John Mellencamp - Grandview Lyrics

Just an old country boy, wearing my Osh-Kosh boots
Walked by the trailer factory, every day on my way to school
Early on in life, the only thing I wanted to do
Was buy me a trailer and move it down to Grandview

Got out of high school, got on at Whirpool
Bought me a car, two guitars and everything
Me and Patty were falling in love before the summer was through
I started thinking about trailers and high lots in Grandview

It was a scorching summer night, we just left the dairy bar
We was sitting out on Ridgeland Road in the front seat of my car
I said "Patty, if you marry me babe, I'll take good care of you
I'll buy a brand new trailer and move it down to Grandview"

She said "Ah your wedding song, it sounds real nice
And I could sure get off on sleeping with you at night
But I tell ya what baby, you want me, here's what to do
I want a brick home like my mother's, ain't movin' down to Grandview"
That's what she told me

There's been a lot of years, a lot of debt, a lot of pain
Our youngest baby's movin' out when she gets married next spring
When the bash is over, I'll tell you what I'm going to do
I got my trailer picked out, gonna move it down to Grandview

I got this 28 by 70 double-wide
We could slide it on in there, honey
We can chock those wheels real good
I want it settin' nice and level

Back it on in there boys
And don't get no mud on my front porch
Cause the son of a b*tch is brand spankin' new, baby

Stick it into Grandview
Stick it into Grandview
Slide it on in there, honey
Stick it into Grandview

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John Mellencamp Grandview Comments
  1. Agustin Caraffa


  2. Santiago Marcote

    Macri gato

  3. Laura de León

    Además de un músico increíble, es un talentosísimo pintor, sugiero ver sus obras

  4. Ariel Mendo

    Vine por recomendación del Dr. Yugular

  5. Ernesto Ponce

    Q grande el mister recomendando temas 😎

  6. Anonimo

    todos que hablan ingles deben estar diciendo ¿quien carajos es el indio solari y porque carajos hay un monton de PR?

  7. Brian Ramirez

    Solo un viejo campesino, con mis botas Osh-Kosh Caminé por la fábrica de remolques, todos los días camino a la escuela Al principio de la vida, lo único que quería hacer Me compró un trailer y lo bajó a Grandview Salí de la escuela secundaria, subí a Whirpool Me compré un auto, dos guitarras y todo Patty y yo nos enamoramos antes de que terminara el verano. Empecé a pensar en trailers y lotes altos en Grandview Fue una noche de verano abrasadora, acabamos de salir del bar de lácteos Estábamos sentados en Ridgeland Road en el asiento delantero de mi auto Dije "Patty, si te casas conmigo bebé, te cuidaré bien Compraré un nuevo trailer y lo trasladaré a Grandview
    Ella dijo "Ah, tu canción de boda, suena muy bien Y seguramente podría acostarme contigo por la noche Pero te digo qué bebé, me quieres, esto es lo que debes hacer Quiero una casa de ladrillos como la de mi madre, no me voy a mudar a Grandview " Eso es lo que ella me dijo Han pasado muchos años, muchas deudas, mucho dolor Nuestro bebé más joven se mudará cuando se case la próxima primavera Cuando termine la fiesta, te diré lo que voy a hacer Recogí mi trailer, lo moveré a Grandview Tengo este 28 por 70 de doble ancho Podríamos deslizarlo allí, cariño Podemos calzar esas ruedas realmente bien Quiero que sea agradable y nivelado Atrás, muchachos Y no te llenes de barro en mi porche Porque el hijo de puta es completamente nuevo, bebé Pegarlo en Grandview Pegarlo en Grandview Deslízalo allí, cariño Pegarlo en Grandview

  8. Ramiro Saavedra

    Cuantas vistas son por el Indio? Yo voy por la 10ma

  9. Lucas Porte

    Gracias Carlitos

  10. Luzbee Rocanrol

    Yo también llegué aca por el Indio Solari!!!👌🏻🎶👑

  11. Nadia Johanna Rameri

    Cuantas views tendra gracias al indio este tema? 😅 igual me re cabio, y me caberia mas el motivo/mensaje/interpretacion del indio para recomendarnoslo

  12. Nicolás Ricotero y Sodero

    Presente por el Indio♥️✌️

  13. Tomas Angulo

    escuchando este tema como si entendiera, pero si lo recomendó el indio algo debe tener 🤔

  14. Lupo Suelto

    Izzy Stradlin ❤... the silence member of guns n ' roses!!!

    Awante el Indio.

  15. nadia rocio

    Indio te amooooooooooo

  16. Matias hit

    Llegando de parte del viejo limon✌️😜

  17. Diego Breppe

    Suena muy bien! Si Caballo Loco lo recomendo por algo sera.

  18. Alee Psicoheroe

    Acá estoy por el Indio Solari 🙋🏻‍♂️🎶🎶🎶

  19. Esteban Spolita

    Hola vengo de parte del míster

  20. Felipe F

    Gracias INDIO

  21. Alan Román

    Carlos Alberto Solari

  22. Lucio Coudannes

    No tengo puta idea de guienso pero por el Indio vine y por el Indio voy a verte.

  23. Ele Be

    Vine por el Indio

  24. maxisantilean

    Hola. Todos llegamos de parte del INDIO?

  25. Juan2la

    Dear John, we dont know you but our God yes. Be thanks to the big Carlos Alberto Solari, he’s the man.
    Living only cost life👑

  26. Leandro Sandoval

    Like si viniste por el indio?

  27. Samu Delruiz

    Hola pase , solo porque me lo recomendó un tal Carlos Solari

  28. Ludmila Dubanced

    Ak toy por el peladito jajajajsjs

  29. Agustin Kerle

    No lo conocía pero si el indio Solari me lo recomienda lo escucho

  30. Back to Black

    Qué grande Indio, recomendando canciones. 😆

  31. Lucas Afk

    Acá todos llegando de parte del Indio Solari

    Natalia Saldaño

    Sabés que estamos aca por eso jajaja

    Sebastián Zabala


    Lii Cabj

    Y si el indio lo recomienda.. ak estamos! 🎧

  32. Robert John Paul Page

    This song sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin's "In the Evening"...

  33. Reisa Gerber

    I always wondered what Mr. Stradlin had to do with Melloncamp because they both figured strongly in my future in my head so they must have a connection. what??? Just crazy FANtasies.

  34. Patrick Graham

    Lived in a trailer park.raised 2 kids there into middle school.they turned out great.didnt have best things.but good friends.that didn't have everything either.

  35. Pedro S

    Good as ever!

  36. Coopsta33

    A Patty, four walls and heat is all I need.

  37. Bernd Klüver

    Ladies and gentlemen : Mr. John Cougar Mellencamp from Seymour, Indiana.

  38. Elizabeth Haines

    Stick it in to Grandview, I want it nice and level. 😁🎸🎵🎶🎛I love it!

  39. Elizabeth Haines

    Love this tune! Great stuff!! 🎸🎵🎶🎤 Rock on John Mellencamp 🤘

  40. Debbie Anderson

    I just LOVE this song! Great as always John 💓💋

    Neal Graham

    Like this song.raised my kids in trailor played outside.had fun.didnt have all the stuff kids got now.and that was only 10 years ago.sad how it is through any subdivision.not many kids outside.learning how to deal with each to be online.

  41. Madison McKenna

    Stan Lynch on drums....

  42. oleole52

    This guy will never be yesterday because he writes really good songs and always has a good band.

  43. Johnny Chiu

    remarkably izzy

  44. Dee Anderton

    John❤ Izzy

  45. Lisa Parker

    Um..This is NOT Martina. It is Carlene Carter. Get your facts straight VEVO.

    Elizabeth Haines

    Um...yes it is Martina McBride 🎤 she kills it, great song.

  46. Will Ritter

    great to see JCM still putting out awesome new stuff... I'd be honored if some Mellencamp fans would check out my acoustic piano & vocal covers of JACK & DIANE and ALLENTOWN by Billy Joel in tribute to the great musical year of 1982. Real live acoustic with no autotune. Thanks and rock on.

  47. Derek

    grandview missouri 64030

  48. Christine Sinden

    This is the best I have ever heard him. This album has wowed me

    Larry Barrett

    Grandview Indiana, east of Evansville...

  49. Dee Watson

    oh my, LOVE that dirty guitar, I can't stop repeating this song

  50. Gary Stevens

    I love album. Sounds country but i love it. Great new sound

  51. Johnnie Speereettoo

    Good for mu ears!!!!

  52. Daniela Giustini

    And Feat Izzy on guitar!!! <3

    Ethan wilson

    Daniela Rossi fift demention

    Ethan wilson

    Daniela mark Antony



  53. Bandog Betty

    Melly's one cool cat ... makes my heart go pitter pat! Ummm hummm, he sure do ... sexy son of a gun ...yep!

  54. Pam6660

    so good!

  55. DallasVocals

    haha! #TODAYshow bleeped the entire line. One of the best #bleeps evAh.

  56. Arisson Araújo

    Izzy Stradlinnn ❤

  57. wadems

    I've been a fan of his since the very early days, and it's really refreshing (in this day and age) to hear good stuff like this.

  58. psu0036

    Izzy Stradlin guesting on this track.

    Ꮢզեցզդց ՊզԼᎥβմ

    far out, ill have to drag out the Juju hounds lp, a name ive not heard in decades. Thnx for that.

  59. Julie Tate

    Indiana's favorite son's music is STILL rockin' since "Jack & Diane." He puts on a show, y'all. Go see him. You will NOT regret it. I promise you. I finally saw him 7 years ago in Savannah, third row seats. WOW!

  60. Ryan Gettig

    Izzy Stradlin on Guitar!!:)


    And Stan Lynch formerly of Tom Petty on drums!

    Ryan Gettig

    Word On That!!it's a pretty sick sound ...better than anything The Three Stooges currently touring as GNR will ever pull uff!!:)

    Manolito Warzia

    " Reunion " Sure ...

    Chase Robinson

    TINML whaaaat? No way!!! I thought Stan gave up the drums Year’s ago lol at least that’s what his Wikipedia page says. Glad to see him still around then. I’m sure when Tom was alive he approved of this.

    Zach La Grange

    TINML Damn, with Stan and Izzy playing on this song along with John I wondered why it sounded so awesome and bad ass!

  61. ludurigan

    read today that its izzy from GNR on guitar!

    Lefty K

    Izzy is a better artist on his own.Check out all of his solo albums.
    (He was the heart and soul of G n' R though)

  62. Gerald Albion

    John's voice hasn't aged at all! And I really like this song to boot.

    Nate Shadoin

    Gerald Albion He recorded this in the 90's. His voice is hoarse now.

  63. Dr. Bob

    HA! I dig it!! Good to hear some groovy sh*t again... :)

  64. Kim Merrill

    Killer track ... !!!! Martina kills it ... band blows the doors off the track after her killer vocal!

    Larry Barrett

    Carlene Carter is singing

  65. Invest Offshore

    Instant Classic!

  66. Reisa Gerber

    puh-leeze do not erase my compliment.
    "I am so happy to hear this early day sandlot beautiful voice back.." in Grandview...

  67. Dee Watson

    I have loved him since he was John Cougar! I know he's got some tattoo's but does anyone know if those are his hands doing the typing and the taping of the photos?? can't find this info out anywhere!!

    Chase Robinson

    No it’s not

  68. winkleoop

    Jest sound like a lazy cheap shot on Rockport road... Byaitch

  69. redrobin9938

    i wish i had a grandview from my trailer.....

  70. Angla Norvell

    He sounds just as good today as he did when I was a kiddo back in the 80s when my mom was listening to him!! The new album is great!! Truly timeless talent... Keep up the great work John Mellencamp!! ♡

  71. Sam Daniele

    Did anyone else come here because it was a suggested video on your screen about twenty thousand bloody times

  72. Daniel Brown

    I live close to Grandiew, In, the town this song is about, and its mostly methheads, drunks, and troublemakers who live there. Nothing special about it at all

    Larry Barrett

    Its the Grandview of the river... all he wanted was a trailer with the view of the river... Whirlpool employed 9,900 people in Evansville at one time, so its a ballad of a workin' man's dream...

  73. Jackie Binns

    Awesome like always !

  74. Michael McGuire

    Has John been listening to the "Rush" Radio show? That riff sure sounds like Linbaugh's bumper music?


    Michael McGuire yeah I guess it does sound a little like My City Was Gone by The Pretenders, but then so did his 1980 hit Pop Singer. Doubt he's been listening to Rush.

    Glen Gray

    John Is Very Liberal, If He Did It Was For The Laughs And Head Shakes...

    Nate Shadoin

    Michael McGuire This song is driven by the rhythm guitar not the bass line like My City Was Gone.

  75. Earl Stevens

    small town of grandview indiana

  76. RacerDFP65

    Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pa. should enjoy this song! Sharing it to their Facebook page. Cool f-in song!

  77. rocznrowsez

    awesome song love the guitar


    Izzy Stradlin

    Lefty K

    You can thank Izzy Stradlin for the great guitar on this track.

  78. Tom Alston

    That's the good kinda nasty!

  79. Kool Rock Radio


  80. Marc Amico

    Is this John's new song? I grew up as a kid back in the 80s listening to his music. Authority song,pink houses and Jack and Diane were one of my favorites back than.

    Minepvp Games

    Marc Amico tgt3


    Haha, story time. I was once, sitting at a table in OKC singing Jack & Diane with most of the officers of the U.S.S. OKC sub during a snow-storm. #RequiredSinging.

  81. Stephanie Metayer


  82. Brandon Dickson

    I'm from grandview and if he knew what he was talking about he wouldn't want to come to grandview😂😂. Worst town to live in.

    Larry Barrett

    the song is over time, working at Whirlpool in Evansville, a double wide isn't exactly looking for Beverly Hills to park in... he wanted the view from his trailer of the river... the wife says no way, he does the right thing, raises the kids and gets rid of the wife and gets his trailer... its a classic ballad for a workin' man's small dreams...

  83. Joçe Ignacio

    music 80s is beatifol

  84. xgraffix1

    Grandview Lake - southern Indiana - Uppity overly rich lake homes, but in the '60s there were only maybe 8 to 10 very modest homes, but a most of the lots had travel trailers with the occasional "mobile home"  I don't remember any "double wides" then.......

    Jennifer Loechler

    In Columbus. That's not "down" from Seymour...

    Glen Gray

    Rockport Rd Is Down By Grandview Indiana...

    Larry Barrett

    Yes, the town of Grandview Indiana... gettin on at Whirlpool, the largest employer in Evansville back in those days, close to Grandview

  85. 1 Jonnie

    Could've been better editing but that's just me.
    See ya in Houston soon.

  86. ghost lea

    This song sounds good

  87. Jarmo Kauppinen

    So Awesome sound!

  88. Andre P

    Haha good ole type writers 😬

  89. Travis Kearney

    I though this might have been about the elementary school. Still nice though.

    Larry Barrett

    It is an area on the Ohio River.... east of Evansville... Whirlpool was the largest employer in Evansville for decades... "got out of high school, got on at Whirlpool"....