosta

    Ur right

  91. Scott Britton

    Great Video

  92. Bleb Han

    Meg Ryan phoned Dennis Quaid to tell him she that was getting married to John Mellencamp. He replied, "I saw you first."

  93. Natasha* That is all

    I fuckin love this song. Makes me feel happy.

  94. Mommy2juan JesuslovesME

    John has been my friend for 39 years, he just doesn't know it, YET, OR does he?😜I count myself blessed to have attended numerous JM concerts. JM never ceases to amaze me with all of his talents💋❤💋 I’ve always come away from his concerts with a natural high that lasts for hours🎵 JM's kinetic energy is WOW factor extraordinaire★☆★To see JM perform is a spectacular ride not to be missed ❤❤❤ 💋💋💋Thank you for it all John!!! 🙌 Namasté

  95. John Tenney

    This song makes me so happy and long to dance again!! Thank you John Mellencamp!!!

  96. Rita Duran

    love this song and pink houses that come after love at first

  97. Jodie Cridlebaugh

    I need 25