John Mellencamp - Ghost Towns Along The Highway Lyrics

Ghost towns along the highway
Guess no one wants to live around here any more
Ghost towns along the highway
Listen to the wind blow through the
Cracks on the boarded-up doors

But our love keeps on moving
To the nearest faraway place
I guess no one believes in
Ghost towns along the highway
Ghost towns along the main highway

Perhaps it's the crossroads of another time
Maybe it's too lonely out here
But I can hear the voices of misery cryin'
Some day these highways will all disappear

But our love keeps on moving
And the wind keeps blowin' us around
I guess no one believes in
Ghost towns along the highway
Ghost towns along the main highway

Ghost towns along the highway
So many people used to call this place home
Ghost towns along the highway
I guess folks they're just bound to roam

But our love keeps on moving
To the nearest faraway place
I guess no one believes in
Ghost towns along the highway
Ghost towns along the main highway

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John Mellencamp Ghost Towns Along The Highway Comments
  1. Disobedient One

    It always got to me to see a house or town abandoned. The people that once lived there had hopes and dreams like the rest of us. Something far outside of their control took away their livelihood and in some cases lives. Their stories may never be known though some say that if you listen closely you can hear their voices. Maybe in the end that is all we are after we die is just a barely audible voice along the wind. I will find out one day. I hope my comment finds you well. Good luck out there and if I get to the other side before you I'll save you a drink. Cheers.

  2. andy johnson

    This is how people lives feel sometimes.

  3. andy johnson

    This is a true song🎼

  4. Detryck von Doom

    This is The Coug's worst song ever, guys. Get it together, man.

  5. Ben Brown

    crime minds season 2 ep 17 brought me here haha.

  6. aviansoul

    Really good video! Great song too... love some Mellencamp.

  7. logmeindog

    If I didn't know any better, I would say the video was shot in the western half of the Oklahoma panhandle with some shots on highway 56 in New Mexico as well.

  8. Adrian Platt

    brilliant idea and it conjours up the mental image of this song  that i have had for years

  9. Ruth Williams


  10. jerry van ness

    I miss my friends

    jerry van ness

    still do

    Disobedient One

    @jerry van ness are you alright? I don't know you but I've been to more funerals of friends and family members so I know a thing or two about loss. If you need someone to talk with I have a sympathetic ear. I hope all is well with you.

  11. Richard Didcock

    Absolutely a fantastic song and fantastic video with it. Reminds me of my motorcycle rides from Perth to Melbourne  and the scenes i see most times as i ride through old country towns i used to know.....very similar.
    Thank you for your hard work with the images. Cheers From Oz.


    don't you just love the open road....morning noon and night...

    Pika Pika

    Richard Didcock the entire kangaroo land is a depressing Ghost place

    Wade Hendrix

    Me too..I've toured the 48 states in the U.S and this song reminds me so much of the miles on the road.

  12. Heather McCaw

    I heard this song on a Criminal Minds episode and it took me months to figure out the song and who sang it. First off, I had the song title wrong. Last night they played the Criminal Minds episode with this song and I looked it up on my DVD and got my son to use his phone to identify the song. I am so happy. Love this song.

    Lover gurl

    Me too I came here from criminal minds

    quasi_pravakar compact

    good to meet people sharing the same thing.

  13. Stacy Volk-Soto

    great imagery! fits so well. and after all these years John Cougar Mellancamp is still smokin' hot!

    Stacy Volk-Soto

    This song is so rich in feel and texture. It has become one of my favorites.

  14. endless66

    loving see him evolving over the last three decades....

  15. Valerie Morton

    I've loved John Mellencamp since the early 80s @Judy. You are right on. No one compares to his music! Lifelong fan!

  16. IsraeliesNotWanted

    Very Nice!

  17. Judy G

    John talks about real life, I can relate to each song & every lyrics he sings in his songs ♥

  18. Wade Hendrix

    Love it

  19. Shu Meng

    nice video : )