John Mayer - Still Feel Like Your Man Lyrics

I still feel like your man
I still feel like your man
I still feel
I still feel
I still feel like your man

The prettiest girl in the room she wants me
I know because she told me so
She says come over
I'd like to get to know you
But I just don't think I can

'Cause I still feel like your man
Still feel like your man
I still feel like your man
Still feel like your man
I still feel like your man

I still keep your shampoo in my shower
In case you wanna wash your hair
And I know that you probably found yourself some more somewhere
But I do not really care
'Cause as long as it is there

I still feel like your man
Still feel like your man
I still feel like your man
Still feel like your man

Still like the letters in your name and how they feel, babe
Still think I'm never gonna find another you
Still like to leave the party early and go home, babe
And don't you know, babe
I'd rather sit here on my own and be alone, babe

'Cause I still feel like your man
Still feel like your man
I still feel like your man
Still feel like your man

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John Mayer Still Feel Like Your Man Comments
  1. Have A Great Day


  2. Lily Sajdak

    John Mayer out here reinventing dancing. 🙌🙌🙌

  3. Travel Tidbits

    John Mayer and Pandas?!! The best video everrrr!! 😍😍😍

  4. Rohflix

    That otherworldly bridge at 01:49 !!

  5. Jessie Barnes

    Very Robin Thicke-ish

  6. SKVHD

    One cannot get over that bassline :')

  7. wiskey 92

    to leave something behind , you can't feel it

  8. wiskey 92

    possessive ?

  9. Jessica Wolf

    0:56 is that Beyonce in the black hat?

  10. Allen Guglielmi

    Crazy to think this song is 3 years old now.

  11. Kiko C

    That chorus is amazing. Great song

  12. Lily Sajdak

    One of my favorite music videos of all time yet I still have no idea what tf is happening? Someone care to explain?😂😂😂

  13. Klemen Škoberne

    This is the first video that I saw kobudo in... That is great. Nice use of it as well

  14. Klemen Škoberne

    Who is the girl with the eyepatch?

  15. rob yohn

    Heterosexist bullshit. Nothibg l'île Swing Out Sister's let the star shine.

  16. Tugce Talay

    Serdar Ortacin bu klipte ne isi var

  17. Anthony

    I grew ovaries listening to this and I'm not even complaining.

  18. Alona Pictures

    Producer: were on a tight budget so we can't hire a choreographer
    John: yes

  19. Shani Mizrahi

    love you!!!

  20. Mariana Teixeira

    Well well... Mr Mayer is a great dancer too 😍

  21. Radzoee

    dang bet his so smooth

  22. cocopena12

    My daughter: "why does he make music videos if they dont make any sense?"
    Me: " Because he's John Mayer and he can do whatever he wants!"

  23. Christian Holguin

    This should be Joe Goldbergs theme song

  24. Jennifer Linaban


    Do you know why Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer?

    It's because Katy is afraid to marry again because she was still depressed back then

  25. Norman Cruz

    Ni un comentario en español jaja

  26. Norman Cruz

    So relax

  27. RainbowDreams30

    I get compared to Julia stiles...John Mayer is the prettiest man across the room...

  28. Alyssa W

    he aged W E L L... damn

  29. BeatleLoverification

    Does anyone notice in Katy Perry's music video for "Wide Awake" there was a butterfly in the end if that video too. The symbol of restoration really did amaze me.

  30. PAvS Official

    Still feel like this song is racist towards asians.panda bears come on.

  31. db happiness

    What else would you do with shampoo?

  32. Todd Herklotz

    A really cool song

  33. tectonicblond

    Alberta V-oh no

  34. tectonicblond

    I'm feeling like Marvin Gaye is John's man in this one. Sure hope he didn't sing this to celebitchKP-she's so not worthy.

  35. tectonicblond

    if his feet were as talented as his hands, he'd be dangerous. That said, he comes off as being a "needy guy" here ie the shampoo line..not cool..chicks hate "needy".

  36. 8manAbe D

    You know, I never gave a hot shit about John Mayer before, but when I heard THIS song and felt like he was channeling Marvin Gaye...that's it - he became my man!

  37. gbiota1

    John know the things you did. Cause he knows the things I did.

  38. Dark Soul Girl

    My psycho narcissistic ex man sent me this song lol

    Niecia Harris


    Alexa León

    at least he has good taste

    Jessica Raney

    I was just thinking this feels very narcissistic and dominating in a way. Not really about the girl, only about him.

  39. Top Bird

    Androgyny show folks! youve gotta laugh about it else youd cry!

    Top Bird

    and i think this sounds like a Prince song...just saying... hah

  40. Edwar Son

    There are 2 type of men :
    - Ones say "still feel like your man"


    " I still like men" men.

  41. Erika Ekornaas

    His head tips and eyebrow raises 😍 *SWOON*

  42. Nick Swanson

    Directed by Quinten Tarantino

  43. Benjamin Joy

    Still fell like your man 2019....😘😘😘


    How am I just finding out about this song?

  45. Ira Dixit

    lmk how John manages to be so iconic STILL

  46. Whiskys

    He's in love with a pirate. I guess when in fall in l9ve with a shreck

  47. Sam Marram

    It's better on .75 speed

  48. Elisangela Beserra

    John Mayer, dancing very good!

  49. Carlos Henrique

    El gato gosta dessa música kkkkk



  51. Carlos Castro

    the kill bill vibes of this video are amazing

  52. 17 ko


  53. 17 ko

    JM,I wanna say :panda belong to china not japan!

  54. Alyssa Cymbaluk

    I CANNOT stop listening to this! And I love the pandas

    Max Sebastian Mayer

    Alyssa Cymbaluk here get a like on your comment


    You suck .. You will never unsuck

  56. Stick-It Productions.

    "Keep your shampoo in my shower"
    Cut to Asian dude: that's weird.

  57. Elijah [REDACTED]

    He's been upping his production quality with New Light and this as far as music videos go.

    Mi Mm Ma

    i liked how new light has such a cheap vibe, kind of like my chanel

  58. Regina Trie

    Yes this song describes me well.

  59. marko polo 2

    bruh man

  60. Atomic Dynamite

    That's not even how kendo works.

    Oh yeah, the song is great too!

  61. Mr. Husky

    why can't music videos every actually be music videos? like john and company playing their instruments, singing, etc. with shots on their performance, emotions, etc. Maybe cut in a basic story line...but most videos feel like directors trying to make a short un-captivating film. The music is captivating, capture that instead.

  62. Shiyito

    Those panda 😭😭 .....right in my soul 💔💔


    Glad he almost left a minute at the final part of the song to feel that groove!!

  64. Pietro ll

    Shipyard é o rei!

  65. Free Spirited Dreams

    He is so hot and I love this song!!!!

  66. Lianuj Mob

    I still feel like your fan forever......

  67. Captain

    I can't stop singing this song!

  68. weck

    Reminds me of that one scene in the Han Solo movie

  69. Bee x

    I could watch 0:20 - 0:28 forever. 😍

  70. Gustavo costa

    ONDE É QUE A PORRA DO JOHN MAYER ESTAVA COMA CABEÇA AO GRAVAR UM CLIPE TÃO CONSTRANGEDORAMENTE RUIM COMO ESSE??? E o pior é que a canção é inversamente maravilhosamente boa! Que vexame, meu Deus!


    Shipyard e o reino kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  72. Fiah Thompson

    At 1:48 captures my soul

  73. Eqx716

    This is the greatest thing he has done since heartbreak warefor

  74. Puff

    How did I just find this masterpiece now...I-----

  75. surajit sen

    Same feeling...I miss her a lot and everybody else feels like a stranger

  76. Simona Felice

    What a fun video! 💚

  77. Lianuj Mob

    chill Sunday be like

  78. Zachery Kissoon

    This man was 39 at the time, I totally respect his cringy moves.

  79. king dare

    Where could I get those shoes

  80. Jonathan Hirsch

    When transexual, I still feel like a man

  81. yohan John

    I went to Eritrea last year Nd heard this song at the Bar Nd the bartender girl was singing . Very impressed they showed me a respect more than black of American showed me ..
    Very down to earth and Humble

  82. Simon Javens

    That is Beyonce in the big hat right? anyone?

  83. B. Lia

    This song is wonderful 😍

  84. Luu.

    Muy bonita

  85. Cassandra Diamond Lavender

    I love when he take the song out in left field to hang a while...a different feel then goes back to the original pumped up.

  86. Supriyo Panda

    Despite your dancing I still feel like your fan

  87. nickolas bailey

    Why is it that John mayer is the only person who has done like a billion genres and make me love all them. I never thought I'd like country or pop but here I am

  88. Ramiro Irastorza

    Someone tell my girl that I really miss her... and that " I still keep your shampoo in my shower in case you wanna wash your hair".

  89. Imus City

    that butterfly in the end of the video was katy.

  90. Michael Weston

    John Mayer is the reason why I started to try and write my own songs. Especially continuum and battle studies. If you could spare 1 min to listen to my new song I’d appreciate it from another fan

  91. Robert Jacobs

    The bass makes this song

  92. Tod Woodward

    Don't try to make sense of this video.. your brain will fart.

  93. Amira Kader

    What a voice, what a vipe WONDERFUL💞💞💞

  94. carlsong643

    John is so out of his element here

  95. Paul Gaviola

    The fact that he uses butterfly as it symbolizes PRISM and used a Japan theme because Katy love Japan. But Katy is engaged now, hope he finds a girl that suits him.

  96. Marisol Gil

    A John Mayer se ve que solo le gustan las morritas que son cristianas y blancas, con voz rasposita, de seguro no supera alguien que se llama Maria Fernanda o Ana Pau

  97. Rude

    John You're weird and I love you 😍