John Mayer - Quiet Lyrics

lock all the doors
and turn out the lights
feels like the end of the world
this Sunday night

there's not a sound
outside the snow's coming down
and somehow I can't seem to find
the quiet inside my mind

the space in this room
has turned on me
and all my fears have cornered me here
me and my TV screen

the volume's down
blue lights are dancing around
and still, I can't seem to find
the quiet inside my mind

daylight is climbing the walls
cars start and feet walk the halls
the world awakes and now I am safe
at least by the light of day

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John Mayer Quiet Comments
  1. David Repituleka

    So pure

  2. Viola Clementi

    one of the best song ever written

  3. Will Ritter

    I'd be honored if some old-school John Mayer fans would check out my acoustic piano & vocal covers of his classic compositions QUIET and LOVE SOON on my channel. Real live acoustic. Thanks and peace out.

  4. HeyItsDingo

    This song perfectly encapsulates exactly what living with Depression feels like more than just about any other song I've heard. Most Depression songs are about the worst, most painful days, but this feels more like what a normal night with it is.

  5. PeteR JoCeph

    This is THEE, & ME, JM.

  6. สหายเเห่งสายลม

    ที่สุดของคืนนี้ :)

  7. Captain Mayday

    "i can't seem to find the quiet inside my mind" he makes aline that talks about insanity sound so calm peaceful and beautiful

    Zidane ZiZu

    This guy is so underrated..

    I swear only me and the wife know about him in the UK !

  8. Ahmad MG

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Bren Almond

    Why can't he go back to this?


    +Bren Almond Because he's hurting, and we must hurt with him.

  10. dlmorale020420

    @frank amen brother

  11. Frank Hernandez

    my favorite john mayer song is this hidden gem that most people forget about