John Mayer - Queen Of California Lyrics

Goodbye cold, goodbye rain
Goodbye sorrow, and goodbye shame
Heading out west with my headphones on
Boarding a flight with a song in the back of my soul
That no one knows

I just found out her ghost left town
The queen of California is a-stepping down, down

Hello beauty, hello strange
Hello wonder, what's your name?
Looking for the Sun that Neil Young hung
After the Gold Rush of 1971

I just found out her ghost left town
The queen of California is a-stepping down, down

If you see her say "hello"
Just don't tell me "I told you so"
Joni wrote "Blue" in her house by the sea
I gotta believe there's another color waiting on me
To set me free

I just found out her ghost left town
The queen of California is a-stepping down, down, down
Get down

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John Mayer Queen Of California Comments
  1. C N Naga

    How can someone dislike such a beautifully created song ✌

  2. Joshua _

    Jon Snow?

  3. Gabriella Cunha

    be mine

  4. Andantino Priambada

    Still enjoying this at the end of 2019

    Elizabeth McLeod

    Same here.😀

    Jason Rowen

    It's definitely a timeless piece

  5. Aejay Choresca

    @ 1:30

    Me: 😳 That's ah tele

    (So used to seeing John with a strat)

  6. JilliA T-Bell

    Neil Young gave A Great speech at #farmaid this year 2019yr
    Tried to get my Cali queen Daughters to go to the endoscopy/colonoscopy with me but been trying to get There since F'n May 23rd & Now I am afraid to go to my Doctor because she wrote me a letter saying I have 2 strikes as a patient and risk having No Doctor @All
    Please keep me where the Light iz as/is
    You're a beautiful soul man; gifted, led, and following your gut; take a bow ..
    Forever and Ever.
    Smh rambling

    Elizabeth McLeod

    Are you okay?

    JilliA T-Bell

    @Elizabeth McLeod
    Thank You Dear for your concern.
    Emergency Room visit Friday, Dr. Thought! had Sepsis; We are growing blood Culture & testing to see if i have eColi Again; because the symptoms were the Same as last time ~ on Lowest level Antibiotic until the results are in ...

  7. Sulu Imli

    I lovE💞 coWboys 🐂👱🎩🔫🔫

  8. David Oettinger

    Gotta get me a hat like that...

  9. Ace Dragon

    This was one of the first John Mayer songs, ever since then, I've picked up the guitar, learned plenty of blues and am now studying classical music and the theory behind it so that I can have the tools to be as good as him one day

  10. Free Spirited Dreams

    mmm... he is so beautiful! I love this song

  11. Kimberly Dawn GROVES


  12. Jatin Shetty

    Ooooo that bass!!!

  13. Siddhant Kumar

    John Mayer is one of the all time greats. Soone or later people will realize this fact. ❤️

  14. anshul kumar

    I always imagined this song to be shot in some warm location with john walking on some long endless road.

  15. watch_dominion

    I live in Australia, and today on my first trip to L.A in 30 years I had to come here and play this song.

  16. Luca Straka

    One of those dance alone in your kitchen songs

  17. Collin Wheeler

    Just here trying to find that hat...

    Elizabeth McLeod


  18. Mainak Debmandal
    Copy?? Influenced?? Huhh??

  19. Rosa Beatriz Martel

    pasaron 6 añitos parece ayer!!!!! que lo vi en el luna en Argentina!!!!!

  20. Sergio Meza

    Deadhead sighting at 2:56 hinting at what's to come

  21. Anthony Barbosa

    Eu sei que essa música não é nova mas é vergonhoso ver o John tocando a guitarra desplugada

  22. Timothy J. Roberts

    Why does this have like no (7 MILLION ISN'T ENOUGH) views?

  23. Sheri Lynn Bettevy

    Love this song🎶🎶🎶🎶✨✨✨👏👏👏👏✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹☕️☕️☕️🙏🕊🕊🕊not sure why this morning I actually watched the video instead of just listening as it’s still dark in AM before sunrise and watched video I’m so grateful I did it’s beautiful and awesome shout out JM✌️✌️✌️✌️🕊🕊🕊🕊👏👏👏☕️☕️🎶🎶🎶🌹

  24. StanleyTheHandsome

    The piano man must be a very happy guy

    Elizabeth McLeod

    Graham Nash from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

  25. Miracle Allen

    My son said your a ghostbuster. Giggles kid

  26. Pedro Henrique

    eu te amo porra

  27. zulfikangga

    Not better than New Light video clip :v

  28. Shane Josias

    Any one else thinks he kinda has an SRV look when playing in this video? Especially the jam at the end!

  29. Rachel Blaine

    This video is the best. I did not know I needed this

  30. Megan C

    I wish more artists embraced playing their pwn instruments and jamming out in just about every song. :)

  31. Ryan Sheedy

    Is this anyone else’s favorite mayer album?

  32. Emilce Arbo


  33. Hazel Martin

    I love the flowers on the guitar at 3:29

  34. Moritz Engel

    2:04 RIP Telecaster. He just put it in the snow. :(

  35. Sulu Imli

    Pure & simple🌈🌈☀☔

  36. DIESL.

    Does anyone know what guitar he's using at the end?

  37. Cameron Hasko

    Chuck Leavell of the Allman Brothers Band and The Rolling Stones on the piano. Amazing how he’s been sticking around for decades to create great music

  38. Rae Summers

    The alley looks fake as fcuk. 😂😂😂

  39. Kilovolver

    Chuck Leavell

  40. Deezee Saivate

    Nice solo and awesome riffs

  41. blitzmonkey

    Rollerblades when the girl "skates" on ice

  42. pitsburg11

    So good!

  43. snicolle76

    How can somebody be so talented?

  44. 邹宇行


  45. Jake

    omg that strat is beautiful

  46. Sir Esquire

    I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you:
    ----- Birds in a cage think flying is a mental illness.

  47. hype elite

    He makes a strat look so small

  48. Nocturnal

    This song is for all of the Trump supporters that love California so much. :)

  49. Christopher Villanueva

    Sounds so much like "Keeping the Faith" from Billy Joel he owes him credit. Good song still.

  50. walter'o brien

    I love that Red Strat at the ending💕

  51. Nate P

    1:30 That Moment When He Walks into the room, gets his guitar and swings around to a smiling Chuck Leavell. Priceless!

  52. F. Kusuma

    He looks like a bigger James Bay lol...or vice versa haha

  53. MelaninMoonChild

    His heart ledger era 😂

  54. Penguins Life

    Ayyee thats pretty good

  55. Scott Waldon

    My favorite JM tune.

  56. hiranmayi suresh

    Does anyone else hear that bit of George Harrison in the guitar solo?

  57. Dan Anthony

    Was that The Rolling Stones piano player?

  58. Rob Taylor

    i may be an unpopular opinion here. I guess I just feel like the music video doesn't do the song justice - Queen of California is an incredible song, this video seems more about "the video" than the song. The lyrics and music and emotion in the song are so powerful and evoke such cathartic pleasing sensations.. the video emotionally is completely flat. ya its cool that its one shot, but give me the raw emotion. Lastly the end of the video where they show the set, and all the extras is soo self indulgent. for god sake its about the song, not the video. If i was doing the video I would have loved to see john trying to blend in, in an airport on a public flight during the chorus when he says "the queen of california is stepping down." Also, if we are following the arc of the video it would have been cool to have him play on stage with his band and then wind up back in his room playing acoustic on his bed at the very end. but who knows.

  59. Richard Bonney

    Even hate myself for saying this...... but that was very jj pet hate......when I wrote a song and the drummer or bassist would say....that sounds like...😠😤😤.....fuck.....why couldn't it just sound like me🤔🤔maybe it didn't 😂😂😂 anyways nice song John......

  60. Michelle P

    I had this on x1.25 and I didn't realize it, and I kind of liked it better lol

  61. The Green Pill Mindset

    This dude is literally the Tom Brady of rockn'roll.

  62. Simon Lusby

    Stil my favourite John Mayor Song Ever!!

  63. Lakshay Bandlish

    John Mayer is so good he can loop his acoustic without a pedal or any electronics for that matter

  64. Chad Davies

    john mayer on a tele :o

  65. ARF Tube

    cool clip and song!

    Simon Lusby


  66. swarnak Ray

    I'm getting an Allman brothers vibe from this music

  67. Samarjit Sinha

    Sounds country

  68. Anele Mbatha

    John has an awkward gait, but immaculate pipes <3<3

  69. Valerie Taylor

    David Ryan Harris! 🤩

  70. tiffany amato

    does anyone know where I can. find that red wood panel guitar at the end that john is playing? it's gorgeous

  71. Briana Michiels

    My mom has a crush on you

  72. Ednah Ann Aragón-Torres Royeton

  73. R F

    This song is real soul food

    Simon Lusby

    River Foers... totally agree!

  74. Binary Lynx

    So Jon Snow changed his name to become a superstar? xD

  75. Scott Cater

    hmm we go from a groovy jam like " new light " to this. I understand as artist you e got to be versatile but I think its time for him to stop the sappy acoustic songs. He is selling himself short

    Simon Lusby

    this was done a long time before a new light though.... still a very well crafted song!

  76. Aljaž Kunej

    The best part from 1:28-1:55, thank you John! phenomenal song, underrated song and singer

    Simon Lusby

    totally agree!!

  77. Big Daddy

    I wanna be as hip as john mayer next year.

  78. Adolph Oliver Bush

    He's the musician we got, not the one we deserve.

    Too much quality for most.

  79. rolland junior

    when they asked, "how is your day?"
    the answer is,"very john mayer"😍😍😍

  80. Nabila Ayu Mahardika

    Like from the first genjrengan

  81. Paweł Żabicki

    I wonder how hard it was to make this video.

  82. sudhir cover song.

    old is gold..💓

  83. Chris Clinton

    John the only one I listen to in the genre

    Simon Lusby

    yep... He's great!!

  84. German Quiroz Rios

    Gustavo Cerati fuerza natural 😮

  85. Aegis90

    Chuck Levell on keys!§

  86. MR cream

    Woooo omawee

  87. Nick Miller

    Dead don't die

  88. Justin Nielo

    Oh no, he's using a tele!

  89. Danilo Lima

    JM and telecaster: FINALLY!

  90. nick rumley

    can anyone explain to me how they did 2:26 ? It’s very beautiful. He is walking in slow motion and the leaves are falling in slow motion. But his mouth is singing the song at regular time! Awesome video.